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Julia Gillard calls Labor leadership ballot | The Australian

It’s on, fiiiiinally. Set for 4:30pm today. Rudd/Crean vs Gillard and whoever. Crean says he’ll resign if Gillard wins.


Rudd (who else?).

ABC Insiders host Barry Cassidy said Labor’s biggest problem has been disunity. Whilst I agree insofar that disunity has hurt them, the greater problem is what has caused this disunity. And that is their disastrous policies. The carbon tax, the debt, the boat people, the NBN, the BER, the live cattle exports, Swan’s covert money grabs, the horrendous media laws, the gender wars, the class wars, the gutting of our military, the faceless men…it is an utter train wreck. Did I miss any? Probably.

(UPDATE Yes. The AWU scandal, the bungled mining tax, the mythical budget surplus – thanks, Sean)

And it’s not her resilience. It’s her lies, her backstabbing and her obstinacy.


NOT Rudd, he won’t contest (numbers?) Gillard and Swan stay… talk about anti-climax. :-/ What a rabble.

Hope he wins

Joe Hildebrand had a few words to say about this.

MINING magnate Andrew Forrest has stepped up his attack on Julia Gillard after she labelled his claims about her secret mining tax talks with the big resources companies “nonsense”, as he prepares to launch a High Court challenge against the controversial tax.

Because trying to kill the goose that lays the golden egg, for the pure reason you were already too wasteful and thus spent too much of other people’s money, isn’t the solution.

And, of course, it is the constitutional right of the states to harness mining royalties, so Gillard’s federal government money grab (because they blew it all) surely has a good chance of not getting up.

Historical figures who’ve been assassinated update

Via the emailtubes…

I got to thinking today,
Socrates was poisoned.
Julius Caesar was stabbed to death.
Napoleon died in exile.
Abraham Lincoln was shot.
Gandhi was shot.
Kevin Rudd was Gillardteened.

Just get it over with already!

PM Gillard. Former PM Rudd. The uncertainty in the business community as we all wait with baited breath whilst Dumbledee and Dumbledoo tear each other and the Labor party apart has got to be costing Australia millions per day.

The silver lining is that its making a relatively straight forward QLD election all that much easier for the LNP Opposition.

No matter what “side” of politics people are on, I think everybody wants some kind of result.

Asylum seeker costs will top $1bn before long

And yet our government will likely never admit they got it wrong by weakening the effective laws that we had. Their heart may have been in the right place but their head was, and still is, in outer space.

ASYLUM seeker arrivals have sparked an $866 million budget blow-out, forcing the Government to rush laws into Parliament begging for more cash.

The Sunday Mail can reveal Parliament will debate the plea for a fresh injection of taxpayer funds this week.

Another boat with 127 suspected asylum seekers was spotted off Christmas Island yesterday.

At the same time the Government confirmed it would ask for another $330 million this year, with the total blow-out rising to $866 million over four years.

Any one else not feeling so reassured the budget will be back in surplus by 2013?

Suuuuure, that sounds legit

Via Andy Semple…

Here’s what constitutes as foreign aid when it comes to the Gillard government.

Get this:

We are currently sending Indonesia $450 mil in foreign aid.

Chuck up another $500 mil for their schools.

Take that 450 and make it a billion by 2016.

And what do we get in return for our Jizya?

We get $470 mil spent by Indonesia on Russian war planes.

We get thousands of illegal boat arrivals that come from Indonesian ports.

And we get PM Gillard and Foreign Minister Rudd, busy trying to fuck each other, actually, effectively, lining their pockets and instead fucking Australia.


Under Islamic law, jizya or jizyah (Arabic: جزية‎ ǧizyahIPA: [dʒizja]; Ottoman Turkish: cizye; both derived from Pahlavi and possibly from Aramaicgaziyat[1]) is a per capitatax levied on a section of an Islamic state‘s non-Muslim citizens, who meet certain criteria. The tax is/was to be levied on able bodied adult males of military age and affording power,[2] (but with specific exemptions,[3][4] From the point of view of the Muslim rulers, jizya was a material proof of the non-Muslims’ acceptance of subjection to the state and its laws, “just as for the inhabitants it was a concrete continuation of the taxes paid to earlier regimes.”[5] In return, non-Muslim citizens were permitted to practice their faith, to enjoy a measure of communal autonomy, to be entitled to Muslim state’s protection from outside aggression, to be exempted from military service and the zakat taxes obligatory upon Muslim citizens.[6][7][8]


Our “aid” money is being spent on fighter jets. And not American fighter jets, but Russian fighter jets.

OK. OK. So in a sense, that’s a good thing. After all, they’re Russian fighter jets that would have their arse handed to them by an F22 or F35.

