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Will Labor wake up?

That question could well cover a number of current ALP policies – or lack there of – but let’s concentrate on their unholy alliance with the Greens for the moment.

With the Greens’ unwillingness to compromise on the asylum seeker issue last week apparently being the straw that broke the camel’s back, at least one Labor MP, former Defence Minister and chief government whip, Joel Fitzgibbon, says it’s time to take the Greens head-on.

Mr Fitzgibbon’s anger with the Greens echoes the frustration privately expressed with many Labor MPs who believe that Ms Gillard should tear up the agreement with them.

I don’t think that would save Labor the next election, but it might save them some future credibility.

Tim Blair on the Greens:

Too many observers treat the Greens as a political movement rather than as a political party. Until very recently, when the Greens’ senate balance of power made it unavoidable, the Greens have dodged the scorching cynicism commonly aimed at other parties and politicians.

In fact, the Greens may be the most cynical of all parties in the current parliament. They exploit public perceptions of them as caring and altruistic in order to pursue agendas that are economically destructive and, in the case of asylum seekers, cost lives.

Now that Bob Brown has left the scene, perhaps these prissy care-fakers will receive the examination they’ve well and truly earned. The next election should not be a judgment restricted to Labor and the coalition.



With a number of Labor MPs unhappy with the Greens’ alliance, can we also infer they are unhappy with the carbon tax? After all, this was a tax the PM promised not to impose, only to do so after the election at the Greens’ insistence.

Bob Brown’s new ride

I hear it’s a hybrid.

Via Sean

Good Riddance Bob Brown

Finally, he’s out of politics.

Andrew Bolt predicts a slow decline for the Greens.

Hope so. The Bob Brown cancer on Australian politics has metastasized enough.

Brisbane floods: mistakes finally admitted

In short: they stuffed it up. Then they tried to cover it up.

Well done Hedley Thomas et. al. at the Australian for persuing this, especially after initial inquiries found nothing wrong.

TWO of the most senior water executives in Queensland have broken ranks by telling the floods commission of inquiry that at all times during the devastating floods in January last year, they were of the view that Wivenhoe Dam was run in a strategy subsequently shown to be wrong.

Authorities apparently changed mitigation strategies about two days too late. They were on W1 (regular/drought-mode), but should have moved to W3 (hardcore-mode) two days earlier than they did. Reports that strategy W2 (getting serious) was used have been disputed, finally, by the two “whistleblowers”.

Cover-ups abound.

It’s really worth reading the full article (and related articles) on this one.

PS One can’t help thinking that Wivenhoe dam was in “drought-mode” for too long because of shrill predictions by the likes of the Climate Commission’s Tim Flannery and the Greens’ leader Bob Brown that Australia would never see proper rains again.

Even had the Brisbane floods not occurred, those two posers have a lot to answer for.

The climate debate of 2011: round-up

Professor Bob Carter, a geologist, discusses “the the most important events which influenced the climate debate in 2011.”

2011, and the Unlucky Country finally gets a carbon dioxide tax

Australian voters entered 2011 with the pre-election commitment of Prime Minister Julia Gillard still sounding in their ears –

There will be no carbon [dioxide] tax under a government that I lead.

Nonetheless, cognitive dissonance had already arrived on the Canberra political scene, in the shape of the Multi-Party Committee on Climate Change (MPCCC) that was established in late 2010 in order to plan for the introduction of just such a tax.

Thereafter, the political year yielded a spectacular display of chicanery, scientific malfeasance, media bias and economic and social irresponsibility, all underpinned by a confusion of both purpose and morality and accompanied by an uncertainty of outcomes: and that’s just the global warming picture.

It is fitting, therefore, that the year should have ended shortly after the closure of the IPCC’s COP-17 climate conference in Durban, the outcome of which was a politically wonderful Clayton’s agreement regarding global warming – which is to say, it was the type of agreement that you have when there is in fact no agreement. As one commentator put it, the Durban partner nations’ statement appears to have agreed to an agreement to agree in future to an undefined agreement. Science magazine Naturecommented that “Despite the celebratory atmosphere, the platform represents an exercise in legalese that does little or nothing to reduce emissions, and defers action for almost a decade”.

Read on.

H/T & H/T

Oh, and why does a geologist’s opinion matter?

Carter’s view of climate science is profoundly influenced by the fact that he’s a geologist. He thinks in terms of geological time – eras and epochs. When compared to those timescales, 150 years of thermometer readings is a mere blink of an eye. As he writes in his accessible, well-argued book:

By overemphasizing the trivially short instrumental record, and greatly underemphasizing the varied changes that exist in geological records…the IPCC signals its failure to comprehend that climate change is as much a geological phenomenon as it is a meteorological one.

