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Labor’s dirt machine

They’ve been at it since the beginning of time, and were likely feeding David Marr scuttlebutt for months as he researched his attack on Opposition leader Tony Abbott, and yet the best that they both can up with is that maybe Tony Abbott hit a wall when he was a teenager, as “witnessed” by two people, Abbott haters no less, who weren’t even there.

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More here.

Will Labor wake up?

That question could well cover a number of current ALP policies – or lack there of – but let’s concentrate on their unholy alliance with the Greens for the moment.

With the Greens’ unwillingness to compromise on the asylum seeker issue last week apparently being the straw that broke the camel’s back, at least one Labor MP, former Defence Minister and chief government whip, Joel Fitzgibbon, says it’s time to take the Greens head-on.

Mr Fitzgibbon’s anger with the Greens echoes the frustration privately expressed with many Labor MPs who believe that Ms Gillard should tear up the agreement with them.

I don’t think that would save Labor the next election, but it might save them some future credibility.

Tim Blair on the Greens:

Too many observers treat the Greens as a political movement rather than as a political party. Until very recently, when the Greens’ senate balance of power made it unavoidable, the Greens have dodged the scorching cynicism commonly aimed at other parties and politicians.

In fact, the Greens may be the most cynical of all parties in the current parliament. They exploit public perceptions of them as caring and altruistic in order to pursue agendas that are economically destructive and, in the case of asylum seekers, cost lives.

Now that Bob Brown has left the scene, perhaps these prissy care-fakers will receive the examination they’ve well and truly earned. The next election should not be a judgment restricted to Labor and the coalition.



With a number of Labor MPs unhappy with the Greens’ alliance, can we also infer they are unhappy with the carbon tax? After all, this was a tax the PM promised not to impose, only to do so after the election at the Greens’ insistence.

Rise and shine, Julia. You are f***ing gone

And the rest of your mob, too.

Read it and weep.

If they still manage to cover this one up, I’ll be…

Seems you’re right Larry – from the proverbial “reliable source” in PM&C and quite a few other places, a Woodward story to bring down the government

“The spin is that Juliar has gone full NKVD on ‘parliamentary standards’ re Slipper and Shagger. Of course, it’s bollocks.

Nothing could apparently be further from the truth.The reality according to PM&C sources is that it all revolves around the Temby Report and Police investigations into Thomson’s involvement in HSU corruption. It’s much worse than we think and Shagger’s in it up to his eyeballs – and so are a bunch of others (‘d’ye think Shagger shagged all those whores himself?’ was the word).

I was informed that “…so the evidence is devastating! That’s why Short-arse [Shorten] panicked and monstered HSU east with deregistration. He also screamed over to ACTUHQ and got them to disenfranchise them chop-chop, although that’s partially to nobble Jackson, who they MUST destroy to cover their arses. If Jackson can act officially on what’s in those reports they are all f***ed. As in ‘your cell-mate is Bubba’ f***ed. Short-arse is trying desperately to stop the spread of what’s in the report. If it stays with him and his Department he’ll be able to bury it deep.’

I asked about Shagger’s change of tack from ‘release it’ to ‘no f***ing way can it be released’. Answer: “… so it’s f***ing dynamite. Thompson read it and apparently fainted or wet himself, sources vary. Dumbslut [Gillard] read it Saturday and probably cried herself to sleep after giving Tim the Beard a grudge-f*** up the dirt road. That’s why Dumbslut had bags under her eyes Sunday. She cut Thompson off straight up, THAT’s how bad it is. Rumours in the ACTU are that they are opening all the slush funds on this one to keep Thompson out of gaol, buy favours and help Short-arse bury the report. If Short-arse succeeds, he’ll probably dethrone Dumbslut as PM. You ain’t seen nothing yet in obfuscation, the spinners are already working overtime.’

Now, I stress this is from a deeply cynical operator, but this operator has hellacious good contacts south of the lake. He reckons that the security being wrapped around the report is extraordinary – but that EVERYONE wants to see it so they can leak it.

This is going to be entertaining.”

The Canberra presstitute might be finally waking up that there’s a chance to bring down a government with one story here. Get the full report (wikileaks?), and it’s probably done – Presstitute’s version of fame for life.

