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Occupy Unmasked

It was Andrew Breitbart’s final project before his untimely death.

And the full movie is about to be released.


And currently…


Louis Vuitton head heads away

So the head of Louis Vuitton, a Frenchie, is applying for Belgian citizenship, a departure from his native France. Why? Simple. The new socialist government is demanding a 75% tax rate on the rich. Sorry, but that is pure daylight robbery. And it’s why socialism doesn’t work> Hey, you’re successful, I’ll take that. How to kill endeavour, incentive and hard work 101: socialism.

North Korea’s new economic reforms

A sliver of light, glimpsed ever so briefly, at the conclusion of a most long and dark tunnel? Perhaps.

The beginning of the end of North Korea’s debilitating socialist economic system?

News reports suggested that [North Korea] has sought to expand its implementation of the so-called June 28 measures, which some observers said are tantamount to the renouncement of the socialist system.

The measures give greater autonomy to state corporations, allowing them to choose their production items, prices, amounts and marketing methods, according to reports.

They also allow farmers to take in 30 percent of their harvest.

Imagine that. North Korean farmers will now be able to keep and sell 30% of the fruits of their labour. Easily mocked in our rich Capitalist society, but it’s a step forward, progress, from the old socialist system whereby farmers could only keep what was left over from the quota the state made them harvest.

And imagine that: companies being allowed to produce what they want and set a price.

Funny old world isn’t it? As rich, free Capitalist countries toy more and more with socialist this and socialist that, a down-trodden, poor-as-fuck, relatively isolated, under-the-boot socialist country toys with the idea of Capitalism.

Ha! North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un is essentially saying, “Over to you, people,” whilst Obama is saying to every hard worker, businessman and entrepreneur in America, “You didn’t build that!”

But with these latest North Korean economic reforms, I said it’s only a sliver of hope for a reason.

Yang Un-chul, of the Sejong Institute think tank:

“Even if they allow some autonomy to farmers and corporations, when they don’t have any personal property, such incentives would not work. Even though they take in some percentage of their harvest, this would, after all, be taken away by middle-level officers.”

Riots in Greece; socialism at its best

Greece’s citizens, quite the socialists by nature, are having a hard time of it now that they’ve run out of other people’s money and the free, unsustainable goodies that come with it.

OK, OK, so they haven’t run out. They’ve just had to cut back on their privilaged, pampered lifestyle in order to secure another whopping $171bn €230bn of bailout money that’ll, let’s face it, probably be a waste of (other people’s) money.

Greece’s parliament has approved an austerity and debt-relief bill, crucial for the country to avoid bankruptcy and remain in the eurozone. Lawmakers voted today in favor of the bill that imposes harsh new austerity measures in return for a $171 billion new bailout agreement and related deal with private creditors to shave $132 billion off the country’s national debt. The vote occurred after extensive rioting and looting swept through the Greek capital.

There are some good piccies to go with that last link, too.

Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge:

[T]he question now is what the popular Greek response will be having learned its politicians sold it out yet again, which will likely be nothing much, as it is 1 am local time, and as everyone knows revolutions in heavily socialist countries only start between 9 am and 5 pm, with a 2 hour break for siesta.

Will likely be nothing much? A bit harsh. They did manage to get out of bed and riot because, you know, trashing your own country when it’s already broke is the obvious smart choice.

Related: click here to see in pictures who loaned Greece the money.


Athens’ Starbucks ablaze.

Is this what kids should be taught?


With thanks to Noisy Room.


Thought it sounded familiar…

More Happy Days

As an investor, gee wasn’t Friday fun? Brought to you by your local socialist government (good one, Obama! You let happen what no no other president has managed – a AA+ credit downgrade).

I say, let Greece fail. The idiots have voted for their socialist governments for decades. Let ‘em have a taste of pure socialism. Let them drink that poison chalice down.

BTW, nice timing with the trace gas tax, Julia.

Isn’t it fun watching your hard earned dollars get pissed into the wind by idiot leftist governments?

Can’t wait till the markets open Monday.


Socialism sucks.

Getting hip and down in Brown Town

Via everyone’s favourite dog, Spot!

A carbon tax DOES NOT represent economic freedom

Quite the opposite, what with it’s wealth redistribution, hamstringing of business, and cost of living rises for everyone coupled with flat incomes and job losses.

The following video concludes with a focus on the US, but its essential argument is so very relevant to Australia; $60 billion per year coal industry threatened, live cattle trade quashed, and… that carbon tax that will do nothing* to help the environment.

*If Australia meets its emissions targets, it will mean we save what China emits every 5 days.

H/T Say “Yes” to More Taxes

Begone foul treacherous wicked Red Witch, and take your little dog, too!