Meanwhile, as it becomes increasingly evident that drastic government measures to curb a problem that likely doesn’t exist will lead to so much pain with negligible gain, and as it becomes increasingly evident that alternative energy is outlandishly expensive and grossly inefficient, the Australian Greens leader, Bob Brown, continues to demonstrate his complete and utter lack of economic literacy.

This time he wants to make changes to our Super (i.e. increase taxes on it) that will hurt those worse off and punish those who want to contribute.

This once almost quaint quirk in Australian politics is weilding far, far too much influence for just one senator from a remote, sparsely populated region of the nation.


Certainly seems cosy if nothing else…

GREENS Leader Bob Brown faces a possible investigation by the Senate’s powerful privileges committee over an allegation he used his parliamentary position to advance the interests of a major political donor.

Remember that woodchip mill that was bought by a Greens donor – a donor to the tune of $1.6 mil – who said he’d shut it down after a bit?

TONY JONES, PRESENTER: Two of Australia’s wealthiest entrepreneurs have bought a Tasmanian woodchip mill, throwing the future of the state’s forest industry into doubt.

Wotif creator and Australian Greens donor Graeme Wood and Kathmandu clothing founder Jan Cameron signed the contracts to buy Gunns’ Triabunna mill today.

They’re paying $10 million for the operation. They say they’ll continue to run it as a woodchipping facility, but for the term of the current contract.

Their long-term aim is to make Triabunna a mecca for tourism on Tasmania’s east coast.

Bob Brown (from the Greens website):

Tourism contributes 5 times more to the Tasmanian economy than the native-forest logging industry“, said Senator Bob Brown today at the release of a discussion paper on tourism.

Would’ve been nice if Bob had provided a link to that because the info is – let’s just say – not that easy to find.

Makes you wonder; if his claim is so legit, then why is it so hard to verify?

Seriously, I’ve been scouring the internet, budget papers, links, all kinds of key word search entries, going through page after page of search results for about two hours now.


Wouldn’t it be in Bob Brown’s interest, if said claims are true, to provide ready access to verifiable links?

Greens leader Bob Brown invokes the gods

Seriously, Bob?

Even the heavens are clapping?

Since Godless Bob seems to now like all things heavenly, here’s one for him.



PM’s carbon (dioxide!) tax agenda explained to the world

PM Gillard has everybody’s favourite animators’ attention.

As a footnote, the best thing Abbott can do is scrap his ridiculous tree planting scheme.

Well, more to the point, plant the trees, sure, but quit dressing it up in Bob Brown’s panties.

We all know you think anthropogenic climate change is crap, Tony… and that’s OK.

Chusok and the rest of it

OK, ok, so I could have, should have, would have been back on the blog yesterday, but wasn’t.

Meh, by the time classes had finished and I had a look around for all the juicy politics, Bolt had blogged it about six hours beforehand, and there were a couple of rugby world cup matches on.

But I’ll try turning this into a bit of a column of sorts… well… kind of more like two columns meshed into one.

First of all, you may have been wondering what on earth “Chusok” is.

It’s kind of like a Korean thanksgiving holiday.

It technically goes for three days, but nowadays extended family members usually just gather – in this year’s case – on the Monday (it goes by the lunar calendar so the exact day and date changes year to year).

So, for the first time since the wedding, I saw a whole bunch of uncles, aunts, and cousins, not to mention Lady Bingbing’s grandmothers from both sides of the family.

Traditionally, Chusok involves family gatherings, eating a whole swathe of traditional dishes, and going to the grave mounds  – yes, mounds – of ancestors, giving them some food and paying homage.

Most Christian Koreans don’t do that last bit however.

All in all, it was a good day, but my legs and hips were bloody killing me from sitting on the floor for hours on end.

All right, switching gears.


Does one start with the carbon dioxide tax which has been conveniently, effectively, nudged off the agenda even whilst it’s being rammed through debated in Parliament this week?

Or do we look at the bungled Malaysia deal and an illegal immigration policy that is an utter mess?

Or do we look at the completely insidious behaviour the likes of Greens leader, Bob Brown, and the government is demonstrating towards our free press… including, possibly, bloggers?

That’s only a start, and there is so much FAIL to cover.

Firstly, Bob Brown needs to shut the hell up.

Is that dangerous little man hell-bent on removing a free press from Australia’s democracy?

