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Rough week. TGIG

Bit rough, eh? ;-)*

For sure, we all know about the AWU nonsense, so there’s no need to go on about that tonight. But I hope everyone’s aware of Gillard’s latest time warp to the Dark Ages proposal. (thanks, Bolta).

Attorney-General Nicola Roxon’s proposed changes massively expand the list of characteristics people can be offended by, expanding the jurisdiction into shops, workplaces and sporting clubs.

The regime will provide a new weapon in the war on free speech by even including “political opinion” as a ground on which people can be discriminated against.

This extraordinary change makes even innocuous political expressions subject to the law – a person need only be offended or insulted in order to make out a claim. Shop owners displaying signs in support of a political candidate may now be legally discriminating against employees who want the other guy to win…

Not only do the changes represent an extraordinary attack on freedom of speech, they also undermine fundamental legal principles derived from 800 years of common law. They would reverse the onus of proof, forcing employers to prove that they are innocent of discrimination.

Saw that yesterday. Make of that what you will.

Um, what else? Oh, the Israel/Palestine thing. Well, Israel says they’re happy, so let’s not worry about the 12 Hamas rockets fired into Israel since the ceasefire, nor their thanking of Iran… the guys who supplied those fancy rockets that could and did hit Tel Aviv.

Anyway, enough. Music.

Infected Mushroom. Arguably one of the best EDM acts on the planet, and perhaps the best out of Israel.

*what? TGIG? Thank God it’s good.


No, not the bloody pic, the bloody week. I had a good week. Sorry, I mixed metaphors with that Roxon/Gillard pic. Very messy. Sorry. Please try and enjoy the music and/or comment… I need another drink and a smoke.

Carry on.

Nah, you were too hard on Bernadi, Bolta

So Senator Cory Bernadi has been dumped for arguing that same sex marriage could lead to bestiality.

Bolta has endorsed this dumping.

But Bolta himself argued that same-sex marriage was wrong because it was the start of a slippery slope.

Well, you can’t have it both ways, Andrew.

Arguing that the so-called slippery slope could (would?) lead to polygamy – as an example – and then condemning Bernadi for taking that argument to another logical step makes no sense at all.

It sounds weak.

So the narrative goes: polygamy is bad a) if you’re a Righty, it’s because Muslims do it and b) if you’re a Lefty, it’s because Mormons used to do it before it was outlawed and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is Mormon and c) this is the result of ridiculous religious ideology, and atheism is the go… but we’ll just attack right wing Christians for now whilst we establish our power base.

Ho hum, a quick Google image search (sans filters) might tell you that all kinds of people love their pets a bit too much.

All in all, Bernadi makes a lot of sense with his usual writings, although not with that quip. Thus, all in all, this should be the time to give him a break, not break his neck at the gallows!

Oh, and never mind that same sex marriage is just that: same-sex marriage, give or take a hyphen.

Why we’re arguing about this crap in the first place is another question. :roll:

PS This kind of stuff bugs the thorax out of me. The Liberals did it with the anti-AGW bloke, Dennis Jensen, as well… to the point of dis-endorsing him.

Plant five billion bucks worth of trees if you like, Tony – after all, even loggers like trees – but don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining claim that it’s a better solution to the non-solution to save the planet (which doesn’t need saving anyway).

That’s just “crap”..

Release the hounds

And in this case, the “hounds” are the files Gillard’s old Lefty law firm Slater&Gordon has, the information the police have, and the files Paul Howes’ “zero corruption” Australian Workers’ Union has.

Does a prestigious law firm really want to be embroiled in a cover-up?

Do the cops?

Aren’t they there to protect this nation?

I thought Howes was, in effect, attempting to open up a new era of positive unionism, evidenced by his friendship with pariah of the Left, Andrew Bolt.

Lisa Simpson told us all that the Chinese word for “crisis” is the same word for “opportunity”.

Notice how haggard workplace relations minister Bill Shorten looks these days.

Well, Bill, it’s hard to find any sympathy for you. You’ve been covering this shit up for years. You deserve to look haggard.

And thank your lucky Roxon I ain’t calling for a jail sentence.