H/T Sean


Here’s what CAN be printed in the major dailies.

The full report is due at the end of May. Should be an interesting month.

Just get it over with already!

PM Gillard. Former PM Rudd. The uncertainty in the business community as we all wait with baited breath whilst Dumbledee and Dumbledoo tear each other and the Labor party apart has got to be costing Australia millions per day.

The silver lining is that its making a relatively straight forward QLD election all that much easier for the LNP Opposition.

No matter what “side” of politics people are on, I think everybody wants some kind of result.

$10,000 worth of free goodies if you come to Australia… “illegally”, that is

So don’t be a mug and use the proper channels; it’ll take forever anyway. Sure, you might be unlucky and be one of the 600 or so who’ve drowned at sea thanks to the shoddy boat you commissioned in Indonesia, but hey, if you make it (and statistically you probably will) you’ll get free money for life, a house fully set up, the kids will be educated at virtually no charge (and besides, you’re getting paid to do nothing anyway), you’ll have free top-notch healthcare, and you can bring the entire extended family over after you’ve settled in.

Heck, you won’t even have to learn English or change your customs one iota if you don’t want to. And all the assistance you could ever need will be provided free of charge in the language of your choice. It’ll be like a home away from home, only much, much more comfortable.

It’s a money back guarantee… and then some. It’s foolproof. Don’t think of the $10,000 you pay to the people smugglers as a fee for them. Think of it as a down payment for your permanent holiday courtesy of the Australian taxpayer.

Not actually in need of asylum? Not actually a refugee? Relax. There are lots of kind folk who can help you once you’re here to come up with a story plausible enough – and trust me, no one’s asking for a Hollywood script if you catch my drift – to convince the sympathetic immigration officer who needs to get you out of the detention centre pronto before the next boat arrives.

Remember, you’ll have thrown your documents overboard before we come to pick you up and believe me, no one’s really interested in checking up on things anyway.

But hurry! You’ve got a maximum of about 18 months to take up this offer for of a lifetime before the current government is turfed out on its ear, although even then, the worst that can happen is you’ll have to slum it on an idealistic Pacific island.


Anyone else watch 4Corners? [updated]

They aired a reasonably decent, if not prone to naval-gazing, feature on the current woes of the Australian Labor Party with considerable emphasis on former PM Kevin Rudd and his usurper, Julia Gillard.

A lot of history there we already knew. The ALP appears to be in a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t position. The party likes Gillard. The public likes Rudd. And vice versa.

Former PM Rudd came out looking (at least some of) the people’s champion with perhaps – and I’m going easy here on the ABC – just enough emphasis placed on his domineering, micromanaging style of leadership.

The ALP as a whole, with emphasis on their power brokers, came out looking excessively poll-driven, sneaky, and lacking any real principles or conviction. Also dumb. Eleven years in the wilderness, years of an unsuccessful former leader in Kim Beazely, a miraculous turn around, and then *splat*  – Kevin’s corpse chucked out onto the street at the first sign of a cold.

PM Julia Gillard came out looking at best, evasive, and also unable to be believed. She repeatedly failed to answer questions directly. For instance, yes or no, did she know about internal party polling  – kept hidden from Rudd – that showed Rudd was losing numbers fast? Yes or no, did she know her first speech as PM may have been prepared by members of her office and/or the ALP a full two weeks before she seized power? Answers to these questions drive straight to the heart of her credibility and trustworthiness.

Evading these important questions was, to say the least, not a good look. Nor was her obvious tension during the interview, especially when juxtaposed to a laughing, smiling Rudd sharing photos, beers and embraces with an enthusiastic public at a pleasant establishment.

What did you guys take out of the report?





More. (lots of links)



That last link is the Bolta MTR podcast.

Julia Gillard: “My job is to answer questions… I’m not someone who runs away from questions.”

Oh, really? She runs away from the question asking if she actually did plot to bring down Rudd (she’s always claimed she never *cough bullshit* did; that it all happened on the last day), and despite being asked almost every week to appear on The Bolt Report, she has declined every time.


Steve Vizard talks to former Labor powerbroker Graham Richardson – someone who admitted last night having a hand in Rudd’s downfall – about the segment.



