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Inside the North Korean elite

A defector who used to work in the propaganda department tells it how it was.

After we met, Kim Jong-il asked his aides to take care of me and afterwards I received special treatment – the kind of benefits unavailable to normal citizens. Once you have met him in person, you can’t even be prosecuted in court without a special signing off.

For privileged, higher class, citizens there are three types of rations – a daily ration, a three day ration and a weekly ration. The state calculates everything a person needs in daily life, the amount of vitamins, calories, the kind of food you need to eat and so on. The daily ration is the highest, I received a weekly ration which was still very lavish.

The state calculates exactly what you need???


And, yes. Everyone is equal but some are more equal than others. Go socialism!


Read on.

Radio interview here.

Further proof of just how useless the UN is

What’s pleasing, however, is that most UN member states boycotted the call for a minute’s silence for the dead despot, Kim Jong-il.

Stupidest headline ever

Kathleen Taylor asks:

Did Kim Jong-il brainwash the North Korean people?

About as quick on the uptake as Robert Manne.

This is a good thing… maybe

So the verdict seems to be that North Korea’s new ruler, Kim Jong-un, son of the dead and decaying (and he won’t be embalmed, either), Kim Jong-il, has managed – with the help of the established elite – to cement a firm grip on power.

To do that, he has to have control of the Party and the military insofar as holding two key posts.

Paik said the son would assume his father’s official titles – ruling party chief and chairman of the all-powerful National Defence Commission – and the timing of this was just a technicality.

Through the two positions, the late leader controlled both the party and the 1.19-million-strong armed forces in the country of “Songun” (a military-first policy).

If you’re interested, take a look at how the North Korean system is structured; it’s all very 1984.

Kim Jong-il was also one of four heads of the Politburo plus being head of the Secretariat – so really, there’s three key positions the Nork’s new leader has to fill (NDC, Politburo, Secretariat)… as well as maintaining hold over Office #39 which is basically a private slush fund for the Kim family (that the average Nork citizen wouldn’t have a clue about).

Anyway, where was I?

Ah, yes. A smooth transition means an unlikely chance of bombs being lopped on my head.

Also, the new boy was western edumacated as you all probably know so there’s a quiet hope the North might open up a bit, quit being so hostile and who knows, the Koreans might even start acting semi-normal towards each other.

The weird thing is, you can’t get any info out of a South Korean about their northern neighbour. Not even with my wife. Their feelings etc. They just shut down.

BTW, did you know communism is hip and down these days?

What? No teleprompter?

The announcement of Kim Jong-il’s death.

Via reader JM and Ed Driscoll.

When Lady Bingers gets home, I’ll hit her up for a translation.

Can’t promise she’ll be up to it.

Regardless. No teleprompter?

Nork newsreader 1. Obama 0

OK, jokes aside, two important links.

Growing up in a Nork gulag.

On that missile test which to me just said that they’re saying everything is in order.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong-Un

That’s how North Korea’s state-run media is now addressing the son and heir of the dead Kim Jong-il.

The North’s Central TV and the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) started addressing Kim Jong-Un as “Respected” or “Great” Comrade Kim Jong-Un as they called for unity around the new leadership.

“Standing at the vanguard of the Juche (self-reliance) revolution is Respected Comrade Kim Jong-Un,” the Central TV said.

It seems the succession of power is going relatively smoothly, but of course, time will tell.

A celebration: death of a dictator

Monday Nite Party Music.

Sorry, Kim Jong-il… yo’ dead. Can’t hear this.

Life goes on (but not for you Kim Jong-il!)

A beautiful day for Korea

The man who helped split Korea’s soul is dead. I sense an opportunity here.

Kim Jong-il is dead!


Best Christmas present ever!


Moar! (Tim Blair who’s updating regularly)

The kids I teach are stoked! One kid, however, reminded us there’s still his son, probable successor and chip off the old block son, Kim Jong-un.

Some reoprts have painted him as even more of a sadistic bastard.


The only thing the dear dead leader will be looking at now is the inside of a coffin.


