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Korea’s national broadcaster attacks foreigners

MBC is one of Korea’s biggest TV networks, if not the biggest. It’s basically their national broadcasting network. Recently, they aired a short “documentary” about how nasty foreigners are getting nice Korean girls pregnant and giving them HIV. Yeah, you know, one of those sans-fact all foreigners are dirty, blahblahblah, stealin’ our [blahblahblah] pieces of trash, racist, xenophobic, sensationalist – cue dramatic music – “investigative reports”.

Needless to say, the foreigner community is fuming over this blatant attack on what is still a soft, easy target over here.

Unsavoury events happen anywhere, yet how irresponsible is it when the nation’s main broadcaster whips up this kind of ugly – and ill-informed – sentiment.

What an insult. What an insult to my beautiful Korean wife. What an insult to a mate and his Korean wife, expecting in a couple of months. What an insult to another mate and his Korean wife, and their beautiful five year old daughter. And the rest of us, who either keep to ourselves, and/or are in genuine relationships with Korean women.

What an insult to all of us university educated, health – including drugs and HIV – tested ESL teachers who’ve submitted FBI (or the equivalent e.g. AFP in Australia) criminal background checks.

A slap in the face to all the ESL teachers trying to help Korea (and its export economy) become more integrated with the rest of the world via the international language, English.

Snubbed: all the foreign engineers over here working hand in hand with Korea’s best to build the next generation of world-class technologies.

What spitefulness to all the US troops stationed in Korea, a deterrent against an erratic and dangerous North Korea.

One of the most disgusting pieces of trash “journalism” I’ve seen in a long, long time. MBC Korea, hang your head in shame.


This kind of “reporting” is not on. Anywhere.

PS And to think, Korea is trying to promote their Yeosu 2012 Expo (no, NOT linking).

Via Crimson North

It’s a start. We’ve done what our generation does best.


Funny way for MBC Korea, Korea’s national broadcaster, to stereotype foreigners just when Korea’s trying to open its doors to the world.


We’ve put a report of sorts on CNN’s iReport. Recommending it etc. only takes a few mouse clicks.


From the Korea Herald: “Expats outraged by ‘racist’ MBC report”

“What has been revealed (if you will) is the real story behind mixed relationships in Korea, and what a truly heart-warming story it is. MBC has egg on their face, and should apologize,” said James Board, an elementary school teacher from Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province.

The climate change that killed a civilisation

And it happened at least 3000 years ago, most certainly was natural, and there wasn’t a damn thing they could have done to stop it.

The Indus or Harappan Civilization was one of the greatest societies in the ancient world. Contemporary with Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, its population is thought to have made up 10% of the world at one point. Yet, between 3900 and 3000 years ago, the cities crumbled and the people disappeared. What went wrong, and what can we learn from its demise?

Basically the monsoons were too heavy, then as they declined they became just right, and then they declined too much.

Read on.

L-NP 61.5 to ALP’s 38.5


In the latest Morgan Poll L-NP support is 61.5% (up 3.5% since last week’s face-to-face Morgan Poll) compared to the ALP’s 38.5% (down 3.5%) on a two-party preferred basis according to a face-to-face Morgan Poll conducted last weekend, May 26/27, 2012. This is a record two-party preferred lead for the L-NP in over 70 years of the Morgan Poll based on how electors said they’d vote.

Today’s face-to-face Morgan Poll shows the L-NP primary vote is 49% (up 3.5%) well ahead of the ALP 27.5% (down 4.5%). Support for the minor parties shows the Greens 13% (up 2.5%) and Independents/ Others 10.5% (down 1.5%).

Newspoll gives slightly better results but it’s still dire.

That said, Opposition leader Tony Abbott has cautioned his team not to rest on their laurels.

“Gillard won’t lie down and die. Where there’s life, there’s fight,” Mr Abbott said.

“Our job won’t be over until the next election is won.”

Left alone

If “independent” former labor MP, the embattled Craig Thomson wants to be left alone, he should leave parliament.

Kylie: “I kind of stripped myself…”


Internet download limits? Cut the crap, Australia


With the latest greatest NBN coming in…

You still have download limits?

Er, charges.

What a rip.

Tit for tat. This or that.


Good riffs. Dude is limited to technology… a violin an what not. The same music energised the masses (back before capitalism was even invented and the rest of us even had a chance).

A rockstar of his generation.

But now it’s all complicated?

Sorry (not) for being such a troglodyte…

Did I say I’m sorry? This music is better.

Where’s bing?

Right here. That’s where.

But seriously. Where is the reason not to take a break now? Considering the position?

Is there seriously any more any one has to do to get rid of this government? Whatever it may be, it certainly aint coming from this end.

So we wait.

But why bother waiting? Until something interesting, ACTUALLY POLITICAL, comes up again…

We amuse ourselves in other ways.

Speaking of which…

Still got a long ways to go…

Tell ya what. That was a damn wellgood asian pizza.

Taoist hermit supernatural powers food, bitches.


Still here.

Nearly forgot…

Classic 80′s style Superstars. Found.

No. Not modern superstars. They’re a bit different. Yes. 80′s superstars. The best shoe ever.

I’ve worn superstars the best part of my life. Previous best pair were with an embroidered tongue. Have had to make do since then.