But that’s not the point is it, my darlings?

Our “foreign aid” is a crock and is effectively pumping up the Indonesian military, a military that is doing jack fuck all to help stop illegal immigration not into Indonesia – oh, no, no – but into Australia… via Indonesia.

And all Julia Gillard can do is tax the fuck out of us thanks to mega deficits created by the most wasteful ideas a government has ever sprogged, and all Kevin Rudd will do is come up with names like “spanky Banky“.

Actually, I’ll give him credit for that one coz the UN sucks even more (despite the fact that Kevni wants to suck it even harder – somehow – by leading it).

Yet meanwhile, Australia keeps getting its BBQd ring hole handed to it on a trashy made-in-Indonesia paper plate.

Since the ALP took office, our debt has essentially quadrupled

Our debt has gone up from about $53 billion in 2007 to a whopping $191 billion as of June 2011.

Total debt stands at $223 billion today.

191 in June.

223 six months later.

With the GFC still fresh in our memories, Europe teetering and a stalled US economy, is now really the time to be borrowing so readily?

And then take Queensland.

Even though the state is experiencing an unprecedented mining boom, the ALP government there has managed to burden the state with $65 billion of debt that will rise to $84 billion in three short years.

Queensland has lost its AAA credit rating and will have to pay off $100 million a week.

The state’s debt is at about $15,000 for every man, woman and child.

And if you go by the number of people with jobs – with 2,326,400 actually employed in full or part-time work – we’re looking at about $28,000.

With the global economy where it’s at, it doesn’t seem wise to this layman to be accruing so much debt.

Crocodile tears

Poor Kevni.

The former ALP PM who ran his party and the government like a look-at-moi dictator has chucked a sook presumably because his gang have decided not to use up-twinkles when deciding stuff.

KEVIN Rudd has branded the Labor Party’s conference a failure, saying it squibbed the chance to kill off the power of factional heavies who ended his leadership and installed Julia Gillard.

In an extraordinary intervention, the former prime minister lashed out at his party for ignoring calls to give a greater say to ordinary members – including proposals that could have helped him in his campaign to return to the top job.

Kevin, as one recalls, didn’t give a say to anyone. Remember when he personally micro-managed the rescue of those folks on the downed plane in PNG despite the fact we have entire organisations to do that sort of thing?

As PM, he wouldn’t even speak to his own ministers, let alone the ALP membership.




“She will be slaughter and killed.”

That quote can be attributed to the family of a 10 year old Lebanese girl who, against her wishes, was flown out to Australia to be the child bride of a married, violent, drunk man decades her senior.

Had she flown back to her family as she desired?

Her family’s response:

“By God, by God I will kill you at the airport and I will bury you in the grave. O you dog.”

In fact, hundreds of girls have been flown out from the middle east and south east Asia for purposes of marriage to older Muslim men… all on special visas granted by the Gillard government.

This problem can only be further exacerbated by Australia’s weak boat people policy introduced by the Rudd government, and continued by the Gillard government.

Julia Gillard: the PM of choice for people smugglers and pedophiles alike.


The Australian way is so much better.

Kevin 11 after all?

What could go wrong?

KEVIN Rudd insists he is happy being foreign minister as other Labor MPs dismiss reports of an imminent leadership challenge against Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Rudd is being urged by key backers within and outside the Labor caucus to challenge Julia Gillard for the leadership later this month.

Labor figures behind the push for the former PM to take back the job removed from him last June have confirmed he is now being advised by his closest confidantes not to wait until next year.

“As I’ve said one thousand times before, I’m very, very happy being the foreign minister,” Mr Rudd told reporters at Parliament House in Canberra today.

“That hasn’t changed and won’t change.”

He refused to directly reject talk of a challenge to Ms Gillard, who is in France for the G20 leaders summit.

Interesting. While the cat’s away…

Tim Blair:

“The likely gap between a Rudd return and an election: weeks.”

Blair reader crossie isn’t so sure, however.

Yes, it would be wise to remember not all on this government’s monumental list of stuff ups (add QANTAS, pokies and a possible EU bailout) isn’t all the current PM Gillard’s fault when former PM Rudd did his fair share, too.

Rudd doesn’t yet have the numbers, but he’s close.


Former Labor leader, Mark Latham, likes Stephen Smith.

Either way, “there was movement at the station, for the word had passed around that the colt from old Regret had got away…”

H/T Andrew Bolt


Key Labor figures choose to attack the messenger… hmmm.

What a saving!

And to think just four years ago, we had a budget surplus of $20 billion… under the previous government of course.

THE 2010-2011 federal budget deficit has come in $1.6 billion lower than expected on the back of a $3.6 billion saving in expected government outlays.

