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Friday Night Party Music

Yes, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Not that I haven’t been keeping up, but have been pretty busy in the new line of work (freelance ESL) – loving it – and, well, have been trying to get the stress levels down a bit.

Tim Blair may be a funny blogger, Andrew Bolt may be a serious blogger, but lately, whenever I’ve really gotten stuck into it, I just start getting angry.

I’m not convinced that is a good thing.

Nevertheless, as I said, I’ve been keeping an eye on things, mainly via the excellent Michael Smith and Larry Pickering (whose Facebook site seems to be having a better time of things today).

That national debt hit 250 bil today – nice one Julia and Wayne. That’s a bit over 11 grand of government debt every man, woman, and child now has to pay off on top of whatever personal debt one may have.

Julia’s off strutting her stuff at the UN General Assembly. Bit rough when one wakes up, turns on Australia Network, and she’s talking. If you’ll allow one to dream unrealistically for a tic, if we lose our bid for a seat on the (joke of a) UN Security Council, does that mean we’d have a good excuse to stop paying our dues? Whatever grand idea the UN might once have been, it is an inept shadow of it’s former self, packed to the rafters with corruptocrats.

Why do we have to put up with the likes of Iran’s Ahmadinejad ranting away up there? I’m not convinced his idea of “peace” is the same as our idea of peace.

Nevertheless, Netanyahu did an exceptional job, so maybe there’s some value left there.

But I digress. As an Aussie, my focus should be on Gillard’s performance. Go to Michael Smith, have a look around, and you see that it is in fact some international MSM picking up the story of the AWU/Slater&Gordon scandal!

If it were to happen, what a venue for that to blow up in the PM’s face. That said, it might not “blow up” but it might be enough to tilt the balance in Finland or Luxembourg’s favour. That might not be such a bad thing, lol. However, it’s a little embarrassing that international media will cover something that, generally speaking, Australian MSM won’t.

There’s lot’s there at both Larry’s and Michael’s sites; Ashby’s 50K payout, the debt, boat people, Nauru, AWU, Paul Howes… you name it, but I reckon I’ve gone into all that stuff enough for a Friday evening, indeed a Friday evening that is the beginning of a little mini-break over here in Korea.

Chusok. And actually, personally, I’m taking about nine days off, so again, forgive me if I don’t immerse myself in grubby politics during that time.

Besides: China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan; things are heating up just a tad too much over various disputed islands. One lot is between Japan, China, and Taiwan which you may have heard about. The other lot is between Japan and Korea. Apparently these islands/islets are of intense historical importance, so I guess the massive reserves of natural gas having noting to do with it (It’s Friday – no links). Man, China seems really stoked on getting that aircraft carrier (thanks, Russia!) – with another homemade one on the way. Hu Jintao had the Mao suit on and everything! And, well, I guess Korea’s pretty happy upon receiving 3 bil worth of Apache helicopters.

Fun times.

And yes, well noted is that the Persian Gulf is a fun place to be also these days (there is a way perhaps that we could be less dependent and without having to throw billions more taxpayer dollars at bankrupt solar experiments).

Oh, and there’s some kind of US election or something going on? All I say about that is that 4Corners was a bit deceptive when they promoted a doco about Mitt Romney but it turned out to be little more that 45 minutes of why Mormons are so bad with the occasional reminder that Mitt is a Mormon. It was actually a rerun of a BBC doco, but whatevs, and was aired months earlier in Australia but it was on Australia Network this week. The reporter, John Sweeney, has done two anti-Mitt/anti-Mormon docos that I know of (no – not linking).
Meh. Enough.

In much more pleasing news at this moment in time, Deadmau5 released >album title goes here< on Wednesday.


PS Most western op.eds telling you what “Gangnam Style” is all about are rubbish. But here and here are two good ones.

Occupy Unmasked

It was Andrew Breitbart’s final project before his untimely death.

And the full movie is about to be released.


And currently…

Undercover Mosque

I know, I know. It’s Friday and I’m in a really good mood, too. Nevertheless, the following documentary which goes undercover in to some of the mosques in the UK isn’t something that should be ignored, especially in light of the recent worldwide and homegrown protests we’ve seen that coincided with the 11th anniversary of 9/11.

A teaser: Check out 12:18. He was quoted out of context!

Sure, it’s a minority and all that – namely the Wahabists coming out of Saudi Arabia – however it is a significant minority.

H/T Sean (via Facebook)

Mitt Romney, Jon Stewart, the 47%, and a few sh*ts and giggles along the way

Who doesn’t love a good debate? This one is taken from facebook. It was about Mitt Romney and those entitlement remarks he made that surfaced from the leaked hidden camera video.

