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Undercover Mosque

I know, I know. It’s Friday and I’m in a really good mood, too. Nevertheless, the following documentary which goes undercover in to some of the mosques in the UK isn’t something that should be ignored, especially in light of the recent worldwide and homegrown protests we’ve seen that coincided with the 11th anniversary of 9/11.

A teaser: Check out 12:18. He was quoted out of context!

Sure, it’s a minority and all that – namely the Wahabists coming out of Saudi Arabia – however it is a significant minority.

H/T Sean (via Facebook)

Goodbye, Libya

Not a chance, Libya, so long as I live. Never will I look on your people, nor country in any way favourably.

To do that, to the American ambassador. Never forget. Never forgive. And I’m quite aware of the date.

All over a movie?

I am done with trying to understand these “people”.


Yeah, well…


That said…


And the embassy had no Marine protection. What kind of a president would allow that to happen?


It’s funny coz it’s true…


The writing had been on the wall for months – around a year and a half – and yet Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State for the Obama administration expresses surprise.


And again, the question begs: why didn’t that Embassy have Marine protection??? This is as much an indictment on the Obama administration as it is on Islamic terrorism (19,592 deadly Islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11 and counting JFTR…)


Have a squiz around the internet and we know that shitty video was made by some anonymous charlatan. We know the violence didn’t happen until after it was found, translated, and “promoted” by some Egyptian sheik. We know abhorrent violence has been ignited in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Iran.

So what can we deduce from this?

Simple. Those guys over there really hate our guts. Essentially, the Islamic world hates the West.

How can any form of appeasement or compromise possibly work when all it takes is a crap video, and our guys get their corpses paraded around the streets?

Memo to China: Pakistan fired first

So China’s main state-controlled newspaper The People’s Daily comes out blasting the US for the death of 24 Pakistani soldiers the other day.

An influential state-run Chinese newspaper has accused the United States of violating international law and fanning the flames of terrorism after NATO strikes killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.

The strongly-worded editorial, which was published on Tuesday in the People’s Daily – mouthpiece of China’s ruling Communist party – came after Beijing said it was “deeply shocked” by the strikes, which have exacerbated tensions between Islamabad and Washington.

“The United States and NATO have violated international law and international norms,” the paper said in an editorial condemning the attacks.

“This shows… that at crucial moments, the United States will not show the slightest hesitation to violate the sovereignty of another nation to ensure its ‘absolute security’.”

And on and on it went without the slightest hint of irony (irony considering China sells missile technology to Iran which in turn gives the missiles to terrorist groups such as Hizbollah).

Nice going on the War on Terror there, China.

And besides, it’s likely that the US did not instigate the bungled attack.

Both sides said they believed they were attacking insurgents along the border. A senior Pakistani defense official acknowledged that Pakistani troops fired first, sending a flare, followed by mortar and machine-gun fire, toward what he said was “suspicious activity” in the brush-covered area below their high-altitude outpost barely 500 yards from the border.

And before Pakistan gets its burqa in a knot, it would do well to remember the US is an ally – an ally to the tune of around two billion bucks a year. And that will be $3 billion next year.

And what does the US get in return apart from bleeting demands for an apology?

US senator John McCain:

“Pakistan’s intelligence agency continues to support the Haqqani network and other terrorist groups that are killing US and Afghan forces in Afghanistan, and the vast majority of the material used to make improvised explosive devices originates from two fertilizer factories in Pakistan.”

Charming. And remember it was this ally that let China have a look at the downed SEAL Team 6 helicopter.

Oh, yeah. Thaaaaat helicopter; you know, the one that was used to get the world’s most wanted man, Osama bin Laden, who had been “hiding out” in a compound just outside Pakistan’s capital for about 10 long years.

All told?

China and Pakistan need to STFU.


More on the strained US-Pakistan relationship. The alternative is worse.

And the phones are running hot in the detention centres, too

Australia has always taken more refugees per capita than almost any other country. What is so wrong with doing it the right way?

TERRORISTS have set up shadow governments in Indonesian prisons, recruiting members, sending money from jail to jail and, at least once, co-ordinating an attack outside.