The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has all but accused the ABC’s Four Corners of deception after it aired damaging claims last night that her office was plotting the downfall of Kevin Rudd well before the June 24, 2010 coup.

BWAHAHAHAHA! How rich is that?!

Yet another poll disaster

Labor is down 41 to 59 and for PM Gillard, it’s even worse – she’s dropped a further six points to a mere 23 per cent.


Gillard needs a carbon tax like Al Gore needs a cheeseburger.

The Malaysia swap flop certainly wouldn’t have helped, either.

A 10% market jump if Gillard goes?

Possibly. Markets do work on confidence after all, and not many people or businesses have any in our current government and in particular its PM.

NOTABLE stockbroker Charlie Aitken has stepped up his attack on Julia Gillard, again forecasting the Australian equities market would rally by 10 per cent if the Prime Minister was rolled.

In a morning note today, Mr Aitken, now at Bell Potter, said the relationship between the government and corporate Australia was “non-existent” and business held little confidence in the current Labor government.

“I have written before that I believe a change of government in Australia will trigger a minimum 10 per cent rally in Australian equities, led by the mining sector,” Mr Aitken said.

“Even the rolling of the Prime Minister, which appears imminent, would be worth at least 5 per cent to the sectors that have been pressured by unnecessary regulatory change proposals.

“Australia’s biggest problem at the moment is confidence,” he said.

“Confidence is a derivative of leadership. If the rumours are right and the Prime Minister is rolled imminently, it will be the first step towards confidence, both corporate and consumer, improving in Australia off an extremely low base.”

At the time of posting, the markets were down 1.62%


The Labor caucus is split as to whether PM Gillard should go and be replaced by former dumped PM, Kevin Rudd.

Yay! It’s a merry-go-round! :roll:

Man, a lot of mobile phones must be running hot today.


And now the legal community has slammed her… separation of powers and all that.

The best Bolt Report… so far

An old Labor stalwart cuts to the chase on what’s gone bad with the party… and how to fix it.

Multiculturalism is discussed… without the “hyperbowl” nor the ideology.

Lord Monckton apologises (again) on air… then clinically rips into the bad science mixed with that reverence to authoritah that is the man-made global warming scam.

And… what a brilliant ending! :)

Part 2

Part 3

Go on the show, Ms Prime Minister!

Danger on the port side: The Greens

It would be prudent of Labor to heed the senator Ron Boswell’s message. The man who played a crucial role in bringing down One Nation sees a parallel threat for Labor with the Greens.

Australia needs to work out very quickly that the Greens are the One Nation of the Left. Bob Brown is the socialist Pauline Hanson. The big and alarming difference between them lies in the public’s perception. The danger represented by the extreme Right position of Hanson and One Nation was clear from the very beginning; the flip side, the left-wing extremism of the Greens, is still largely under the radar. The Greens are still far too widely perceived as a benign political force. This should not obscure the reality that the Greens and Bob Brown are at least as dangerous to Australia as One Nation and Pauline Hanson were; in fact, it underscores it. The Greens are the political equivalent of the Trojan horse, and the danger they represent is enhanced mightily by the paralysis of their host party.

Do read that whole article. It’s brilliant.

Andrew Bolt noted today that “the Greens are eating Labor alive”. Union boss, Joe de Bruyn, agrees.

He’s right.

The Libs have done well to distance themselves from this insideous party. Labor is still asleep at the wheel.

Lest we forget what the Greens actually stand for.

Nasty stuff.

Gillard’s first 100 days

Gavin Atkins summarises , and it’s not a pretty picture.

Back in the dark days of the Rudd Government, despite being the Minister responsible for blowing millions of dollars on dodgy school halls and canteens, it seemed that Julia Gillard was the best of a bad Labor bunch. Even conservatives like Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt went so far as to say so.

But since this time, some truly odd things have happened, and I’m not just talking here about philosophical differences of opinion. These are things that suggest our new Prime Minister is a liar, or incompetent – and sometimes both.

Read on.

Who does Labor listen to more?

You or the media?

The Queensland Dept. of Child Safety wrongly accused a grandfather of raping his daughter and fathering his own grandchild, yet 18 months of fighting later that included a police criminal record check, letters to local member Kerry Shine, letters to the Parliamentary Ombudsman and even a DNA sample, the department still hadn’t cleared his name.