It’s a bit long, so I’ll put it below the fold. Hope you enjoy it! :-)

Continue reading

Well, since the mayor of Bogota said it…


Hush! All ye Plebeians! The mayor of Bogota speaketh!

PM Gillard under fire for linking marriage to bestiality

Labor MPs have distanced themselves from the embattled Prime Minister over recent comments suggesting marriage could be linked to bestiality.

In her speech to the Parliament, Wednesday, PM Gillard suggested that legalizing marriage would lead to a “slippery slope” resulting in increased cases of homosexuality, polygamy, and pedophilia.

“It’s a slippery slope,” she said. “I mean, when you open the door to marriage, then what next? Do we now legalize bestiality, also?”

The PM added, “And my greatest concern is for the welfare of the children. Do you really want them growing up in an environment that could potentially lead to cases of child abuse?”

Liberal commentators were quick to seize upon the PM’s remarks.

Controversial columnist R. McDonald wrote Thursday, “Well it’s quite obvious why the PM would say such a thing; she isn’t married!”

However, the defiant PM was quick to defend herself.

“No, that is correct. I don’t believe in marriage. Whether it be between a man and a woman, a man and a man, or indeed a woman and a beard, there’s really no telling what it could lead to. Most importantly, it’s about what it could mean for the children. Therefore, I stand by my decision not to have any.”

Other liberal commentators have come to Gillard’s defense arguing that although her comments were off base, she shouldn’t have been punished with such a “knee-jerk” reaction.

Further weighing into the debate, the Greens leader Christine Milne said that “whales are people, too.”

Irony abounds

Welcome back into the memosphere, Islamic Rage Boy.

Now this post would be completely inappropriate except for the fact we actually did see riots in Sydney over the weekend.

Like the one’s we’ve seen all too often before.

Labor’s dog-whistle politics vs the very real Gillard/AWU scandal (and the return of the VRWC)

You know, in some ways I’m surprised, but then again, I’m really not. This is in reference to the latest Newspoll putting Labor and the Coalition at 50/50.

OK, so the other polls still have Labor back in the doldrums, but anyway.

So, an explanation:

Part of it I would put down to the relentless, baseless smear campaign conducted on the Opposition Leader.

The latest was that he lashed out by punching some walls. No matter that it never happened. No matter that it’s an obvious lie. No matter that it’s an obvious lie based on bogus accounts of what didn’t happen more than 30 years ago when the bloke was a teenager.

The narrative got out that Tony Abbott punched at a woman.

Then that kind of baseless smear gets backed up with his “a woman’s virginity is her most sacred gift,” comment as if, therefore, the man’s personal sentiment is somehow going to change the laws like some Catholic South American leftist dictator would so that there would be no legal sex before marriage… punishable by circumcision one would imagine.

I mean, really. It’s dog whistle stuff.

Another big part, is that in times of crisis, nations do rally around their leaders. We saw this with Bush after 9/11. Having witnessed worldwide Islamic riots come to our very own shores, it is understandable that Aussies would rally around the PM, even if she hasn’t yet condemned the Sydney riots.

So for those three reasons, I believe that one poll is up.

But there’s also a fourth reason, unfortunately the most telling of all.

The most telling because it didn’t lead tonight’s news bulletin, did it? Was it even brought up? Did the ABC run anything? Did Fairfax, or the Canberra press gallery? Or, if anything was run at all, was there some more nonsense dished out that this very real, well documented scandal is somehow some kind of sinister Murdoch “hate media” plot?

A vast right wing conspiracy, if you will…

What am I on about? Well, that would be the very real Gillard/AWU/Slater&Gordon scandal… or in particular, the lack of reporting of it.

That’s where the real money is, over half a million of un-recovered funds to be exact, siphoned through bank accounts our PM admits she set up.

Entities such as Theiss and even the WA government were defrauded of hundreds of thousand of dollars, some of which went to renovate our PM’s house.

And all under the auspices of the “AWU Workplace Reform Association”, an association that Gillard herself has admitted on record was a slush fund, and that she set up.

Have a listen…

Ho hum. Another Vast Right Wing Conspiracy? Like the one that got Clinton?

Labor’s dirt machine

They’ve been at it since the beginning of time, and were likely feeding David Marr scuttlebutt for months as he researched his attack on Opposition leader Tony Abbott, and yet the best that they both can up with is that maybe Tony Abbott hit a wall when he was a teenager, as “witnessed” by two people, Abbott haters no less, who weren’t even there.

:roll: :lol:


More here.

