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Julia Gillard calls Labor leadership ballot | The Australian

It’s on, fiiiiinally. Set for 4:30pm today. Rudd/Crean vs Gillard and whoever. Crean says he’ll resign if Gillard wins.


Rudd (who else?).

ABC Insiders host Barry Cassidy said Labor’s biggest problem has been disunity. Whilst I agree insofar that disunity has hurt them, the greater problem is what has caused this disunity. And that is their disastrous policies. The carbon tax, the debt, the boat people, the NBN, the BER, the live cattle exports, Swan’s covert money grabs, the horrendous media laws, the gender wars, the class wars, the gutting of our military, the faceless men…it is an utter train wreck. Did I miss any? Probably.

(UPDATE Yes. The AWU scandal, the bungled mining tax, the mythical budget surplus – thanks, Sean)

And it’s not her resilience. It’s her lies, her backstabbing and her obstinacy.


NOT Rudd, he won’t contest (numbers?) Gillard and Swan stay… talk about anti-climax. :-/ What a rabble.

ALP carbon tax driving companies to the wall

At the beginning of the year, Treasurer of the Year™, Wayne Swan, claimed the impact of the carbon tax was minimal. Swan gleaned this vital information not from detailed Treasury costings or anything like that. Rather, he went down to his local supermarket – voila!

But new figures in paint a very different and worrying picture.

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission reports there were 10,632 company collapses for the 12 months to March 1 – averaging 886 a month – with the number of firms being placed in administration more than 12 per cent higher than during the global financial crisis.

Sure. Companies are also hurting because of the GFC, and the high Australian dollar, but the timing of the CO2 essential trace gas tax couldn’t have been worse.

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief economist Greg Evans said: “Rapidly escalating energy prices caused by the carbon tax and other green programs are taking their toll on many Australian businesses.

“In energy reliant industries it is already showing up in job losses, deferred investment and in the worst cases, business closures,” Mr Evans said.

A real kick in the guts. OK, so Gillard and Co. had no control over the GFC, and whilst there are limited options to address the high Aussie dollar, it is a floated currency. But the carbon tax is certainly something they could control.

It compounds.

The carbon tax – and mining tax – were also showing up as “sovereign risk” issues in discussions with foreign investors.

In short, it’s a rolled-gold disaster. Record company closures, higher prices, job losses, lower investment and for what?

The bloody tax doesn’t even make any money!

No, it’s not the only reason the ALP and Gillard are doing so poorly in the polls, but it can’t be helping. The 2PP is at 56-44 today, ALP primary vote is down to a paltry 31, and yet the ALP ship sails full steam ahead towards oblivion.

And as for the climate the tax is meant to soemhow change? Nope, it’s pretty static, too.

Labor’s dirt machine

They’ve been at it since the beginning of time, and were likely feeding David Marr scuttlebutt for months as he researched his attack on Opposition leader Tony Abbott, and yet the best that they both can up with is that maybe Tony Abbott hit a wall when he was a teenager, as “witnessed” by two people, Abbott haters no less, who weren’t even there.

:roll: :lol:


More here.

Three big reasons why Julia Gillard can’t possibly continue as PM

Not to mention the other myriad of reasons – listed here – but here’s the big three.

  1. The carbon tax
  2. The boats
  3. The AWU/Slater&Gordon scandal and cover-up

No wonder Labor’s Caucus is in crisis discussions.

And as for that list, do you agree? Perhaps the NBN,  her deal with the Greens, or something else scores higher in your mind.

Tell us below in comments. What are your big three?

It’s high time the PM come clean

Because the longer she stalls in relation to her involvement in the ever-growing AWU/Slater&Gordon scandal, the grubbier and even more untrustworthy she looks to an electorate already betrayed by her introduction of the carbon tax she promised wouldn’t be imposed.

Her excuse of being “young and naive”, barely believable when first uttered, is now completely unreliable.

Come clean, Julia Gillard.