And your mum-in-law….

If someone who doesn’t know about this saga is reading this for he first time, know this:

The Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, was implicit in the stealing of hundreds of thousands of dollars from the people she was supposed to protect.

AWU members, rather that having their rights protected, instead had their money stolen.

This money was stolen – and we’re talking hundreds of thousands if not millions of workers’ hard labour – by people who advocated the protection of workers.

Some protection.

The very people to be trusted had no other interest but their own. It’s the antithesis to the union movement – a movement that was created to protect the rights of the little guy and stop him being exploited, and yet this is what Gillard, federal court judge Murphey, and Wilson did:

THEY STOLE PEOPLE’S MONEY… and lot’s of it.

Well, they’ve thrown Wilson, the dodgy bastard, on to the scrapheap, but that shit is small fry.

Just take Gillard’s reaction when she received one soft Slater&Gordon question from a journalist who was leaving anyway.

The bloke’s gone, so who gives a shit?

But Julia Gillard’s face went palpable.

Why would that happen when she knew Mathrew Franklin’s – the bloke who asked the question but everyone knew he was quitting anyway – situation, and besides, she apparently has nothing to hide anyway?

Long story short, Julia Gillard is short-changing Australia. She is going to send billions upon billions of our hard-earned money overseas, she is an expert in robbing hard-earned money that people worked for, and the wicked witch still has the hide to try and make the average bloke or sheila feel guilty for it.

It’s high time the PM come clean

Because the longer she stalls in relation to her involvement in the ever-growing AWU/Slater&Gordon scandal, the grubbier and even more untrustworthy she looks to an electorate already betrayed by her introduction of the carbon tax she promised wouldn’t be imposed.

Her excuse of being “young and naive”, barely believable when first uttered, is now completely unreliable.

Come clean, Julia Gillard.

Via Andrew Bolt, we see more evidence today of a PM desperate to cover her tracks. Even though she was a Partner (didn’t know a big-shot law firm would have the “young and naive” as Partners), she left Slater&Gordon very abruptly after her professional, romantic, and indeed questionable relationship with corrupt AWU official Bruce Wilson – the bloke who syphoned off $400,000 of union members’ funds with Gillard’s help – came to light.

There’s a six month gap from when she left to when she started working for the Victorian ALP that has been airbrushed out of the parliamentary records.

Why would someone do that, especially someone “young and naive”?

It’s high time our PM begin treating the electorate with a bit more respect. It comes down to trust and credibility, and right now, it just feels like we have a lying thief running the show.

Also, via the link, finally the Canberra press pack is starting to ask the appropriate questions, however tentatively.


Larry Pickering has put up his fourth instalment of, “Is the Prime Minister a Crook?”

In it, we take a look at Bill Shorten as AWU National Secretary shutting down police investigations by not releasing files.

We look at Gillard’s co-Partner and co-conspirator, Bernard Murphy, now a Gillard-appointed Federal Court judge.

Bill Ludwig is apoplectic.

And Larry challenges current AWU National Secretary, Paul Howes, on his claims of “zero tolerance” towards union corruption.

Hand over the files. Your “zero tolerance” will assist in recovering your members’ stolen funds… but it will destroy your friends and devastate your union. Your call, Piggy.

More to come.

Another paywall, this time at the Herald Sun; get stuffed

The Australian newspaper went behind a partial paywall last October that has seen its traffic decline sharply. Now Melbourne’s Herald Sun is planning to do the same in March.

What? Profits aren’t enough?

News Corp posted a $US1.06 billion ($995 million) in quarterly profits this month. The result included costs of $US104 million in the first half of the year related to charges, lawyers and advisory fees stemming from the UK scandal, Reuters reported.

