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Um, then it’s not really secret is it?

By definition… er, you get it.

President Lee Myung-bak has met with a key U.S. intelligence official at Cheong Wa Dae to discuss the situation in North Korea and bilateral issues between Seoul and Washington, sources said Monday.

The secret visit by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper appears to be aimed at addressing changing security conditions in Northeast Asia following North Korean leader Kim Jong-il’s recent visit to China.


Such an extreme punishment when no crime was committed in the first place:

A teenage Muslim girl was stoned to death under ‘Sharia law’ after taking part in a beauty contest in Ukraine, according to British Daily Mail Monday.

Katya Koren, 19, was found dead in a village in the Crimea region near her home.

Friends said she liked wearing fashionable clothes and had come seventh in a beauty contest. Her battered body was buried in a forest and was found a week after she disappeared.

And to think some favour Sharia law and courts for some (and ultimately later, all) in Australia.

*shakes head*

Climate round-up

Just a few stories floating around:

EU Carbon market set to collapse – again. Forecast revenues in disarray.

No, we’re not getting more storms yet another study confirms.

Back when climate science wasn’t corrupted: 1979 study: Warming until 2000 then cooling. :lol:

Cow farts not as bad as we thought… to the tune of 33% less.

More Aussie PM Gillard lies exposed.


A bit of welcome sense out of the Korea Times: Jay Ambrose:

So how do you deal with all the missed climate forecasts, among them the computer simulations that make throwing darts blindfolded seem more scientific?

You heed Camping. After his prophecy went poof, the 89-year-old minister went on his California radio show, said there was a “spiritual” judgment May 21 and revealed the world would definitely conclude its business Oct. 21.

Likewise, the computer simulators are ever revising content, rearranging old prognostications to comply with past reality and telling us that if not all transpired exactly as they originally said, stay tuned. It will next time.

The moral of this tale is not that we should rule out the possibility of serious danger posed by global warming that may have been largely instigated by humankind, but that our ignorance is far greater than facile talk of a “scientific consensus” would have you believe. Wrong responses could be more disastrous than warming, with no effect on thermometers.

Many get it, I think, that a hard landing could await us if we leap before a lot more calm, careful, apolitical looking, and alarmists should understand that ranting about doomsday afflictions will bring few to the faith.

Hear! Hear!

Ad exec. slams “banal” Carbon Cate promo

And who can blame Rowan Dean? Is the ad aimed at people with the IQ of an average eight year old on purpose?

Forget about who’s starring in the carbon tax ad. Is it any good as an effective piece of advertising?

Thus far, all the attention has focused on the appropriateness of having a multimillionairess and Hollywood superstar appearing on behalf of the average Aussie.

Both actor Michael Caton and Cate Blanchett have hurried into the fray to inform us that they, too, have a right to speak on behalf of the issue. Of course, they do. But it’s irrelevant. And doesn’t answer the question. Is the ad any good?

In terms of generating awareness, the ad has been a blockbuster. There can hardly be a person in Australia who has not seen or heard of the ad by now. Job well done.

But awareness is a double-edged sword, and in this instance the impact of having our most famous actress appearing, and then being criticised for appearing, has managed to “vampire” the message itself. The discussion is about Cate, not carbon. From an advertising point of view, this becomes a problem.

Having gained massive awareness, does the ad persuade? From my point of view, this is where it fails dramatically. It is, quite simply, a dud ad.

Read on.

Seriously, how stupid must they think we are; that by simply paying a massive omnibus of a tax – and that’s what it will eventually have to be – that that will somehow affect global climate, even whilst India and China thumb their noses and say thanks at the same time for all the new jobs and industry ($$$) we’ll send them.

Meanwhile, still having trouble convincing your kid’s idiot teacher to stop brainwashing your sprog? Well, Ira Glickstein is here to help.

What should a responsible Skeptic say to an astute audience? When recently invited by the “Technology, Engineering, and Science Plus” group in my community to give a talk and answer questions, I knew I would have an attentive room of tech-savvy professionals. However, they might not be fully tuned in to the details of the Global Warming controversy. Furthermore, they were likely to have opinions closer to the supposed “mainsteam science” [sic] orientation than mine.