To get the original design? The tongue? The suede stripes? The original shell?

Pitting them next to the modern pair I was already wearing?

It was a special, special day.

And yet another big fat tax

Because it’s not like people in Australia already have to deal with a whole host of ridiculous taxes set way too high by governments that couldn’t buy an ice cream without somehow burning through 100 bucks.

Fast food giants are facing substantial local government rate increases in a bid to tackle the nation’s obesity epidemic.

Dieticians are backing the call by a Melbourne council – to slug McDonalds and KFC outlets up to 400 percent more on their rates.

Pardon my French, but just fuck off already. That goes for those dickheads in the UK and Denmark, too.

Hands up. Hands up anyone who doesn’t know that waffing too many cheeseburgers will make you fat?

Apparently, the government thinks you don’t.

It’s claimed extra money from the rate increases will be poured into health promotion programs.

I don’t give a crap if they mean well or not. What they’ve got to realise is that people are sick of the government telling them what’s best for them.

Seriously, does anyone go to McDonald’s and think it’s the same as eating a salad and jogging 10kms?

Do these government busy bodies realise we already have more than enough people telling us what to do? They’re our wives, our husbands, our parents, our friends, our co-workers, our bosses, that stupid ad on the TV, or even our kids telling us how uncool we are.

The last thing we need when we give ourselves a little treat after looking at a paycheck that’s had the guts ripped out of it, is some faceless douchebag from the government telling us they care whilst helping themselves to even more.

Councils? Just get back to mowing the parks and picking up the 15 useless garbage bins you foisted on us.

PS I wonder if this has anything to do with the ICLEI…

Are our cops taking cues from the Taliban or something?

I know they have a tough and often thankless job, but the following simply is not on.

POLICE used innocent motorists as human shields to block a speeding car during a wild police pursuit.

No kidding.

Motorist David Rendina, who had his two children aged 8 and 9 in the car, said police ordered him into the emergency lane about 1km before the Western Ring Road, near Epping, exit as they blocked the road using cars as human road blocks.

“I was a sitting duck,” he told ABC radio this morning.

The fleeing motorist, who is now in police custody, tried to squeeze through Mr Rendina, crashing into his car and then another three cars in the emergency lane.

You know, cops have come up with other methods to stop speeding cars rather than using innocent civilians.

Because when I hear of humans being used as shields, I think of low-life Taliban terrorists or Palestinians hiding in schools, launching rockets over the border and then blaming Israel.

So obviously, it was a stupid mistake, right?

Victoria Police has defended the decision to use motorists as “rolling roadblocks” but are reviewing the latest cop chase.

Yes. They’ve defended it. Genius!

Assistant Commissioner Fontana said if the car was not stopped a fatality was a high chance.

Especially if you force a man with his two young kids in the car to purposely get in the way of some asshole going 200km/h.

Also of note is that Ass.Comm. Fontana said if he were asked to do the same, he’d refuse.

I won’t go as far to say it was an abuse of power, but there’s no way something like this should ever happen again. I really hope it was only the cops involved, and that they’re taught better methods (no, not fired), and that – please no – using us as human shields isn’t actually in their effing manual.

It isn’t, right???

Compensate our beef exporters, Julia

Australia’s live cattle export trade was almost brought to its knees last year when the Gillard government, in a knee-jerk reaction, temporarily banned it after shocking footage was aired on the ABC.

The timing couldn’t have been worse – just as cattle were being loaded onto the boats.

The timing of the ABC 4Corners report raised a few eyebrows as well. A report they’d been sitting on since January of last year was aired in the worst possible month, June.

Further investigation revealed that whilst the footage was in no way doctored, it was not representative, either.

Naturally, once all the facts came to light, the trade was allowed to resume. But the damage had been done. A government that should have had more information at its fingertips than a graphic, yet sensationalist current affairs report, had acted.

And the cattle industry wants them to pay for their stupid, short-sighted, ill-informed mistake.

Now the government is secretly trying to head off class action by legal firm Minter Ellison, which is acting on behalf of beef producers demanding compensation, the ABC’s 7.30 program reported tonight.

The law firm did not comment on the program but the amount sought is reportedly worth hundreds of millions.

Why secretly?

But yeah. No worries. The government’s mistake that the taxpayer will have to pay for…

There goes Julia and Wayne’s budget’s cash handout freebies.

So, bribes can work

Bit of a shame really, and with our deficit climbing at around $2 billion per week, how many times will the Gillard government be able to bribe itself into some (short term?) popularity?

Labor’s targeted cash handouts to lower-income earners in the budget saw the government’s popularity jump to 30 per cent of the primary vote, up from 27 per cent last fortnight.

A bit of a shame because as adults, we should be able to see past expensive gimmicks.

Build the USS Enterprise?

This bloke reckons it can be done.

Our great taxpayer-funded seer, Tim Flannery

Now perfessor Flannery reckons violence in Western Sydney will increase because of – you guessed it – global warming.

Tim has quite the reputation for getting scary predictions wrong. Take the one where he reckoned our dams would be empty by now.

But let’s not be too harsh on poor Flannels.

Actually, as a species, we love imagining the future.

But we don’t always get it right… not that that’s stopping the carbon tax that isn’t actually a carbon tax.


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