As the news sinks in over here, I’m picking up a sense of joy, relief but also apprehension because of Kim Jong-un, his son and likely successor, who’s reported to be even worse than Mr Ronery.

Stock market is down.


I’ve written pretty extensively about both Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un.


Via Paco, a look into North Korea’s secret labour camps… in Russia.


A possible power struggle? NB. That’s an old link that seemed prescient today. I personally doubt it but you never know what really goes on up there.


South Korea is on level 2 alert at the moment – same as when the Norks shelled Yeongpyeong.

Share market  – KOSPI – down about 5%. KOSDAQ down about 9%.


That fat body with the haircut in the background is his son and likely successor, Kim Jong-un.



Stocks have bounced back a little; about a 3.4% drop now.

One Free Korea has some decent links including the KNCA news bulletin announcing the pudgy fashionista’s demise.


Stocks in women’s sunglasses have plummeted.


It’s the South Korean president’s birthday today. Not a bad present IMO.

South Korea twitter reactions.

Funeral set for December 28 in Pyeongyang.

Streets are normal.

As expected, emergency cabinet meeting, no travel for any cabinet members, nuclear six-party talks put on hold.

Kim Jong-il looking at things

Great find by Col. Milquetoast over at Tizona’s.

Here’s the blog. Have a look and a chuckle.

To whoever is running the blog, here’s another one, mate.

Kim Jong-il looking at you!

South Korean veterans march

Ahead of Sunday’s planned military exercises between South Korea and the US, a number of South Korean veterans have taken to the street in protest of the North Korea’s Kim Jong-il.

Luckily, lady bingbing and I were out and about when it was taking place.

Leading the march was the van below. Draped on it’s side was a banner which loosely translates to, “Hit (kill) the North Korean government’s puppet master Kim Jong-il! Stamp on the North Korean government’s puppeteer gang – Kim Jong-un!”

Leading the charge…

In the following, the banner loosely translates to, “Punish Kim Jong-il with fire.” The sign being held in front of that loosely translates to, “What our government gives them turns into dead bodies.”

One of the veterans was kind enough to give me a placard he was holding. The “blue” side loosely translates to, “Gouge out the Leftist North Korean sympathisers within South Korea first.”

[bing - that would include a significant number of teachers over here, noteably those in the KTU]

The “black” side loosely translates to, “The government must take revenge and punish North Korea.”

NB. All photos are mine, but feel free to distribute them.

Kim Jong-il and son at artillary base before attack

Andrew Bolt asks: Did Kim Jong-il kill three South Koreans just to make his son look like a general?

It looks like it (BTW, it’s four).

Here’s the article.

Analysts have been warning since September that North Korea would likely carry out an act of brinkmanship to boost the younger Kim’s standing, to mirror the iron rule of his father.

That said, the report can’t really be confirmed independently and could well be the further establishment of a pretext.

However, don’t be surprised if the NK media runs a few stories claiming the son ordered the “retaliation”.

In related news, South Korea’s president, under increasing pressure to have done more and to do something, has accepted the “resignation” of his defence chief.

There’s always gotta be a fall-guy.


Sorry, didn’t have time to include this before work. It’s about the pretext comment. You see, it’s not as clear cut a case with the Cheonan as it might seem.

There is some doubt in certain corners – and not just the ratbag socialist left brigade – on the official version of the Cheonan story. Take this investigation printed in Nautilus.

Flimsy pretexts, of course, aren’t a first. And the first casualty in war is the truth as we know. With the whole Korea debate at the moment, the waters have no doubt had a bit of mud thrown in by both sides.

So, and as in Iraq too, one has to ask: which place would I rather live? Whose system is the better one to live under? Saddam’s or America’s? Iran’s or Australia’s? South Korea’s or North Korea’s.

Of course, I’m merely an armchair expert, and who really knows the truth, but there is a case there that a pretext is being established to finally deal with North Korea once and for all.

Personally, the Nork regime is pretext enough. Just look up what Christopher Hitchens says about even a brief stay in countries like Saddam’s Iraq or the Kim’s Korea.