Via Andrew Bolt, we see more evidence today of a PM desperate to cover her tracks. Even though she was a Partner (didn’t know a big-shot law firm would have the “young and naive” as Partners), she left Slater&Gordon very abruptly after her professional, romantic, and indeed questionable relationship with corrupt AWU official Bruce Wilson – the bloke who syphoned off $400,000 of union members’ funds with Gillard’s help – came to light.

There’s a six month gap from when she left to when she started working for the Victorian ALP that has been airbrushed out of the parliamentary records.

Why would someone do that, especially someone “young and naive”?

It’s high time our PM begin treating the electorate with a bit more respect. It comes down to trust and credibility, and right now, it just feels like we have a lying thief running the show.

Also, via the link, finally the Canberra press pack is starting to ask the appropriate questions, however tentatively.


Larry Pickering has put up his fourth instalment of, “Is the Prime Minister a Crook?”

In it, we take a look at Bill Shorten as AWU National Secretary shutting down police investigations by not releasing files.

We look at Gillard’s co-Partner and co-conspirator, Bernard Murphy, now a Gillard-appointed Federal Court judge.

Bill Ludwig is apoplectic.

And Larry challenges current AWU National Secretary, Paul Howes, on his claims of “zero tolerance” towards union corruption.

Hand over the files. Your “zero tolerance” will assist in recovering your members’ stolen funds… but it will destroy your friends and devastate your union. Your call, Piggy.

More to come.

Will Labor wake up?

That question could well cover a number of current ALP policies – or lack there of – but let’s concentrate on their unholy alliance with the Greens for the moment.

With the Greens’ unwillingness to compromise on the asylum seeker issue last week apparently being the straw that broke the camel’s back, at least one Labor MP, former Defence Minister and chief government whip, Joel Fitzgibbon, says it’s time to take the Greens head-on.

Mr Fitzgibbon’s anger with the Greens echoes the frustration privately expressed with many Labor MPs who believe that Ms Gillard should tear up the agreement with them.

I don’t think that would save Labor the next election, but it might save them some future credibility.

Tim Blair on the Greens:

Too many observers treat the Greens as a political movement rather than as a political party. Until very recently, when the Greens’ senate balance of power made it unavoidable, the Greens have dodged the scorching cynicism commonly aimed at other parties and politicians.

In fact, the Greens may be the most cynical of all parties in the current parliament. They exploit public perceptions of them as caring and altruistic in order to pursue agendas that are economically destructive and, in the case of asylum seekers, cost lives.

Now that Bob Brown has left the scene, perhaps these prissy care-fakers will receive the examination they’ve well and truly earned. The next election should not be a judgment restricted to Labor and the coalition.



With a number of Labor MPs unhappy with the Greens’ alliance, can we also infer they are unhappy with the carbon tax? After all, this was a tax the PM promised not to impose, only to do so after the election at the Greens’ insistence.

L-NP 61.5 to ALP’s 38.5


In the latest Morgan Poll L-NP support is 61.5% (up 3.5% since last week’s face-to-face Morgan Poll) compared to the ALP’s 38.5% (down 3.5%) on a two-party preferred basis according to a face-to-face Morgan Poll conducted last weekend, May 26/27, 2012. This is a record two-party preferred lead for the L-NP in over 70 years of the Morgan Poll based on how electors said they’d vote.

Today’s face-to-face Morgan Poll shows the L-NP primary vote is 49% (up 3.5%) well ahead of the ALP 27.5% (down 4.5%). Support for the minor parties shows the Greens 13% (up 2.5%) and Independents/ Others 10.5% (down 1.5%).

Newspoll gives slightly better results but it’s still dire.

That said, Opposition leader Tony Abbott has cautioned his team not to rest on their laurels.

“Gillard won’t lie down and die. Where there’s life, there’s fight,” Mr Abbott said.

“Our job won’t be over until the next election is won.”

Businesses aren’t made up of working mums and dads?