BTW, did Julia Gillard just halt and bring to its knees an entire industry (live cattle exports) essentially by decree??? Are we even living in a Democracy anymore?

When socialists run out of money*

It’s not a pretty sight.

*That is, when they run out of other people’s money and thus can’t receive all their juicy benefits.

News tidbits from around the Interwebs

As if Gillard’s week couldn’t get any worse, Nauru wants to ratify its UN Refugee Convention commitment. How embarrassing for a PM that is out of options.

Speaking of that issue, let’s just get scum like these pissants out of the way.

Worse? Ten million bucks of taxpayer BER funds were spent on schools slated for closure. :roll:

One last stab at our Prime Stabber:  So she’s convinced about man-made global warming, eh? And that a useless tax will fix it? And that scientific reports that aren’t actually scientific but actually directed by government policy makers – yes, we’re talking the IPCC here – can be trusted when written by Greenpeace activists? OH wait, it all makes sense now. ;-)

Keeping it in Australia for just one more blurb: Cory Bernadi for Libs presidency? Hmm, maybe, but wouldn’t he be better in a powerful ministerial role?

OK, crossing the puddle but still thinking of home, some Aussie mum reckons it was her boy getting it on with his girl. In Canada. In the middle of a riot. As you do.

BTW, in Greece they riot over “austerity measures” (i.e. not letting the country go completely down the toilet after decades of leftist government and social policy). In Canada, it’s over an ice-hockey game. Again, as you do.

OK, over to the US. Why did it take DEMOCRAT Weiner so long to resign in the first place? Anyway, Slate takes a look at some other frisky pollies who refused to resign… and got away with it. With the eight they showcase in all, five are Democrats including Bawney Fwank, Bill, and of course, Ted. Two are Republicans*, and they chuck Berlusconi in for good measure. The dude is 74 and still chompin’ at it! One almost has to respect that.

*Arguably, one of the Dems would be a Republican in the modern era.

On a more serious note, is Obama’s Libyan war – and let’s face it, it IS a war – even legal? He’s totally snubbed Congress aka the body that is actually authorised to permit a war. And he’s being sued for it.

Meanwhile, in yet another Obama Moment of FAIL™, he rejects a further push to US energy independence by turning his chin up to Alaskan oil and gas drilling. Good timing, dickhead, just when China and Russia announce closer ties (MOAR) whilst warning the US to butt out of Oil-land aka the middle East. Is Obama even pro-American? Is he just that plain fucking stupid?

China’s also taking steps against US cyberwarfare threats against them. Arrogant little bastards. Anyone who has Malware Bytes knows China is the biggest cyberwarfare threat by a longshot. Still, if I were China, I’d take advantage of that stupid clown in the White House now, too. It’s just how it works in the real world (as opposed to Obama’s leftist dream unicorn fantasy).

Speaking of unicorn fantasies, Eliot Spitzer claims Republicans have shifted beyond the far right. Give me a break, mate. Maybe he thinks that only because the left is currently halfway to an alternative universe that doesn’t even exist. Seriously, taxing a trace gas to save a 4.5 billion year old planet? How is taxing 0.001% of the atmosphere and ruining the livelihoods of millions of families reasonable yet a bloke who used to own a pizza joint is radical?

Maybe it’s because so-called “progressives” would be more accurately described as “regressives”.

Speaking of progressive, to save a planet that doesn’t need saving from a problem that doesn’t actually exist, everyone’s favourite pseudo-scientific political body, the IPCC, wants to put mirrors in space to… oh, I give up… to waste even more money (like we have any left)!

F*ck me. The Ridiculometre™ is fully functional and operational, Lord Vader.

And I mean FULLY functional and operational… steak made from human shit. :roll: They’ve been making us swallow their shit for more than 20 years now.

When figurative no longer is: FYYSFLT’s. As Penn & Teller note, always use the Japanese when trying to sell bullshit (‘cept it ain’t bullshit anymore).

Oh god. Can we just talk about real beef please?!?!

Beef producers call for live cattle export welfare checks to extend worldwide

Thank you.

Those greenies are just a bunch of hypocrites anyway, the lot of them. Sorry you didn’t get the house you wanted, Edge, but when you suck on about the environment, and then try to top Al Gore in the waste-stakes, well, that’s Karma baby.

Speaking of funny, it not just in the US – looking at you Stewart and Colbert – where comedians double as government and/or leftist propagandists.


Did anything actually positive happen in the West over the past week?

Yes it did.

Victory Over Islamic Influence at the National Defense University Foundation

So there you go.

PS He often doesn’t leave me in the best mood – no unicorns with this guy – but here’s Mark Steyn’s weekly round-up, too.

H/T s_dog, Matt Drudge, Instapundit, bingbing ;-)

*Quit the QLD mining crusade, Alan, and research, at least, the facts behind Gasland.