They run businesses, use mobile phones to preach sermons to followers outside and dominate prison mosques, says a report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

In Jihadists in Jail, Carl Ungerer paints a picture of terrorists manipulating the prison system and displaying a disturbing degree of freedom of movement.

This has substantial operational consequences that have strengthened the terrorist threat, producing friendships and alliances among terrorists that cross over traditional organisational lines.

For example, members of previously hostile groups, such as Jemaah Islamiah and Darul Islam, are co-operating with each other in the pursuit of jihad.

I’m sorry. But I find it a total insult to be labeled incompassionate or racist or whatever just because I value the safety of my friends, family and everyone else back in Australia. To quickly release people who have come from Indonesia, people with no documentation – indeed those who’ve literally thrown it away – into our communities and even into our schools, especially when we have grown men of unknown background posing as children amongst those, is wrong, wrong, wrong.

This is not about compassion for refugees Bill Shorten or Anna Rose. It’s about responsibility and whilst you may well have the former, you most certainly do not have the latter.

Link (No, I didn’t say what it is. Yes, you’re meant to click it).


It can be an effective weapon in a teacher’s arsenal of methods used to teach. But this one may be taking that last metaphor a bit too literally.

The Mail Online where I found this video is shocked, but before rushing off to that YouTube Smackdown link in the sidebar, consider the bloke who originally published it on his facebook page. He doesn’t exactly come across as a promoter of terrorism.

Much more likely it is indeed one of those art reflects life scenarios.

Not the best activity a teacher could be doing? Perhaps.

But let’s remember the origins of “Ring a Ring a Rosey”.

Going all the way with the TSA

The problem is, American’s don’t want to go “all the way” with the TSA. They’d rather go “all the way” with their spouse or lover. And ask any dad, and he doesn’t want his teenage daughter or infant son going “all the way” at all.

The last few days has seen things erupt over there. Being America, naturally lawsuits are flying left, right and centre. There have been punch-ups, and the pollies are getting in on the action, too.

One Democrat Senator likened getting your balls groped as “love pats”.

It’s State-sponsored sexual harassment yells a redhead Brit.

Prosecutors are getting in on the act.

But, geez, I dunno America. When you have nutbags flying planes into buildings or trying to blow up the plane mid-air, how’s the government meant to respond? It’s no surprise they are holding firm on this one.

If they relented, and a terrorist strike occurred that could have been prevented with the new measures, what would people say then?

For sure, it’s a far-from-ideal situation, and yes, there should be better intelligence, but what would people have the feds do?



Good point.

“What’ll TSA do when terrorists start putting bombs up their butts?”

H/T Insty




Muslim women exempted? That kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

H/T Paco

Another YouTube terrorist video

Details via The Jawa Report.

Please flag this video. Go to the flag icon, then “violent and repulsive content”, then “promotes terrorism”.

There’s also that YouTube smackdown banner on the right of this screen.



Downer calls for Taliban negotiations

At first glance, this is a particularly unpalatable notion, but perhaps the Realpolitik of the situation warrants such a change of strategy.

THE initial objective of the invasion of Afghanistan has been achieved and it’s time for a diplomatic settlement involving the Taliban and their Pakistani creators, says former foreign minister Alexander Downer.

In an article entitled “Our messy war” published in The Spectator ahead of the parliamentary debate on Afghanistan, Mr Downer said the initial military goal was to destroy al-Qaeda’s capacity to use Afghanistan as a base for attacks on the US and other western targets.

“That goal was achieved. Al-Qaeda was destroyed in Afghanistan. As time has passed there has been mission creep,” he said.

Mr Downer said the task now was apparently to improve the quality of democracy and security, but that was proving perilously difficult as Afghanistan had never been competently governed by an administration based in Kabul.

However, on the one hand we see reports of a decimated Taliban having endured a near decade-long “arse-kicking”. Their best commanders are either dead or captured and what’s left is literally a rag tag army.

Thus, why negotiate now? Rather, seizing the jugular (g’day, reader Carpe Jugulum ;-)!) would appear to be the more effective option in the long-run.

But then there are the reports of a wishy-washy US president who even after an Iraqi-style troop surge- which has arguably been a success, just like in Iraq - still appears to not really know what to do.