Bolta’s done a good wrap-up of what all the usual suspects have to say about the federal budget handed down last night. The over-riding theme is that it’s taking money from business and giving it to working families.

This isn’t money just being withheld from big business like greedy banks and evil mining companies, but also small and medium businesses.

Especially in the case of small business which does a great deal to power the Australian economy, but also with medium and large, aren’t these businesses made up of people?

Or is it just evil corporations?

By withholding business tax cuts, isn’t that still taking food off the tables of working families, particularly so in the case of small owner-operator businesses?

But even with the bigger businesses, wouldn’t this also translate to deferred pay rises, reduced or static benefits, longer hours away from the home etc. in order to make up for a likely unanticipated balance sheet shortfall?

Isn’t the Gillard government, in effect, taking money away from working people only to give back (probably less) to working people?

A big useless money-go-round?

Yet another piece of spin?

Good luck with that one, Wayne

So the treasurer Wayne Swan reckons he can reign in a $20 billion deficit, that actually blew out to a $44 billion deficit, and turn it into a $1.5 billion surplus in 12 months.

Oooookay. Sorry if we don’t hold that one in much faith, Wayne.

WILL go easy on Wayne and Co. for getting rid of some public service jobs, but they’re missing such a great opportunity. Why, there’s a whole department there they could get rid of. Heck, the people working there probably wouldn’t mind, either.

And what’s all this taking the NBN, the $37 billion NBN, off the books completely? And the $10 billion green loans scheme? That’s a nice little $50 billion windfall. Nothing sus.

Did Craig Thomson help Wayne out finding some spare cash?

Rise and shine, Julia. You are f***ing gone

And the rest of your mob, too.

Read it and weep.

If they still manage to cover this one up, I’ll be…

Seems you’re right Larry – from the proverbial “reliable source” in PM&C and quite a few other places, a Woodward story to bring down the government

“The spin is that Juliar has gone full NKVD on ‘parliamentary standards’ re Slipper and Shagger. Of course, it’s bollocks.

Nothing could apparently be further from the truth.The reality according to PM&C sources is that it all revolves around the Temby Report and Police investigations into Thomson’s involvement in HSU corruption. It’s much worse than we think and Shagger’s in it up to his eyeballs – and so are a bunch of others (‘d’ye think Shagger shagged all those whores himself?’ was the word).

I was informed that “…so the evidence is devastating! That’s why Short-arse [Shorten] panicked and monstered HSU east with deregistration. He also screamed over to ACTUHQ and got them to disenfranchise them chop-chop, although that’s partially to nobble Jackson, who they MUST destroy to cover their arses. If Jackson can act officially on what’s in those reports they are all f***ed. As in ‘your cell-mate is Bubba’ f***ed. Short-arse is trying desperately to stop the spread of what’s in the report. If it stays with him and his Department he’ll be able to bury it deep.’

I asked about Shagger’s change of tack from ‘release it’ to ‘no f***ing way can it be released’. Answer: “… so it’s f***ing dynamite. Thompson read it and apparently fainted or wet himself, sources vary. Dumbslut [Gillard] read it Saturday and probably cried herself to sleep after giving Tim the Beard a grudge-f*** up the dirt road. That’s why Dumbslut had bags under her eyes Sunday. She cut Thompson off straight up, THAT’s how bad it is. Rumours in the ACTU are that they are opening all the slush funds on this one to keep Thompson out of gaol, buy favours and help Short-arse bury the report. If Short-arse succeeds, he’ll probably dethrone Dumbslut as PM. You ain’t seen nothing yet in obfuscation, the spinners are already working overtime.’

Now, I stress this is from a deeply cynical operator, but this operator has hellacious good contacts south of the lake. He reckons that the security being wrapped around the report is extraordinary – but that EVERYONE wants to see it so they can leak it.

This is going to be entertaining.”