Despite a $2 billion hit to government revenues, the final budget deficit has shrunk to $47.7 billion, down from the earlier forecast of $49.4 billion.

It’d be great in my bank account, but “saving”* $1.6 billion doesn’t really count that much in the whole scheme of things.

With the deficit where it is, this government has effectively lost around $68 billion dollars in four short looooooong years, or on average about $17 billion per yer, or about $1.5 billion per month, or around $50 million per day, $2 million per hour, 35 grand a minute, 600 bucks a second.

What the average bloke makes in a year, our government loses in a minute.

What many make in a week, this government loses every second.

Yet apparently Australia has the world’s best Treasurer.

If that’s the best, pity the poor bastards who live under the “stewardship” of the worst.

*It’s not “saving” when in truth it’s money you thought you were going to lose but didn’t.

An election this year? With Rudd?

Former PM Kevin Rudd is twice as popular as current PM Julia Gillard so that’s a plus, but with his own party loathing the man so much, I’m not as convinced as Opposition leader Tony Abbott is that Rudd will take the reigns again.

OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott has put the Coalition on an official election war footing, warning his senior frontbench to prepare for a December poll – with Kevin Rudd as Labor leader.

Mr Abbott called a special leadership meeting last Thursday in Canberra to “war-game”‘ an early poll strategy.

Senior Liberal sources confirmed Mr Abbott and senior frontbenchers met to plan for a scenario that Mr Rudd would challenge for the leadership when parliament resumes in two weeks and call a snap poll.

No Juliar, you’re the PM, it’s your fault

Doesn’t it just make you cringe when you hear stuff like the following?

JULIA Gillard has blamed Tony Abbott for the arrival of two new asylum-seeker boats, saying his refusal to back her Malaysian Solution made him responsible for the unauthorised vessels and all others that would follow.

Memo to the PM: Before your government took power, the boats had stopped coming. The ALP changed the laws, and the boats flooded in.

Do the math.

Former Labor heavyweight, Graham Richardson:

Now Labor brings in legislation that nobody wants into a parliament certain to reject it. This is a form of masochism: it is almost as if the government wants to keep feeling the pain of failure. This is a drawn-out execution of a misguided policy Labor should never have endorsed.

On his Sky show, he mentioned it was the end of a pathetic week in what’s been a pathetic year.

Hear, hear.

PM Rudd again?

Wouldn’t that be, er, funny?

Apparently, he’s only a few votes short of having the numbers to get his revenge.

One can’t help but think a lot of Rudd’s backers must be MPs desperate to hold their jobs come the next election rather than Rudd supporters per se.

With Gillard deftly steering the ALP to a record low 26% support base, there must be a bunch of them laying awake at night pondering their next career move.

You can read more about it here and here, and some expert has probably popped up somewhere.

Thus, just a couple of questions:

Bob brown and two of the independents, Windsor and Headshott, say their support is for Labor, not specifically Gillard. Other independent Wilkie says his is specifically for Gillard. Labor needs all three. However, Bob Katter has kinda indicated he might back Rudd should the need arise.

Would Labor survive another knifing?

If so, would Rudd scrap the carbon (dioxide) tax?

The plot of the greatest farce in Australian politics is poised precariously on a bloodied knife’s edge.

Grab the beer and chippies!

A 10% market jump if Gillard goes?

Possibly. Markets do work on confidence after all, and not many people or businesses have any in our current government and in particular its PM.

NOTABLE stockbroker Charlie Aitken has stepped up his attack on Julia Gillard, again forecasting the Australian equities market would rally by 10 per cent if the Prime Minister was rolled.

In a morning note today, Mr Aitken, now at Bell Potter, said the relationship between the government and corporate Australia was “non-existent” and business held little confidence in the current Labor government.

“I have written before that I believe a change of government in Australia will trigger a minimum 10 per cent rally in Australian equities, led by the mining sector,” Mr Aitken said.

“Even the rolling of the Prime Minister, which appears imminent, would be worth at least 5 per cent to the sectors that have been pressured by unnecessary regulatory change proposals.

“Australia’s biggest problem at the moment is confidence,” he said.

“Confidence is a derivative of leadership. If the rumours are right and the Prime Minister is rolled imminently, it will be the first step towards confidence, both corporate and consumer, improving in Australia off an extremely low base.”

At the time of posting, the markets were down 1.62%


The Labor caucus is split as to whether PM Gillard should go and be replaced by former dumped PM, Kevin Rudd.

Yay! It’s a merry-go-round! :roll:

Man, a lot of mobile phones must be running hot today.


And now the legal community has slammed her… separation of powers and all that.


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