And, sorry, when a free press is removed, then it ain’t democracy anymore.

It might sort of look like a democracy, for some it might even feel like a democracy, but when you’re faced with a media that is not completely independent and separate from the government, indeed a media watched over by the government, then how can that government be truly held to account?

And when a government ceases to be able to be held to account, then it is not a true democratic, representative government.

Not to mention, this whole media enquiry being conjured up – with possible outcomes already being suggested – completely flies in the face of capitalism and the free market, two other key forces that along with democracy made Australia such a great nation.

Fact is: if people don’t like what this or that newspaper is reporting, then they won’t buy it.

And if a politician or government doesn’t like what a newspaper is reporting, then maybe they should look in the mirror.

Ho hum. It’s a distraction.

What’s being actually discussed in Parliament this week is Julia Gillard’s massive carbon (dioxide) tax.

No, it won’t change the planet’s temperature.

No, it won’t change the climate.

Yes, it will intrude into people’s lives.

Yes, it will give the government more control insofar as extra tax dollars gained could likely be pumped into more faddish, useless “Green” pet projects – $10 billion’s worth Bob Brown already has his paws on – all of which fail to save the planet yet “succeed” is wasting so many hard-earned tax-payer dollars.

Of course, the carbon dioxide tax will further give government more control over almost every aspect of our lives as it will make nearly every Australian household dependent on some form of welfare.

What a rosy picture.

A massive welfare state with a government-controlled media, trying to keep every single one us in the dark with our hands outstretched for the government noose.

It is a truly disturbing picture, not unlike the former Soviet Bloc, and indeed, a watered-down version of North Korea.

Not that I’m arguing modern-day Australia is really all that comparable to modern-day North Korea, but for sure, it is a very slippery slope the government and the Greens are trying to push us down.

Just today we have the Minister of  Information Communications Minister Stephen Conroy buttering us up with a proposal that says a singular government-funded media watchdog would somehow be independent.

Who’s he trying to kid with that one?

Who’s he trying to kid with that faux fight with the unabashed and shameless “one world governance” proponent Bob Brown?

Furthermore, where are the mandates?

Where’s the mandate for this carbon dioxide tax?

Indeed, about 80% of Australians voted for a party/candidate that promised there wouldn’t be this giant, useless tax.

Our PM lied to us, an oft repeated point for sure, but when the entire structure of the economy is being shifted without mandate, then it bears repeating often.

And where’s the mandate for the media enquiry?

No one went to an election promising that.

People on both sides of politics have long complained of bias, but only when the hard Left are in does it become more than people merely having a whinge and choosing an alternative news source.

Now, it’s almost as if no, the people shouldn’t whinge, they should eat their vegetables, and no, if we get our way, there won’t be any alternative because we know what’s best for you.

That’s not liberty, that’s taking a liberty.

It’s an insult to the citizenry of Australia.

This government and its cronies, rather than telling us what’s best for us, should get back to the bricks and mortar of good governance.

That means butting out of our lives, and spending the money that they take from us on stuff we actually wouldn’t mind having.

Things like a world class armed forces, a police force, decent roads, reliable and cheap utilities like electricity and clean drinking water, and well, actually, that’s about it.

And well, it’s too big an ask getting free education and healthcare disbanded anytime soon, but at least when they spend those billions, could they actually do it effectively for once?

Yeah, I know, I’m dreaming…


A Royal Commission into management of union funds?

Probably not gonna happen but it certainly appears like it needs to.

Shhh, don’t tell Bob Brown

The Greens leader, currently hunting the Murdoch press in Australia under the pretense of wanting an inquiry into media standards, would probably jizz in his pants get a tingle up his leg if he read this line in a news story about the possible death of ex-Chinese president Jiang Zemin.

Rumors emerged on Chinese websites soon after the 90th anniversary TV specials ended. But within a day, they were wiped away by government censors.

Responsibility to report accurately my arse, Brown.


PS Seems censoring the internet and redistributing wealth simply isn’t enough for the hard Left.

Follow the logic. A single State-run media outlet could be the only “fair” solution for Bob.


It might be a good idea to download TOR now, before any internet and/or media censorship comes into play. The site could well be a target to be blocked. As it stands now, there’s not really any need to use it, but it couldn’t hurt to have it ready just in case.

Over the top? I wish it were. Remember, many people who ended up undemocratic totalitarian dictators actually rose to power via democratic means and subverted the system from the inside.

Also, consider the “long march” through our legal system, our academia and even our media. Channel Seven’s Mark Riley asking PM Gillard for tips on how to be nice to her???