One phonecall by an Australian journalist and three hours later? Voila!

And Labor’s response? Oh, sorry about that.


Hard Labor

Here’s the official version:

LABOR may have managed to hang on to office, but behind the scenes a brain drain is under way in ministerial offices.

Many of the staff made the decision to leave months ago, after two-and-a-half years working for the demanding Rudd government.

And thanks to commenter, MarkL, over at Tim Blair’s, here’s a portion of the unofficial version:

Gotten a couple of calls from desperate hair-on-fire folks I know at DFAT. This is the gist of the last one:

DFAT Person “**** have you **** heard? It’s **** kevin **** rudd the **** little **** as **** foreign minister!”

MarkL: “Should be fun.”

DP “(about 200 **** deleted) No. The little squealer was a bloody useless EL-1 here and everyone hated him. He did not get sacked because he sucked **** by the country mile with [names of guilty parties deleted]. There were parties when the little **** left to go and **** up the Queensland health system. He knew we all hated him, that’s why he cut the **** off our budget when he became PM. He’s a vindictive, vicious, small minded, micromanaging **** little **** and those are his good points.”

M: “Like I said, should be fun. For everyone not at DFAT.”

DP “You are a ****!”

Let it not be a three year wait.


How sweet the sound.

So Bolt thinks Gillard’s speech was brilliant. Spare me.

Facts are facts. We have a fabian socialist, ironically being puppeteered by the Labor Right, whose biggest claim to fame was the BER, the Building the Education Revolution. Out of $16 billion, bar some spare change, all spent on buildings and not education, about a third of that has been wasted, it has disappeared.

And now that same person, Gillard, is in charge of (shut up, Yanks) our trillion dollar economy.

Bolt is on the money so often, but is way off with his Gillard love-in.

Why, Bolta? Because Abbott is so quiet? That “quiet” has worked.

As usual the MSM is way off the pulse, and should give Bishop, yeah, you know, her, a fair go.

And also just pre-emptively touting nonsense that Abbott won’t be able to attack Jules is just that… nonsense.

But we saw this with the MSM in 2007.

Ho hum, it’s all moot. The number of times Julia mentioned “stability” was most telling.

I’ve been told Kerry was pretty hard on Julia tonight.



Finally, Tony Abbott is taking the gloves off with regards to Julia’s “handling” of the BER.

However, the Opposition greeted the new Prime Minster with derision. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said: “It’s clear that if you want to change the policies you’re going to have to change the Government. They’ve changed the salesman but they haven’t changed the product.”

With an election just months away – and hoping to blunt any political honeymoon for the new Prime Minister – Mr Abbott is hoping to target Ms Gillard’s central role in the Building the Education Revolution scheme.

He accused her of being principal author, along with Mr Rudd, of the “school hall rip-offs”.

And it looks like she’d better watch her back.

It really looks like the Labor MO is to get whoever’s popular to an election, then knife them at the first sign of trouble, especially if they aren’t doing the unions’ bidding.

Whatever happened to honour amongst theives?

H/T Merilyn Williams


Passing thought: Gillard will say and do anything in the lead-up to the election. It’ll be what she does afterwards if Australia’s dumb enough to give the unions Labor another term that counts.

Cigarettes and nannies

It’s been a bad news day for the tobacco industry. First up you’ve the Magnificently Useless Labor Prime Nanny, Kevin Rudd, not only ordering that by June next year all cigarette packaging in Australia will be in Franklins No Frills style packaging, he then dropped the bomb today announcing that a 25% tax hike on smokes was being brought forward to midnight tonight. An obvious (and reasonably effective, if not short-lived) distraction to his failed ETS, but a bum rap for sure that’ll bring the average price of a pack of 25s up to around $14 or thereabouts (woah!). The only upside is that Kevin, whose own party is sharpening knives, might not get away with the packaging law.

Meanwhile, it’s not much better over in England, where probably the last major act of interference by England’s Nanny State Labour government will be Marlboro being investigated for subliminal advertising on the Ferrari Formula One cars and on the drivers’ racing suits.

Excuse me, but exactly how does that photo advertise Marlboro cigarettes? As they say in England, bollocks.

But going back to KRudd’s latest brainfart, the no frills packaging will still have the graphic photos and warning labels on them.