In this posting, I’ve summarized the main points I think are most likely to align people who are both intelligent and reasonable to the Skeptic side. My Powerpoint (with talking points for each chart in the Notes section under each slide) is available [click here] for you to use and adapt as you wish.


Climate scam.


If $36/tonne is set to rip our farmers to the tune of $36,000 each, then can one assume Garnaut’s proposal of $26/tonne of the harmless, colourless, odorless, and essential trace gas CO2 – of which 97% is natural anyway – will cost each farmer $26,000/year… and rising year after year after year?

Click me.

A must listen here.

*thanks, spot*

Live cattle exports suspended

If you haven’t seen the Four Corners report from last night, here’s the link.

THE Federal Government has moved to suspend live animal exports to a number of killing facilities in Indonesia.

Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig said the decision was based on footage collected by Animals Australia that showed cattle being mistreated before slaughter.

“I have decided to halt the trade of live animals to the facilities identified by the footage,” he said today.

The ABC reports the halt will apply to the 11 abattoirs exposed in last night’s Four Corners program.

This comes after calls from Independent MP Andrew Wilkie and Senator Nick Xenephon to ban the live export trade completely. Prominent Australian blogger Andrew Bolt has also called for the trade to be stopped instantly.

Agreed, although one feels this won’t happen, not when the live export trade is worth about $1 billion dollars a year, employs 10,000 people, and Indonesia makes up 60% of Australia’s live cattle export market.

So far, we’re looking at an inquiry and just those 11 Indonesian abattoir’s being denied our business. Several bloggers have suggested Australia build, staff and maintain its own abattoirs in Indonesia.

Agreed, but why stop there? Is anyone seriously thinking only 11 abattoirs in the entire world that process Australian meat are doing so in such a barbaric manner?

Meanwhile, Indonesia calls for calm.

I implore anyone to watch that special report and feel calm. not.gonna.happen.

More here.

PS The argument by some of the Indonesians in the report that an animal cannot be stunned if its meat is to be halal is utter nonsense.

What’s the point?

If this ain’t a future PM, then who is?


Via JM; moron alert. What’s YOUR intent, voodoo freak?

And stay silent, Cate

Like I need a jet-setting Hollywood elitist to tell me to cut back on my relatively frugal existence. Fuck off, Cate.

CATE Blanchett may be the star of the pro-carbon tax advertising push, but she was silent yesterday in the face of a public backlash against the campaign, leaving a suburban mum on maternity leave to defend the environmental lobby’s media blitz.

The Hollywood actress, who urges people to “say yes” to a carbon tax in TV ads that began airing last night, did not return The Australian’s calls yesterday, with her minders citing “pre-existing commitments”.

Yep. That mansion she lives in ain’t gonna admire itself.

So well done to Julia for going ahead with her advertising blitzkrieg. What’s another few million dollars considering the billions of our hard-earned money she’s already thrown to the dogs?

Meanwhile, independent MP, Tony Windsor is trying to hedge his bets, possibly in some vain fantasy that he won’t be turfed out on his ear come the next election.

THE Greens have dismissed a business-endorsed $10 carbon price as “way too low”, as independent MP Tony Windsor warned against taxing carbon ahead of the rest of the world.

Too late, Tony. What a rat. He may receive some kudos however, if he votes against it in the parliament and thus effectively derails Gillard’s mad life-giving trace gas tax (hey look, a unicorn!).

And as for that brief mention of the Greens in that previous blurb, well, I’d tell Bob Brown to go suck it but the problem is he probably would.


PM Juliar somehow wants us to believe we are acting with the rest of the world. What utter garbage, as thefrollickingmole points out.

And BTW, nice decommissioned power station located in London, dickheads (nice updated version of that play school commercial there, too).

Saturday Night Party Music

Yeah, yeah. In tonight. Cooked Aussie hotdogs. Bought a cat.

At about 33min it turns to shit then picks up again.

Around 48 sux too but it picks up.

58:33 it gets back

North Korea: forbidden photo

A certain someone was not allowed to take this photo.

Rip it all you like. Go communism! A workers’ paradise indeed!

You wanna get carbon emissions down? Save the planet?


Friday Night Party Music

Just a short one tonight. Gotta fly. Hope everyone had a good week. :)

Mateus B again. Love it.