Malaysia, truly Vucked

And their F1 race sucks every year, too.

Easy on the V-necks, lads. Your tuft of 70s-esque chest hair will be reprimanded for extreme badness.

No worries, those A-holes can’t even sign the UNHCR Human Rights Convention (incidentally, you wanna send boat people – especially latter sex slave kids – where, Julia?), so they’ve decided on  cracking on down on the really important issues affecting the planet.

V-neck shirts.

The stupid it burns.

“Once the children have these symptoms, immediate attention should be given,” the guidelines warned, according to Malaysiakini.

Ho hum. At least we can be reassured this is a moderate Presbyterian nation.

PM Julia Gillard is a lying shyster and a fraud

Fuck it. Here we go. Might as well just come out and say it. Let the chips fall where they may. Everybody is reading between the lines, anyway.

But funny that. The term “reading between the lines” comes out of old soviet Russia, the old USSR. What it meant was that a) you couldn’t believe a word written in the state-run media because it wasn’t a free press just propaganda bullshit yet b) a little freedom still steeped though the crevices of the iron fist and that as time progressed, using code almost if you will, diligent citizens could decipher what the crafty journalist implied, all whilst government was trying yet failing to suppress it thanks to the cunning of true journalists.
Now, one could talk about war paths, long marches, jack boots, intimidation, thuggery, or even just the dodgiest shit that happens all the time that Melbourne is infamous for. I’ve got cousins down there, I know. We could talk about Bill the Greek, some bloke called Con, and that Julia fretted when she knew the con was on. She didn’t like too much ornamentation, apparently.

She’s a Welsh, not Greek. Go figure.
Well. There wasn’t any problem until…

It’s, it’s common practice, indeed every union has what it refers to as a … slush fund…

Oh. And where does that money come from? Um, Julia Gillard is the person who used the term “slush fund”, slush funds syphoned in to an account she set up no less.
BTW, common practice doesn’t necessarily equate to “nothing wrong”.

And then, hmm, Julia was pissed at some reno work?

The only reason she was pissed was that those dumbass builders failed to give her the means to cover it up right… And she was likely super-pissed at some Con turning her place into to some kind of obvious-as-dogs-balls cheap-ass looking mafia, Underbelly, tacky ass shit palace that could come back to bite her in the ass should she ever succeed in politics.

Some dickhead who wasn’t in enough on the game, went and stupidly forwarded AWU receipts to the actual AWU!

And then…

The Gillard transcripts: hardly indemnifying

You know I’ve actually got a case of writers’ block. Have just been sitting here watching and listening to a mini plastic Australian flag blowing and scratching against the wall here in Korea, my second home, as the cool air from the fan blows upon it.

Trying to soak in this and that and a few other things…

To have even those links published is taking on a huge risk, against a government stacked with former leftist lawyers and unionists; juxtaposed to calls for tighter media regulation amid Australia’s first ever “media inquiry” into a free press.

We edge along a precipice today.

More to come. Let me think about it for a tic. Hope you understand.

And “more to come”? How to say it. You know what I mean.

Them’s fightin’ words, Julia… allegedly

First, she has allegedly gone an accused alleged bloggers, who in the most part are allegedly just people with alleged day jobs and a bit of alleged passion and concern, of “gender-based” attacks.

Yep. Allegedly that’s OK. But what does “gender based attacks” even allegedly mean? And JFTR, when was the last time before this week anyone had allegedly heard the word, “scurrilous”? Is the next Pirates of the Caribbean going to be, in alleged fact, “Pirates of the alleged water cooler at the alleged Parliament House”?

Whatever that allegedly means, something’s got the allegedly so-called shagger Thomson all allegedly fired up again… allegedly.

CRAIG Thomson has declared Fair Work Australia is living in “a dream land” if it attempts to prosecute him over union rorts…

And then, this… after all.

JULIA Gillard admitted to law firm Slater & Gordon during an internal probe that she should have opened a file for the controversial legal work that she had done for her then client and boyfriend, union boss Bruce Wilson.

Standard practice would require a file being opened lest one want to defraud their own law firm… hypothetically speaking, of course, but not allegedly.

Allegedly, Gillard and her alleged Co. have had an alleged Pow Wow allegedly over the alleged night and might allegedly come out today, allegedly Wednesday, with their metaphorical alleged gloves allegedly off.

Sorry, can’t print that quote. You know, allegations and all.

PS Andrew Bolt, I love your work but you were too harsh on Larry Pickering.

GillardGate: the Lefty luvvies are getting really nasty today

Take this from the Courier Mail’s (a Murdoch rag, ha!) Paul Syvret. The bloke is frothing at the mouth.