The Canberra presstitute might be finally waking up that there’s a chance to bring down a government with one story here. Get the full report (wikileaks?), and it’s probably done – Presstitute’s version of fame for life.

H/T Sean


Here’s what CAN be printed in the major dailies.

The full report is due at the end of May. Should be an interesting month.

It’s high time our “independents” finally stood up

Better late than never. Independents like Bob Katter, Rob Oakeshott, Tony Windsor and, er, Craig Thomson have a good chance to salvage at least some credibility; credibility perhaps irretrievably lost for continuing to side with arguably the worst, most wasteful, most deceitful, most incompetent government in Australia’s long, proud, democratic history.

And all they have to do is support a No Confidence motion.

A majority of voters believe the independent MPs in parliament should back a no-confidence motion in Julia Gillard’s government to bring on an early election.

A Galaxy poll for the Herald Sun shows that just three in 10 voters would tick the Labor box at the next federal election, which is worse than when the party was split in the 1950s when the DLP was formed.

Labor has been wiped out in Queensland and NSW. They’re struggling in the red state, Victoria. They’ve lost it to the Greens in Tasmania. They’re certainly on the nose in WA. And federally, has labor ever had worse numbers?

Can anybody in their right mind see them hanging on another 18 harrowing, bluderous months until the next election officially has to be had?

Business confidence is shot. The public by and large has had a gut. Enough is enough.

The link showed results for a reasonably scientific Galaxy poll, but also have a gander at some of the poll results displayed on the ninemsn website. No, they’re not nearly as scientific, but do keep in mind ninemsn and its readers are hardly the most conservative lot.

This has gone far beyond ideological rants.

Also note, it’s not as if there’s an “anti-ALP” poll every day. Far from it. No. To find the next one we have to go back to March 25th.

It’s as if the PM is living on a different planet, however.

JULIA Gillard has batted away suggestions she should stand down, saying she will lead Labor to the next election.

The Prime Minister was defiant today amid renewed leadership rumblings over her handling of the Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson scandals.

How can she or her party NOT be reading the writing on the walls?

She won’t do what needs to be done. If her party had any sense, they’d do what needs to be done. But it looks like they don’t (paging Bill Shorten), so they won’t.

The politicians’ curse.

The question is: will our “independents” continue to be as mad as this government is? Will they continue to serve their own narrow interests?

Or will they, just maybe, do what’s best for the nation… at least just this once?*

*it might help them get a decent job after the next election, too…

Julia will be lucky to make it to the end of the day

And she doesn’t deserve to make it til lunch.

SENIOR minister Craig Emerson has admitted there is leadership “chatter” in the Labor caucus and questions over Julia Gillard’s handling of the Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper scandals.

Chatter? Mere chatter? Doesn’t anybody shows those guys the polls? Don’t they go out any more and have a chat with folks (who’d dare)?

Let’s face it. It’s almost definitely more than “chatter”. Surprised we haven’t seen anyone front the cameras sporting a black eye.

Might as well swan off now

Who else thought he’s been sounding a bit “politiciany” lately?

MINING magnate Clive Palmer is due to take on Wayne Swan at the next federal election, announcing today he will seek Liberal National Party preselection for the seat of Lilley.

Mr Palmer said today he was seeking to run in the seat because he and the Treasurer had “differing views of what was good for the country”.

With Labor as polular as cancer at the moment – and even if they knife Gillard, their repuation will still be in tatters – toppling the lame duck Swan shouldn’t be a problem.

Just go easy on the CIA stuff, Clive.


No Clive, but regardless, you could probably run almost anyone you like. And the bloke Abbott likes isn’t just anyone.

Go Joe!

Joe Hildebrand tears Gillard, Swan, and the ALP in general a new one.

Adam Carolla, eat your heart out! :-)

H/T Bolta

Good Riddance Bob Brown

Finally, he’s out of politics.

Andrew Bolt predicts a slow decline for the Greens.

Hope so. The Bob Brown cancer on Australian politics has metastasized enough.


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