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After all that, Labor considers opening Nauru again

Of course, the Nauru detention centre for illegal boat arrivals should never have been closed. Our borders wouldn’t be the laughing stock of the world, and up to 1000 people would still be alive, albeit not in Australia but at least alive.

Oh remember how PM Gillard huffed and puffed in feigned moral outrage at a policy that – let’s face it – worked.

SENIOR Labor figures are exploring a dramatic shift on asylum-seeker policy to reopen the Nauru processing centre as part of a two-stage proposal that could trigger the government’s Malaysia Solution if the first step does not stop boat arrivals.

More than a boat a day sometimes. It’s about time Labor woke up and stopped playing politics with people’s dreams and lives.

The (yet another) committee has handed down its report. Do something!

Crack in a taxi

I know Julia doesn’t like spending money on important things such as our military.

AUSTRALIA’S navy patrol boats are literally cracking up under the strain of intercepting the surge in asylum-seeker vessels, with one boat now banned from operations and structural cracks discovered in at least two others. Defence has ordered an urgent investigation into its overworked 14-boat fleet amid concerns that the problem could threaten the navy’s long-term ability to patrol Australia’s northern approaches.

So what’s the problem? Indonesian fishing vessels crack up all the time on their way out here. No wonder they just make a call now and have us sail into Indonesian waters to pick them up using our big strong boats.


Cracks in the hulls of our elite Navy vessels now being used (too much) to ferry “undocumented” arrivals?

Heaven forbid an actual war broke out…

We could always put floaties on our tanks.

Glad Julia, after slashing the military budget, is using the rest of the (now-borrowed) money wisely…

Why stopping the boats and protecting our borders is important

It’s quite simple really.

It goes to the heart of whether Australia is a sovereign nation.

Are we a sovereign nation that has borders and rules, or is “Australia” merely a crew of taxpayers on a vessel of leeches?

Yep, another boat [updated]

This one sent out a distress call, is believed to be carrying 180 passengers, and hasn’t been found yet.

AUSTRALIAN rescue authorities have received a distress call from an asylum-seeker boat carrying up to 180 people south of Indonesia.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority received a call from the vessel at 4.30am (AEST) today.

The boat has not yet been sighted but AMSA has put out a call to merchant vessels in the area for assistance.

The vessel is understood to be 50 nautical miles south of Indonesia.

Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare said the vessel had reported it was taking on water.

Shame on Labor for ripping up a policy that worked. Shame on the Greens for not bending and agreeing to some sort of a compromise solution.


Sending out a distress call is just their latest tactic. What an effing joke.

In a satellite call to Australia from the boat, passengers said the vessel was taking on water in 3m waves in conditions described as “sea state six”.

So our navy sent HMAS Wollongong to assist:

When it arrived at 10am there was no signs of distress and the vessel was headed towards Christmas Island.

Floodgates opened by Gillard’s inaction

Load ‘em up.

A TENTH asylum-seeker vessel in a week has arrived in Australian waters, as people-smuggling looms as a major issue in Julia Gillard’s talks today with Indonesia.

Amid the ongoing political impasse over border protection, Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare said authorities had intercepted a sixth asylum-seeker boat in 72 hours, this one carrying around 39 people.

The small ramshackle fishing vessel carrying mainly males, believed to be Sri Lankans, was later moored not far from shore at Christmas Island’s port, with around five navy officers on board.

The men aboard waved and smiled to The Australian Online as they waited to be taken ashore to one of the overflowing detention facilities on the island.

Ten boats in a week. Six boats in three days. Good lord.

Gillard has utterly, utterly failed.

Just get Malaysia to sign that UNHCR thingy?

Easy peasy.

I feel sick.

Go on. Go out door knocking now and try and sell your stupid carbon tax.


If only my Korean wife should be so lucky should we ever choose to move back to Australia…

Via the excellent, Larry Pickering.

Indeed. Maybe they have locked up the wrong people

Open the gates!

MORE than 100 people have gathered outside a detention centre in Sydney, calling on the Federal Government to free all asylum seekers.

Pump some borrowed thousands into a bank account pronto! Send granny off to the nursing home and give these people somewhere to live! And what’s with all this English being written bloody everywhere you racist, heartless thugs?!?

“The Gillard Government should be locked up for crimes against humanity,” the chick speaking for this rabble said.

However, by “rabble” it should be made abundantly clear we’re not talking about the folks inside the detention centre.

No. Let’s follow the logic of the people outside the detention centre.

By letting out the asylum seekers before it can be verified exactly who they are, the mob is basically saying anyone and anything can freely enter Australia.

That’s the deal if you go by their argument.

Oh ye heart harks for the bliss of yonderyear, when man and beast freely roamed the gentle mother earth godess.

So why even bother with, oh I don’t know, how about we start with passports? That’s right, just get on the plane with the only question asked being, “Would you like a blanket?”

We’ve a beautiful harbour, the world’s best, so just sail right up!

And why stop there? By arguing for the asylum seekers’ immediate release, they’re arguing for no border controls whatsoever effectively.

So load up the guns, the drugs, the exotic species, chuck in a few child soldiers, the odd bio-weapon and let’s have a free for all!

Or maybe not.

Locked up? Yes. That mob should be. In a loony bin. For crimes against intelligence.