First it starts with a picture-tells-1000-words cartoon of a menacing Opposition Leader Tony Abbott flinging mud… conveniently forgetting the fact the actual allegations themselves have come from those on the Left, including former Labor Attorney General and current labor MP Robert McClelland as well as AWU heavyweights such as Bob Kernohan and former AWU national secretary Ian Cambridge who was even made a judge by Gillard. And let’s not forget half of this can’o’worms was opened by none other than major Lefty lawyer Harry Nowicki!

But no. Syvret kicks in the boot foam thong elsewhere.

LARRY Pickering. James Ashby. Godwin Grech.

And then… hints! Oooo booga booga!

Yep. Never mind the cases surrounding or linked to each man are completely separate from each other, good ol’ Paul conveniently links them together.

Must be a vast right wing conspiracy.

Is there nothing funnier than the paranoid fact-free, leftist mind when backed into a corner??

Some other apologist – ahh, yes, another Courier Mail luvvie, Dennis Atkins, went and called Larry Pickering a “soft-porn cartoonist”.

Really, Dennis? :eek:

But we should probably mellow the harshy on Atkins and Syvret. After all, despite their best efforts, the QLD ALP has been reduced to a mere seven seats.

Meh, no. Not when crap like Syrvet’s muck-racking is being passed off as reasoned opinion.

The little grub has had the hide to bring up stuff from the past that actually WAS cleared (laughed out of town, thrown out of court, resolved) and then has the hide to attest to the following:

But it would be grubby to dredge up old and unsubstantiated smears of decades past like that purely to smear a political opponent wouldn’t it?

Yes, Paul. I guess it would be.

A [Labor] document calls on staffers to find details on their opponents’ “younger days”…

That’s gotta smart every morning…

The bloke is clutching at straw man arguments, and is a total, desperate hypocrite.

And who should Paul really be all pissy pants at? The people he attacked or perhaps, some other folks?

Poor Paul. Still hasn’t got it that this isn’t a left/right issue; that maybe it’s a few on the left trying to save the once proud ALP from destruction.

PS Conveniently, they’ve turned off comments for legal reasons, and with the way things are, that can be understood… however Paul Syvret sounds like someone who’d have turned them off anyway.


And yet even lower the desperate stoop.
Sexist, racist, homophobic, religious nut, zealot, etc. etc…
What other BWAHAism can these fools come up with?

Release the hounds

And in this case, the “hounds” are the files Gillard’s old Lefty law firm Slater&Gordon has, the information the police have, and the files Paul Howes’ “zero corruption” Australian Workers’ Union has.

Does a prestigious law firm really want to be embroiled in a cover-up?

Do the cops?

Aren’t they there to protect this nation?

I thought Howes was, in effect, attempting to open up a new era of positive unionism, evidenced by his friendship with pariah of the Left, Andrew Bolt.

Lisa Simpson told us all that the Chinese word for “crisis” is the same word for “opportunity”.

Notice how haggard workplace relations minister Bill Shorten looks these days.

Well, Bill, it’s hard to find any sympathy for you. You’ve been covering this shit up for years. You deserve to look haggard.

And thank your lucky Roxon I ain’t calling for a jail sentence.

And your mum-in-law….

If someone who doesn’t know about this saga is reading this for he first time, know this:

The Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, was implicit in the stealing of hundreds of thousands of dollars from the people she was supposed to protect.

AWU members, rather that having their rights protected, instead had their money stolen.

This money was stolen – and we’re talking hundreds of thousands if not millions of workers’ hard labour – by people who advocated the protection of workers.

Some protection.

The very people to be trusted had no other interest but their own. It’s the antithesis to the union movement – a movement that was created to protect the rights of the little guy and stop him being exploited, and yet this is what Gillard, federal court judge Murphey, and Wilson did:

THEY STOLE PEOPLE’S MONEY… and lot’s of it.

Well, they’ve thrown Wilson, the dodgy bastard, on to the scrapheap, but that shit is small fry.

Just take Gillard’s reaction when she received one soft Slater&Gordon question from a journalist who was leaving anyway.

The bloke’s gone, so who gives a shit?

But Julia Gillard’s face went palpable.

Why would that happen when she knew Mathrew Franklin’s – the bloke who asked the question but everyone knew he was quitting anyway – situation, and besides, she apparently has nothing to hide anyway?

Long story short, Julia Gillard is short-changing Australia. She is going to send billions upon billions of our hard-earned money overseas, she is an expert in robbing hard-earned money that people worked for, and the wicked witch still has the hide to try and make the average bloke or sheila feel guilty for it.


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