And you know, it’s times like these that makes me really appreciate living in South Korea despite its many faults. A pack of 20s costs around $2.40 Australian, an example of which is shown below.

Heh. And the relatively innocuous warning label is in Korean, a language of which I only have a functional ability of.

To round this up, a commenter at the Ferrari link summed it up best.

Chris of Zurich Posted at 4:08 PM Today

Take the fast from F1, Take the taste from food, the alcohol from beer, the nicotine from cigarettes, humour from funny, sharp from knives let’s just keep taking out the the of everything and further abstract ourselves into post-modern ultra-existential hellish tasteless colorless senseless manilla nothingness while we question and label each other by the pills that are guiltlessly prescribed to numb the stinging emptiness. Where do I sign up!? You’re going to die from something and I’m only certain boredom is the worst possible cause. The continued evolution of absolute stupidity.



Fellow Tizona editor, The Frollicking Mole, is on the same page (thanks to the wonders of modern technology, literally).

For sheer, blatant spin Mr Rudd is to be congratulated. Faced with a multitude of looming debacles what does he do?

Throws up a smokescreen, literally:Cigarette tax to increase 25pc from midnight

Hes announced out of the blue that smokers will face a 25% increase in the price of cigarettes from midnight tonight. Mouthing all the usual platitudes about saving chiiildren it allows him a free kick at a group hes already driven outside, and tried to ban from smoking in their own cars.

I hate ciggies, they make my nose run and sneeze, but I hate do gooder wankers even more. No-one in Australia should be under the impression smoking is good for you, it costs a lot and it stinks. Everyone has been informed about that for decades. Please piss off and moralize somewhere else.

My Grandfather died of asbestos, he was a builder/carpenter in the bad old days.His death was listed as “due to smoking”, despite his lungs asbestos related degeneration. Every smoker who goes to hospital now can expect their every aliment traced back to smoking, no matter how tenuous the link. tobacco is a killer, so why inflate the figures even more?

I dont believe the official statistics anymore. The semi-government cancer council and various lobby groups exist to let the government look as though its community pressure driving the bansturbation and tax raising. That same increase in tax revenue helps fund ever more generous grants to these same “charities” to start all over again.

Heres the group responsible for the report, and a few highlights of the members backgrounds.

Unbiased bloke N#1: He is currently President of the Public Health Association of Australia, the Australian Council on Smoking and Health and the WA Heart Foundation, and Chair of the WA Alcohol and Drug Authority. He has played a leading role in tobacco control, alcohol and other public health issues nationally and internationally for many years, and has advised governments and NGOs in some thirty countries.

Unbiased lady N#1: has developed national cardiovascular health programs within Australia, has been extensively involved with cancer prevention programs and is regarded as an expert on tobacco control matters.

Worrying lady N#1: She has been an active environmentalist since the early 1980s and is particularly passionate about climate change. She was recently trained as a climate change presenter by former US Vice President Al Gore, who is training climate change presenters around the world as part of the Climate Project.

All in all a roundup of people of similar opinions, very “Yes Minister” collection.

Still it achieves Turdfingers objectives nicely.

A: Moves the news stories away from his stuff ups.

B: May move debate back to health, where he has a temporary advantage (since it will take a couple of years for his new stuff ups to unravel there)

C: Raises more money for him to hose up the nearest wall.

In addition to the massive increase in tax, there is a move to “plain package” cigarettes to remove the distinctiveness of various brands.

Australia would be the first country in the world to force cigarette companies to use plain packaging.

“From 2012, companies will only be allowed to print their brand name in a standard style and graphic health warnings will remain on the packets.”

I suggest he goes one step further and does this instead.

He took a cigarette from a crumpled packet marked VICTORY CIGARETTES and incautiously held it upright, whereupon the tobacco fell out on to the floor." Orwell.

One little problem, this is almost certainly not legal in any way. I dont have a huge amount of sympathy for the tobacco companies, as for some weird reason, defying all logic, they seemed to feel their previous concessions to the anti smoking lobby would appease them. What a surprise it hasnt, again.

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber barons cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. Their very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be cured against ones will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.

C. S. Lewis, God in the Dock”

More under the fold, including how its increasing profits for criminals.

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