One billion a quarter translates to four billion a year.
And besides, I’m NOT going to pay for the Australian, and the Herald Sun, and the Daily Telegraph, and the Courier Mail, and the Adelaide Advertiser, and the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post, and the Times and… all separately.
That is simply ridiculous, as is the concept of reverting back to only reading one newspaper.
So Murdoch can get stuffed. I appreciate his newspapers, but essentially, they are entertainment.
Perhaps if ALL News Corp. productions went behind a SINGLE reasonably priced paywall, I’d consider it, depending  on what else I could find out there.
Another thing I don’t get is how a full page ad in the newspaper-proper can cost around 50 grand, but ads in online editions generate diddly squat since they are on a pay-per-click basis. After all, it’s not as if we “click” the ads in the old newspapers or “click” the similarly expensive ads on the TV.
Hmm, I wonder what will happen to Andrew Bolt’s blog over there. Three millions hits a month behind a paywall?
Ho hum.

On that soccer riot in Egypt

Andrew Bolt puts it into perspective.


Pot kettle black

Andrew Bolt nabs Communications minister Stephen Conroy over his latest hypocrisy: the Left’s foul cries for tougher media laws because, shock horror, a probable-righty wants to buy up a stake in a certain media organisation.

In fact, of all the proprietors I’ve mentioned, it’s [The Monthly and The Quarterly Essay owner] Schwartz who strikes me as the most interventionist of them all. He’s been editor-in-chief and on the editorial board of his magazine, yet that direct editorial influence by a rich Leftist media boss does not bother the Left that’s now enraged that the free-marketer Rinehart should be trying to have less than 15 per cent of Fairfax – a vastly smaller share that what Stokes has of Seven.

Read the lot.

Back on deck

Because I’m back at work and it’s so much easier blogging when in “work mode”. Thanks for all those links guys (for the uninitiated, check recent comments [headlines] as of 1/Feb/12 in the Obama thread below).

Have been keeping abreast of recent events (read: Australia Day race riots) ever since I saw the ugly scenes splashed across CNN. As most reading this will know, the excellent Andrew Bolt has been all over this like cankles on a ranga.

For our American readers (FOAR), this is turning out to be something akin to Australia’s Watergate except the action has been sped up. Member(s) of the PM’s Office have been busted inciting a race riot (that threatened the very safety of the Opposition Leader and ironically the PM, too) based on false assertions of what the Opposition Leader said about a bunch of squalid tents parked on the lawn of Old Parliament House AKA the Aboriginal Tent Embassy – a largely obsolete, fringe group relic lingering on from the far-poorer race relations of 40 years ago. The word got out that the Opposition Leader said it should be torn down. What he actually said was we should move on from the race relations of 40 years ago… slight difference.

(FOAR) This could well go all the way to the top i.e. the PM herself. The PM’s Office’s latest attempt to blame the Opposition Leader for every government failing – of which there are many – and portray the Opposition Leader as a racist (he isn’t, heck, he does volunteer work in remote Aboriginal communities [no cameras, either]) has failed spectactularly.

It blew up in their face better than a hard-boiled rotten egg re-heated in the microwave.

Anyway, I’m off to catch up on yesterday’s radio segment featuring Andrew Bolt and Steve Price chatting with the bloke who broke this whole story in the first place, the tenacious Ray Hadley.

If it wasn’t for him (and his first source) , the PM could well have gotten away with all this…

See you soon (as in later today with any luck), folks, and thanks again for all those links.

(Apologies to JM who has emailed many, too. I did read the headlines…)

Andrew Bolt to quit?

Word on the street is that he will ditch the blog.

An educated guess would say that he’s weighing it up.

He never struck me as a man after fame and glory. He’s made enough money, surely, to provide for his family in the manner he sees fit.

And now that family is taken care of…

Thank you. Good bye?

Some thinking will need to be done?

We all know that court case gutted him. It gutted any sane man.

My guess is that AB is wondering whether it’ll all be lost if he hangs up his boots.

It won’t. He started something, much like Tim Blair.

Australia is at an interesting juncture.

People smugglers are being cast as fishermen… by the presiding judge… before the case has even begun.

I wouldn’t blame Andrew for concluding that enough’s enough.

The tide of Leftism may continue washing up garbage on our shores, yet the mountain of humanity will continue to rise.

Regardless, he’s certainly thinking about it.

I guess spending Christmas in the land of Christ might do that to a man.

Andrew Bolt: the man behind the machine

Certainly not the hatchett job Anne Summers did, John van Tiggelen takes a look “behind the scenes” of Australia’s favourite columnist and blogger.