$10,000 worth of free goodies if you come to Australia… “illegally”, that is

So don’t be a mug and use the proper channels; it’ll take forever anyway. Sure, you might be unlucky and be one of the 600 or so who’ve drowned at sea thanks to the shoddy boat you commissioned in Indonesia, but hey, if you make it (and statistically you probably will) you’ll get free money for life, a house fully set up, the kids will be educated at virtually no charge (and besides, you’re getting paid to do nothing anyway), you’ll have free top-notch healthcare, and you can bring the entire extended family over after you’ve settled in.

Heck, you won’t even have to learn English or change your customs one iota if you don’t want to. And all the assistance you could ever need will be provided free of charge in the language of your choice. It’ll be like a home away from home, only much, much more comfortable.

It’s a money back guarantee… and then some. It’s foolproof. Don’t think of the $10,000 you pay to the people smugglers as a fee for them. Think of it as a down payment for your permanent holiday courtesy of the Australian taxpayer.

Not actually in need of asylum? Not actually a refugee? Relax. There are lots of kind folk who can help you once you’re here to come up with a story plausible enough – and trust me, no one’s asking for a Hollywood script if you catch my drift – to convince the sympathetic immigration officer who needs to get you out of the detention centre pronto before the next boat arrives.

Remember, you’ll have thrown your documents overboard before we come to pick you up and believe me, no one’s really interested in checking up on things anyway.

But hurry! You’ve got a maximum of about 18 months to take up this offer for of a lifetime before the current government is turfed out on its ear, although even then, the worst that can happen is you’ll have to slum it on an idealistic Pacific island.


Asylum seeker costs will top $1bn before long

And yet our government will likely never admit they got it wrong by weakening the effective laws that we had. Their heart may have been in the right place but their head was, and still is, in outer space.

ASYLUM seeker arrivals have sparked an $866 million budget blow-out, forcing the Government to rush laws into Parliament begging for more cash.

The Sunday Mail can reveal Parliament will debate the plea for a fresh injection of taxpayer funds this week.

Another boat with 127 suspected asylum seekers was spotted off Christmas Island yesterday.

At the same time the Government confirmed it would ask for another $330 million this year, with the total blow-out rising to $866 million over four years.

Any one else not feeling so reassured the budget will be back in surplus by 2013?

And a good thing, too

The Malaysia “solution” was never a solution. A muddied message at best, the idea to send 800 asylum seekers to Malaysia in return for 4000 of their refugees reeked of nothingness.

It made no sense.

And Tony Abbott is right to swat it like the mosquito it is.

Better late than never?

So Nauru might be on again…

IF the Opposition agrees to Gillards stinking rotten fish head of a Malaysia deal.


Bit frickin’ late, BTW.



We were telling idiot lefties like Robert Manne this all along.

Yet another boat

Our PM should hang her stubborn head in shame. How she can look in the mirror is beyond me.

A BOAT carrying 75 asylum seekers has been intercepted north of Christmas Island.

It is the third vessel to arrive in the past week, during which 250 people have been added to Australia’s immigration detention centres.

And add the government’s own estimates of a four per cent kill death rate on top of that.

How many more people are going to die before Julia Gillard reinstates the policies she and former PM Kevin Rudd so naively stripped away?

Greens out out touch: survey

What a shame Labor is so in bed with the Greens, a party that, for example, wants to welcome all illegal arrivals with open arms and minimal checks (well, it’s great actually if you’re not an ALP fan).

IN the debate over asylum all sides believe there is an answer: and they have it. Human rights advocates argue the only humane course of action is to welcome those who arrive by boat.

The large majority of Australians, however, do not see the asylum issue in such straight-forward human rights terms.

A number of surveys during the past 18 months indicate the majority favour policy to deter boat arrivals, including mandatory detention.

An August Nielsen poll found 15 per cent of respondents considered boats should be sent back to sea and another 52 per cent that asylum-seekers should be kept in detention while their claims were assessed.

More detail is available in the Scanlon Foundation surveys, four of which have been conducted since 2007. The just released 2011 findings indicate only 22 per cent favour granting the right of permanent residence to asylum-seekers arriving by boat; 39 per cent favour asylum in Australia, but only on a temporary basis; the remaining 35 per cent want boats to be turned back or the asylum-seeker detained pending deportation.

Add up those last two, both holding reasonable and workable solutions, and we have almost three quarters of Aussies who’d probably agree that Gillard has made an absolute mess – needlessly too.

To be fair, at least PM Gillard isn’t siding with the Greens on this particular issue but her support of weakened laws coupled with her stubborn refusal to reinstate policies that worked is just as damaging.

More than 400 dead, PM…

No Juliar, you’re the PM, it’s your fault

Doesn’t it just make you cringe when you hear stuff like the following?

JULIA Gillard has blamed Tony Abbott for the arrival of two new asylum-seeker boats, saying his refusal to back her Malaysian Solution made him responsible for the unauthorised vessels and all others that would follow.

Memo to the PM: Before your government took power, the boats had stopped coming. The ALP changed the laws, and the boats flooded in.

Do the math.

Former Labor heavyweight, Graham Richardson:

Now Labor brings in legislation that nobody wants into a parliament certain to reject it. This is a form of masochism: it is almost as if the government wants to keep feeling the pain of failure. This is a drawn-out execution of a misguided policy Labor should never have endorsed.

On his Sky show, he mentioned it was the end of a pathetic week in what’s been a pathetic year.

Hear, hear.


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