The cherry on the cake: windfarm shut down. Windfarms are noisy for those living next to them, dangerous for those building them, and don’t produce viable electricity.


No wonder Spitzer lurches at the right. RINO Republican Romney is “ahead of the pack”. Fear not VRWC minions. Herman Cain is close.

H/T VRWC Battle Tank  Operation’s  Deviser – Canada  – JM Heinrichs aka Teh Kitteh Luva.

Get behind our miners

If you’re able to read this, it’s not only because of our soldiers, teachers, scientists, engineers etc. etc., it’s also because of our miners.

It is impossible to overstate how critically important they are in helping provide so much in life from the basic daily necessities all the way up to our fancy cars. Even a lot of hippy jewelry at one point is partly thanks to miners.

Ironically, so-called “progressive” (they’re actually regressive, of course) activists are only able to get their poisonous messages out to the greater community partially thanks to our miners.


If you get a chance, please pass your favourite “This Is Our Story” pieces around as best you can, to demonstrate to the industry’s critics that Australian mining isn’t all about the ALP’s & Greens’ cartoonish caricatures of the rich greedy Gaia-raping mining magnates they love to hate (Gina Rinehart seems to be the one singled out for this month’s Two-Minute Hate) but about the 750,000 ordinary Australians the mining industry provides work for and the entire communities all across the country it supports.

Happy to oblige. I chose the following video because it takes place in my home state, Queensland. Truly inspiring is this one.

There’s more at Tim Blair’s, who (by accident?) started this internet campaign, too.

Let’s all stick it to those idiotic, dangerous eco-posers, and really get our country moving forward again.

Bolt on Strauss-Kahn

Socialists and their brazen hypocrisy that they don’t even bother to hide nowadays:

That a socialist could find himself on this salary, in that room, charged with the rape of such a woman will surprise no one, in a way. We’ve lost that moral sense or expectation of having actions matched to words, lifestyle to cause.

Nowhere do we see this more clearly than in the global warming crusade—the first religious movement led entirely by shameless hypocrites.

Meanwhile, closer to home, Gillard is still hell bent on her pointless carbon (dioxide) tax, and she’s becoming tetchy, too.

Feeling the heat, Julia?


Tim Blair takes a look at Gillard’s courage.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who knifed her own party leader, lied to Australia, handed Labor policy to the Greens and is too chicken to hold an election, plans her next speech:

Strauss gone

He’s quit. Good. There’s something particularly disturbing when a hardened socialist is running the IMF.


The next chief?


How France kept quiet.

H/T Insty

Alan Jones taken to court by GetUp

Oh, Really?

The article:

Jones has said that human beings produce .001 per cent of the carbon dioxide in the air.

Sure the anonymous journos didn’t misrepresent?

Or maybe Jones is referring to the fact that CO2 makes up 0.039% of our atmosphere, and that many sources (here’s one) state human contribution thanks to industrialisation and whatever is 3% (3.225%) of that 0.039%.


0.039% x 0.03225 = ?

Actually, it’s 0.039093% of the atmosphere is CO2 if anyone wants to get really technical. Or if the atmosphere=1, CO2=0.00039093

A trace gas indeed.

Even if you take the alarmist “we contribute 28% of atmospheric CO2” line, rather than the 3% or 5% line, it still equals sweet eff all.

Alarmist view: Our CO2 = 0.0001094604 or 0.01094604 per cent of the atmosphere.

In other words, 0.01% of the atmosphere is nasty human C02 if you take the global-warming-is-real-and-it’s-our-fault-line.

Sceptic view (5%): Our CO2 = 0.0000195465 or 0.00195465 per cent of our atmosphere. SFA.

Sceptic view (3% – Alan Jones says 3%, too): Our CO2 = 0.0000117279 or 0.00117279 per cent of our atmosphere.

Give or take?


What is GetUp is going bonkers over?

Are they going bonkers over 0.001%? Oops! That’s what Jones said. Go ahead GetUp. Please take it to court.


Or to get really technical, 0.039093% x 0.03225…


The article states Alan Jones said 0.001% of CO2 is “man-made”. Did the journalists (unknown) involved simply quote the GetUp press release?


Jones stated that 0.001% of the atmosphere (not CO2!) is “man-made” CO2.

A big difference. Huge.

At best – BEST – they wanna tax everything more for 0.01% (or 0.001 % – the “denialist” view) of the atmosphere.

Oh, and by the way, Australia accounts for 1.5% of that 0.001% or 0.000015% or 0.00000015

0.00000015  (or if you like 0.000015%) bits of our atmosphere and Julia Gillard wants to tax the hell out of us for it.

Another agenda, perhaps?


Go to comments to get to the guts of this one.


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