Seven days before Justice Mordecai Bromberg finds him guilty of racial vilification in the Federal Court, I turn up at Andrew Bolt’s house, for dinner. Bolt is cooking. He cooks like I cook, the Dutch way. Lots of flavour, lots of everything, and anything but Dutch. On the kitchen bench are two salads, one Greek and one FNQ (prawn, mango and avocado). There is a Sicilian pasta for entrée, beef bourguignon for main. Dessert is on me: I’ve asked my mother to bake some gevulde speculaaskoek, a traditional cinnamon-spiced slice with a marzipan-like filling. Unlike almost everything else in Dutch cuisine, it is to die for, not from, although my mother appeared to have other ideas.

“I’ll put poison in it,” she said, when told for whom it was intended.

Read on.

Bolta manages a smile

Good on him. Not that he isn’t still fully aware of the seriousness of the current situation in Oz, but thanks to the sheer, utter absurdity and ridiculousness of the Australian Left, it looks like we’re getting our old Bolta back.

It’ll be interesting to hear his overall tone on MTR today.

For me, that point [where you have to laugh] came on Monday, five days after being found to have breached the Racial Vilification Act for writing about fair-skinned Aborigines, by which time I’d read that I was actually a “Lying Dutchman” (Sydney Morning Herald) from the “outback” (The Monthly) of a country I’d never written about “with passion” (The Age), since I was confused about my identity and clung to “an archaic notion of European culture” (The Age).

I’d read that it was “the neo-Calvinist faith instilled by (my) Dutch father” (Crikey) which made me obsessed with the purity of the “Master Race” (The Age) and convinced that Aborigines were an “inferior race” which got “too much support” (The Age).

By Monday I’d even acquired a “former fiancee” (The Monthly) who next issue will help explain how I changed from the “‘introverted, restless, romantic’, with strong ethics” she’d reportedly known into this thing with dreadful views I never knew I had.

Naturally, I blamed my wife for this transformation – from a Byronic figure into a “serpent” (The Age) and “egomaniacal lackwit” with a “soft, white, privileged a— “ (Brisbane Times) who “prefers his darkies dark” (SMH) – but oddly enough she wasn’t in a laughing mood.

Can’t blame Sally for not seeing the funny side of this most creative writing.

Speaking of which, I know mine did, and as far as I’m aware, most journalism courses do offer a creative writing class.

In a media-pack attack like this, driven so much by ideology, the target of all this superheated venting just vanishes. I’ve been replaced by a make-believe monster so cartoonish that no one of sense could possibly believe it.

Which means, of course, that many on the Left will.

And how convenient it is for our creative writers that it’s well-known Bolt isn’t the litigious type? The courts would be tied up for years.

The death of free speech in Australia

True. Andrew Bolt didn’t incite any “racial vilification or racial hatred”, and the nine “aboriginal” plaintiffs agree. Their ridiculous court case, however, and in particular their “win” is really a marker of when yet another bit of what made Australia great has been eroded away essentially, by thought police.

Freedom of speech means people get to say what you or I might not like. It’s an integeral part of a healthy democracy. A healthy democracy cannot exist without rigorous debate.

HERALD Sun columnist Andrew Bolt has lost an action brought in the Federal Court in which the columnist was accused of breaching the Racial Discrimination Act.
Bolt was found to have contravened Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Nine aboriginal applicants brought a class-action against Bolt and the Herald and Weekly Times claiming Bolt wrote they sought professional advantage from the colour of their skin.

There were cheers and applause in the court when Justice Mordecai Bromberg read out his verdict.

He found that “fair-skinned Aboriginal people (or some of them) were reasonably likely, in all the circumstances, to have been offended, insulted, humiliated or intimidated by the imputations conveyed in the newspaper articles published in the Herald Sun.

In a brief statement outside the Melbourne court after the judgment, Bolt said “This is a terrible day for freedom of speech in this country.”

“It is particularly a restriction on the freedom of all Australians to discuss multiculturalism and how people identify themselves,” he said.

“I argued then and I argue now that we should not insist on differences between us but focus instead on what unites us as human beings.”

