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Happy New Year!

May it be the Year of the Libertarian, with many more milleniumZ to come!

An oldie but a goodie. Get’s me UP, hope it gets YOU2

I swear to God the future of the human race lies in Libertarianism.

Another oldie for those motherfuckers who don’t like electronic crap. Looked at honeymoon packages today with lady bing. It’s a bit sad but finally she got the reality check I’ve been gently pushing…

It’s gonna take allotta money!!! LOL

Happy New Year, folks.

Peace and Love.

NYE Prelims

Gonna have to play Sean’s 66 min mix later, but for starters…

How to mix

This is how to do it. The world’s best DJ, IMHO.

2011. May it be the year for the Libertarian!

Had enough of Conservative politics? Burned out by Bush? Thought Obama was the answer? A lurch to the Left? And, well, look how that turned out?

Try Libertarian, folks. Ron Paul has the US Fed in his sights, and finally those draconian Aussie road rules might get a beating, too!

Christmas=Islam attacks?

Met a Muslim bloke on Christmas Eve. Great guy.

So why this?

Muslims attack Christians on Christmas Eve.

No Western media outrage. But what’s really ironic is that, of course, Jesus is revered in Islam, too.

Sounds like a bunch of thugs using Islam as a cover.

But then, closer to home…

THE father of a young girl shot by a crazed gunman who knocked on the door says he has no idea why his family was targeted.

Mouhamad Alkadmani
opened the door to the man at his Chester Hill home about 10.30pm last night.

The man, who asked for Zach or a similar sounding name, was hiding around the corner and out of view, and Mr Alkadmani said he must have the wrong address and closed the door.

The man began firing through the closed wooden door, with bullets ricocheting off walls, one hitting his 11-year-old daughter Mariam.

His 16-year-old son Karem saw his sister bleeding and crawled on the ground toward her.

“He keeps shooting, shooting, shooting until he finished the magazine and that’s it,” Mr Alkadmani said.

Thanks for bringing a bunch more crime to Oz. Yep, no way you’re dealing drugs to our teenagers, you cunt.*

Like fuck you have no idea why it happened. If only you’d accept and adopt what is a pretty good way of life instead of bringing your old world shit here.

And now you’re hitting our girls? No mention of “Mohammed” in this article but we all know who did it.

Real reform in Islam must happen from within.

*My server is in Texas, SO FUCK YOU.

4th test, day 3


Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow. Spare a thought for all us expats over here away from family, even if there are many wonderful networks; friends whom I consider family.

And Aussies, before you complain about the heat tomorrow, just keep in mind it’s currently -4 degrees C here and will drop to -9 tonight with a balmy top of 0 expected tomorrow.

Again, Merry Christmas!

More TSA fail

Remember the story of the 16 year old boy who just walked onto the tarmac and, tragically, hopped into the wheel well of a plane and later died? Apart from being a sad story, it showed current US airport security for the $14 billion farce and smokescreen it is.

Well, now a pilot has had the US government come down on him like a ton of bricks for exposing that same lack of airport security. That is, just how easy it is for ground crew to go where they please not to mention the lack of screening of stuff on the tarmac.

In a sane world, he’d be praised for highlighting flaws and thus trying to keep people safe.

Handy vid on that link, too.

Railgun to replace steam catapults

Remember that railgun vid?

They’re going to replace the traditional steam catapults on aircraft carries with railgun ones. Smaller, more efficient, more powerful, easier to maintain, easier on the planes, this looks pretty cool.



…starts in about five minutes. It was going to be in about half an hour but two boys were in a fight so had to deal with that. Apart from that, cruisy day, too. It’s just been various groups of kids coming up and singing a Christmas song.

Nothing much planned. Have to save for the double wedding and everything that goes along with that. Good thing the Ashes will be on.

Anyway, will still be blogging. Maybe less, maybe more. Who knows?


Yeah, yeah, so Lady Bing and I are getting married next year.

Tra La La… etc. No stress, whatsoever.


Here’s something via email from Dminor’s family and one of his soccer team kids (edited)…

We were driving home from kindy and I was telling X that James and Lady bingbing are getting married and we are going to the wedding.

Tomorrow? X asked.

No, in a few months. Do you know what a “wedding” is?

Yes. Like in the “Incredible” (movie)!

What’s happens in weddings?

X said ” You kiss and close your eyes”.

LOL! Lil, bud; it’s kiss, close your eyes and hopefully don’t faint! Heck, Paco forgot to even kiss!


Oi, sis-in-law! Hereby starts your grammar lesson!

FIX: What’s happens in weddings?


I’ve the peat moss from the Scottish highlands so firmly wedged up the proverbial orifice, that, well, at least give it a go… er, correct the grammar, that is.

Whatever happened to my country?

Taxing thin air, turning our cash cow into steak, an F1 race that can’t make any money, Eddie McGuire, Baaaaaaaaz, and now this…

Airbags on the outside of cars… to protect cyclists.

I know Australia has a drug problem, but seriously, go easy, guys.

What next? Legislation for mandatory rubber cars?


Shut up China

Actually, China is very good at shutting up when it wants to. Take the failed UN resolution condemning North Korea. That never passed thanks to Russia and China.

Thanks for your support, Beijing.

As if a further slap in Korea’s face were necessary, China has decided to land one anyway. It all happened on Saturday when a Chinese fishing vessel collided with the South Korean Coastguard. The Chinese ship was fishing illegally in Korean waters, a practice that is rampant. And even after the Korean Coastguard took the injured illegal fishermen to hospital despite said fisherman allegedly having attacked the coastguard crew with iron pipes and clubs, even after that, this is what China had to say…

South Korea must “bring the perpetrators to justice, make compensation for the loss of our property and take concrete efforts to prevent such instances from reoccurring,” Jiang said.

I think Kevin Rudd was actually right when he called them what he did.*

*Funny as, but language warning.

TSA Fail

We see reported recently that America’s TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has spent a dizzying $14 billion in the last decade or so on various invasive technologies in efforts to make US airports secure.

But then there’s this little story most of us probably missed. It’s about a 16 year old boy, Delvonte Tisdale, from North Carolina who was found dead in Massachusetts. Authorities were puzzled as to how he ended up there so quickly. Also, because of his massive injuries, they first suspected murder.

However, on further investigation, it turns out he most likely fell out of the left wheel well of a plane that had flown from NC to Dem Heaven. But how did he get there?

From the link:

On Friday, Norfolk District Attorney William R. Keatin held a press conference to announce that in addition to a tragic ending of a young man’s life, the incident was a major breach of airport security.

This incident could have easily been a terrorist attack, and once more the TSA has proven to be woefully ineffective.. In a press conference last Friday, the D.A. ask the question – how could a teenager board a commercial airliner without being detected? We may never know for sure but my guess is he just walked.



Essentially confirmed. And Tisdale’s family still isn’t getting any answers.

“If Delvonte was able to get on a plane, what about a terrorist? Where was security?” the Rev. James Woodson, the family’s pastor, said Tuesday.


Well, is there or isn’t there?

Nice timing given the US FDA’s new foodie powers…

(CBS) In this exclusive story, CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian reports the latest terror attack to America involves the possible use of poisons – simultaneous attacks targeting hotels and restaurants at many locations over a single weekend.

A key Intelligence source has confirmed the threat as “credible.”

So. Right. Got it. There’s a credible threat. Avoid nasty buffets made worse now with poison.

But hold on…

In a wide-ranging interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer yesterday, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and Chief Counterterrorism Advisor John Brennan said that though they know of no specific, credible threat against the U.S. at this time…


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