World’s fastest turtle?

Guess they’re not always as slow as most of us think. Video has gone viral on YouTube the past three days.

That said, it still ain’t got nuthin’ on honey badger!

Come summer they won’t turn on the aircon at the school

Not that they did last year before this carbon (dioxide!) tax madness really gained some traction.

Anyway, no aircon… unless it’s over 28C. But that’s 28C outside, and they never account for the oven effect in the classrooms. In a building designed 90 years ago (yes, it survived the Korean War), eco-solutions towards breeze and the like weren’t exactly as well thought out as they are these days.

No aircon. It’s all because of, you know, save the planet, global warming blah blah blah. No worries they paid thousands of dollars for the aircon units they barely use, it’s government policy. No worries about all the cheap energy they have in Korea, soon to be made more expensive by an insane Gillard government… even before there was an energy crisis.
I can’t even blame the school I work at. It’s out of their control (*groan*).

Yes, it’s likely a case of ideologues in offices, far removed from the trenched, dictating the “war”.


They only basic* improvements I can see on the following is chunks of dry ice added (shh, don’t tell anyone what it is) and copper coils on the back, too.***

You fuckers who think you’re saving the planet are being played by the man.

*Naturally, real improvements have been made. They’re called airconditioners… which we have…which we don’t use… etc. etc.

**The “Only 2% of Korea’s Electricity Comes From Oil!” link from the link has been moved here.


*** Two reels off copper 1/4″ tubing would require 4 vinyl 4″ tubes, which would require 2 fishtank water pumps, which would require 2 power outlets. No doubt this will end up highly more inefficient than the damn aircons they have but don’t use, yet I’ll probably be praised for saving the planet.


If I could fit a regular wood trolley with those rubber pram wheels, and add handles… it’s gotta make a flight of stairs… then it should be able to cover most terrain. The coolant would have to be carried in a separate bag. Geez, some Mars Land Rover wheels would be handy. And a motor.


This needs to be as portable as possible.


Will car coolant fuck a fishtank pump?

Spinning out of control

When faced with fierce opposition, what do our economic climate wreckers do? Spin, spin, and spin some more.

SLASHING Australian greenhouse gas emissions will not, on its own, save the Great Barrier Reef, and its future will depend on an international agreement among the world’s biggest emitters.

Julia Gillard’s key climate-change adviser, Will Steffen, has warned that nothing short of securing an effective global agreement to tackle climate change can save the reef, while one of the world’s leading reef scientists, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, has said Australia will be left with “the great weedy reef” unless the world cuts emissions.

The warnings follow the release of a Climate Commission report that found that unless global emissions began falling within a few years, the world would face a near-impossible task to limit global warming to 2C by 2050 – the target scientists say will limit damage to the reef and avert dangerous climate change.

What a load of BS. The Great Barrier Reef has been around for thousands of years, and the scare campaign against it has been proven a pack of lies again and again and again. As a paleontologist, you’d think Tim Flannery of all people would know climate has always changed – naturally – and often quite dramatically, and the Reef has endured.

Meanwhile, even some in the renewables sector aren’t happy about Julia’s Let’s-help-China tax.

FOR more than three decades, Simon Boadle has built solar swimming pool heaters at his Sunbather Pool Technologies plant at Hastings on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

But for someone in the renewable energy business, Mr Boadle has concerns about the potential effects of the proposed carbon tax. He wrote to Julia Gillard to express his fears that about half of his company’s 60 employees’ jobs would be lost because of cheaper production from China.

No need to thank us, China. :roll:


Related. Iran is a ticking time bomb.

Related. Hope?

Related. And Ahmadinnerjacket has taken over the oil ministry.

So why are we using our food to make biofuel?

Via Instapundit:

It’s a dramatic turn for a man who grew up incubating chicks under his bed, and one that shows why farmers, food economists and others conclude that the world may be entering an era of steadily rising food prices. As developing countries become richer, so do their diets, shifting from traditional staples such as rice and wheat to meat and dairy products, which require more grain as feedstock. That trend, along with the increasing use of corn in fuel, is taxing world grain supplies.

Using biofuel to feel good is one thing, but starving billions and causing mid-east uprisings is another.


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