Well said. And this court case has brought nothing but division on our nation.

Enjoy your “win”, losers. You’ve just successfully hammered in an other nail to the coffin of freedom and democracy.


THE Racial Discrimination Act should be reviewed following today’s court decision against Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt, civil libertarians say.

Federal Court Justice Mordy Bromberg found that fair-skinned Aboriginal people were reasonably likely to have been “offended, insulted, humiliated or intimidated by the imputations conveyed” in two articles written by Mr Bolt.

Justice Bromberg found the articles, published by the Herald Sun, contravened the Racial Discrimination Act.

But Liberty Victoria president Spencer Zifcak said that the Racial Discrimination Act was too broad. “In a public discourse people should be able to express themselves in a political and public debate that may from time to time insult or offend someone,” he said.

Mr Zifcak said the Racial Discrimination Act could be unconstitutional. “The constitutional question is yet to be resolved,” he said.

A Korean story

Andrew Bolt was kind enough today to publish a photo of the view out the window at the Korean elementary school I teach at.

Reader JB asked for some stories.

click to enlarge

My reply is below (1. to share it here and 2. in case it goes walkies over there)

Happy to oblige. The kids are at a camp today so there’s lots of free time.

First came over in 2002 after uni. Basically, I think it was Mum kicking me out of home, plus I’d piss-farted around at uni too much and journo jobs are hard to get. Thought “why not?” and jumped in the deep end.

It was after about nine months of teaching ESL at an after school academy that I realised I really truly love this job.

It was an amazing year that first year as the soccer world cup was being played out here and South Korea did amazingly well – semi finals. After every match, you’d see cars and scooters going up and down the streets, honking horns and waving flags. Crowds of thousands would gather in the streets to watch the matches on massive screens. That year, I saw the true spirit of this little country; a country of people who’ve copped from all sides for centuries yet despite all that, have emerged strong, capable and rightly proud.

Came back permanently a few years later. Too many stories to fit into one comment, so I’ll tell just one.

It was about two and a half years ago, and a dear friend of mine back home been killed in a car accident.. It was a horrible time. Soon after was my 30th birthday. To say the least, I was in no mood to celebrate, however some Western and Korean friends organised a birthday party at the “German” brauhaus we used to frequent. We loved that place, the mix of Koreans and Westerners, the Filipino band who I’m still good friends with to this day.

Anyway, about three weeks prior to the party, an American mate had started dating this Korean girl. Two friends – a Korean and another American – decided to invite that Korean girl’s best friend – a Korean – to the party.

It was arguably the only night out since I was a teenager where I wasn’t looking to pick up.

That girl was beautiful, classy, smart, funny, elegant. She spoke good English but I was so down and nervous, I could only write notes to her on a napkin.

Two and half years later, and that woman is my wife.

PS. Mags. Any Korean stories for us?

In support of Freedom of Speech

Here’s a video put up by the Institute of Public Affairs in support of our right to say what others may not like. It was that function hosted for Andrew Bolt, currently tied up in the courts in a matter relating to this issue.

Some points of order under the fold about the fact Australia does NOT explicitly have Freedom of Speech; we have (implied) Freedom of Expression.

Good on Andrew Bolt for fighting The Good Fight and a big thanks to the IPA, all those who spoke, all those who attended, and everyone who supports the stuff mentioned in that video.

UPDATE – related

It appears that ratbag GetUp! mob may be going to try and shut Lord Monckton down at his speech to the National Press Club on Sunday.

And again, in case you missed it (or like me, never got back to it after cooking dinner a few nights ago), here’s Lord Monckton’s speech that was shut down in a number of cities.


Not in Australia, but yet another example of Free Speech being eroded.



Damn it, Andrew. What’s going on?

Continue reading

Bolt’s Crapon Tax Report

Bloody brilliant report today. Carbon tax PWND.

And the encore…

I know we’re all frustrated re the comments section, but to be fair, the bloke is doing the work.

Self plug: I asked him to put up the YouTube version of his clips on his blog, and he did.

It’s frustrating those comments not being put up and/or disappearing, but surely we all realise the bloke is stretched pretty thin these days and yet is delivering ad infinitum.


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