Green deceivers

The latest Green commercial states that “storms are more extreme and more frequent”.

This is flat out wrong. In fact, the opposite is true.

Yes. Storm frequency and intensity has actually gone down the past 30 years. Here’s data collected by Dr. Ryan Maue Ph.D at Florida State University.



And as for Bob’s renewables? Here’s a link detailing why renewables won’t work to power our cities.


Bob Brown doesn’t have a clue. He’s openly called for a one world government.This dangerous idiot now has the balance of power in both Houses of Parliament. Can you imagine what would happen to Australia if we lost our sovereignty, if we lost our democratic vote? Can you imagine what all the tyrants in the world would do to us? The UN is corrupt enough as it is, however it would pale in caparison to Bob’s brainwave.

(It’s right at the start of the podcast.)

PS Speaking of the UN, North Korea is heading the Conference on Disarmament???

The sooner free sovereign nations stop paying their dues to the UN and pull out, the better. The US is mad to keep paying the UN’s bills.


A good point made in the podcast:

How can Bob Brown be so against Australian profits going offshore (essentially, they don’t anyway) yet in the same breath wants Australian sovereignty to go offshore?

Getting hip and down in Brown Town

Via everyone’s favourite dog, Spot!

Just let us have a damn say!

Although promising not to, the Gillard government wants to enact the biggest change on the Australian economy, via a carbon (dioxide!) tax, since the GST.

Today, Tony Abbott suggested a plebiscite meaning every Australian voter would get a real chance to vote Yes or No.

This is the only fair way to go about it.

But the government is saying No, the two gargantuan egos that are the “Independents” Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott, aren’t saying Yes or No so far, and Greens Leader Bob Brown, formerly a fan of plebiscites, is also saying No.

According to a NineMSM poll, however, about seven out of every eight Australians is saying Yes.

Granted that’s not a scientific poll, but it will be very interesting when a proper one comes out.

What are Gillard and Co. so worried about? A plebiscite isn’t a compulsory vote, nor is it binding as is the case in a general election and/or referendum.

Their stance is the antithesis to democracy.

[slightly edited]

Drats. Global warming

The Aussie ski season has begun earlier this year.

There’s more snow over in the States, too.

Meanwhile, if anyone is still so worried about the harmless yet necessary trace gas that is our old friend, CO2, they’ve worked out a way to shove it into ice (and with an added bonus to boot).

They’ve done it in a laboratory: Scientists have injected carbon dioxide into the kind of methane ice that underlies vast tracts of permafrost in the Arctic and lurks beneath the deep seafloor throughout the world. In that experiment, the carbon dioxide exchanged with the methane molecules. While the CO2 was sequestered inside the ice, the scientists extracted an energy source that may exist in nature in greater volume than all other fossil fuels combined.

There’s lots there to read on about.

But back to us evil humans killing the planet, and it turns out the IPCC is wrong again and that species loss “is at least twice as slow as previously thought”. Well, at least the IPCC reckons they’re going to undergo some major reforms.

Speaking of dodgy models and predictions, good ol’ James Hansen at NASA has come out and stated that man-made global warming predictions have been exaggerated.

Na. You think so, James? :roll:

By the way, there’s a link at the end of that previous link which also notes the rate of sea level rise is decreasing, despite NASA wanting you to believe it has been increasing by cooking the books. It should also be noted 10% of sea level rise is due to land rising, also.

Meanwhile, a fair whack of this eco greenie claptrap is being scrapped in the UK and Canada.

Of particular note is that Canada link. Yes. They’ve scrapped their carbon tax.

Julia? Bob?


“TGIF” you understand, right? Thank God It’s Friday.


With Bob Brown.

With any luck, tomorrow will be a cracker. Either that, or Australia’s Favourite Happy Senator™ won’t be available.

And I’m sorry, but what everyone’s thinking has to be said. Bob Brown wants to do to Australia what he does to his boyfriend… minus the consent.

Too far?

Can’t be worse than Bolt’s Brown STrAINED.

More Alan Jones. No more Bobbing on the Brown.

Whatever. Had a gut, Bob.

Fuck You You Stupid Fucking Lefty Twat


Seriously, this thing, Brown, is like a bad heroin addiction we have to get off. A little hit at the start felt kinda good, we/he upped the dose to feel even better, then the dose was upped to feel the same, and then worse, and worse, and worse until Green politics will finally kill the West unless we say NO to this economic, social, and political vandalism on the best way of life ever conceived.

And the planet will do just fine, regardless.


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