It’s a shame no one these days appears to have the skills Reagan did, however; a man who ended the cold war with a whimper.


Does China really believe the official SK/US line? If they don’t – and that is an if – it says a lot that they’ve kept quiet.

UPDATE 2 1/2

“North Korea Will Never Play Nice” by B. R. Myers.

In fact, as both its adversaries and supporters should realize, the North can never play nice. Just as our own economy-first governments must ensure growth to stay in power, a military-first regime must deliver a steady stream of victories or lose all reason to exist.

What Myers is talking about here is “Songun” which has overtaken “Juche” as the nation’s driving concept.

This is an inevitability for a totalitarian state.

North Korea technology FAIL

It’s a PDA with a whopping 8GB of “internal memory”. Stop the commie-controlled presses!

No WiFi, no Internet, no GPS… it’s essentially a dictionary with a map and a few games (and probably using a ripped-off version of Windows).

Does the original blogger mean an 8GB hard drive?

It costs $140. The average worker makes $1 a month.

More here and here.

JFTR, I blogged this on the train…

Thanks to J.M.

North Korea talks tough

The latest:

North Korea’s media on Saturday threatened “1,000-fold” military build-up as the United States ruled out lifting sanctions to try to coax Pyongyang into resuming talks aimed at its nuclear weapons programs.

A thousand fold? BWAHAHAHAHA!

Should Kim Jong-il die today?

Well, it could be bad news for Mr Next, Kim Jong-un.

Gordon G. Chang (I don’t much care for the first page of his piece, but the last part is good – in that sense, kinda like the movie “Salt”.):

If [Kim Jong-il] can survive for, say, a half decade, his son should be able to consolidate his position in the quarreling constituencies making up the North Korean regime. If he passes from the scene before then, however, he will not be a match for his adversaries in Beijing, where the senior leadership does not appear to want a third-generation Kim, and Pyongyang, which is populated with potential rivals for power.

Kim Jong Il is said to have delayed medical attention for his father, who was stricken with a heart attack in July 1994. That act — akin to patricide — permitted the current leader to ascend the throne sooner than anticipated. It’s unlikely Kim Jong Un will do the same to his father, who at least at this moment is his only hope.

But perhaps better news for the rest of the world.


The vid’s only an hour old at the time of posting. With any luck, the same click in a bit will have English subtitles. Anyway, the words are above, the visuals are below.


Here’s a transcript (?) from their main web site.

As previously reported and animated, Kim Jong-un [3rd son - ed.] has been confirmed as the next leader of North Korea, or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The Workers’ Party held a lavish military parade on Oct. 10 in celebrated the party’s 65th year anniversary. Kim Jong-il, the ailing leader, was seen with Kim Jong-un. South Korean media reported yesterday, however, that one of Kim Jong-un’s loyal aids had planned to solve the “brother in exile” problem. As Kim Jong-il’s the eldest son, Kim Jong-nam was once rumored to be in consideration to be a successor. He was Kim Jong-un are half brothers. But living abroad, the older brother has often made comments that annoyed the state. He is currently living in exile in Beijing and Macau.

China got word of the assassination plot and warned North Korea against it. Kim Jong-nam has close ties with the children of senior Chinese officials, known as the ‘princelings’. Rumors have it that in the event of the North Korean regime collapse, China would back Kim Jong-nam in his control of the state. In an interview with a Japanese media outlet last Saturday, Kim Jong-nam said he was not interested in becoming the next leader of North Korea. He also said his little brother is too much of a military man and he remains skeptical of Kim Jong-un’s abilities to bring wealth for his countrymen.

Would you rather have Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un or Kim Jong-nam rule your country?

Princelings, dynasties, hereditary rule. Makes you wonder what Europe’s kings and queens were like for the common man, or what they were like in general. ;)

But didn’t the world’s commies, namely those North Korea and China followed, get rid of monarchies?

Ho hum. The Bushes, the Clintons, the Roosevelts. Not quite the same, but such is the nature of power. The Murdochs, the Packers… Obama…

Wait a minute!


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