American Spectator’s Alfred S. Regnery:

Afghanistan is often called the “graveyard of empires.” It is also Barack Obama’s Achilles’ heel. He has nobody to blame but himself.

Afghanistan has little strategic value and the war is one of choice rather than necessity. Now, at the end of a wasteful and frustrating decade, our objective is to end the fighting and leave a measure of stability behind. But clarifying even this simple goal seems more than the Obama administration can handle.

That’s probably why Downer is calling for a deal. Regnery’s piece goes on to remind us that Afghanistan, hardly a nation, is but really a collection of tribes, rooted in the middle ages, and certainly not a prime candidate for nation-building.

Still, something doesn’t sit right. Even with Al-Qaeda taken care of over there, what’s to say they wouldn’t re-emerge – and quickly? A deal and/or pull-out would likely inspire Islamic terrorist forces around the globe. And just how much could you expect a “legitimised” Taliban to keep up their end of any bargain?

The Australian parliament is set to debate the Afghanistan War this Tuesday. Yet with the major government power-broker, Greens’ leader Bob Brown, not even having been there, it seems folly to have this debate just now even if both, generally speaking, the ALP and Liberals are committed to the war.

You’d think the best course of action would be to head the advice of the generals on the ground. Bob Brown flies in the face of this, however.

“We have to take what our army commanders are saying into account here but then I have letters from relatives of troops who are in Afghanistan or going to Afghanistan who do not want their loved ones sent to what they see as a hopeless war,” he told ABC Television.

A US debate over what step to take next is scheduled for December.

Faced with a White House war review due in December and decreasing public support for the war back home, the U.S. military is not in a position to hold back. The current phase of operations is geared to make a statement: drive the fight as aggressively as possible and rout the Taliban in their own backyard. Looking forward, commanders posit that improved civilian freedom of movement and a stronger government presence will be reliable gauges of progress. But it remains to be seen just what metrics will be enough to convince the Obama Administration that serious money and manpower should be poured into a conflict now entering its 10th year.

Whatever the powers-that-be decide, now is a good time for Western forces to strike hard while the iron is hot. One reason is purely military in nature: the Taliban is at its knees. The other reason is purely political in nature: Obama and other Western politicians appear to be at their knees.

A deal with the Taliban?

Picture source: Taliban feud over murder of Polish hostage


More defeatist talk.

If only it had been permanent…

How do people watch that show on a regular basis?

Full version here…

Remember, that’s the same Whoopi Goldberg who stated that drugging, raping and sodomising a 13 year old girl wasn’t “rape-rape”.

Global Terror Alliances

The Left versus Islam?

Not really. Not yet, anyway.

The FBI arrests affirm an emerging terror alliance between American-based leftists, Islamic terror organizations, Colombia’s FARC, and Irish Republican groups.

However, the Koran’s Surah Al Ma’idah Ch. 5 V.32 states “that if anyone kills any other human being, whether it be a Muslim or non-Muslim, unless it be for murder or for spreading corruption in the land, it is though he has killed the whole of humanity… so killing any other human being…it is prohibited in Islam.”

But what if I, you, and/or the West is deemed to be “spreading corruption”? Considering we don’t adhere to the Koran, wouldn’t that be the case?

Tony Blair: West’s efforts on terror fail

Tony Blair, like him or not, notes that whilst the West is busy attacking terrorism, many in the Muslim world believe it is an attack on Islam as a whole.

Tony Blair has called for a “revolution in thinking” on international counter-terrorism, saying the “paucity” of the west’s efforts have left it “outspent, outmanoeuvred and out-strategised” by Islamist extremism.

Speaking in New York to a thinktank, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Blair said a failure to challenge the “narrative” that Muslims were oppressed by the west was fuelling extremism around the world. Instead, the majority had accepted the idea that military interventions since the 9/11 attacks were an explicit attack on Muslims. “The practitioners of extremism are small in number. The adherents of the narrative stretch far broader into parts of mainstream thinking,” he said.

Of course, we aren’t attacking terrorists because they’re Muslim. We’re attacking them because they’re terrorists. And if Muslims want to compare apples with oranges and take our vocal criticisms of Islam as an attack in the same vein as shooting a bullet into an insurgent’s head, that’s a real shame.

The fact remains that whilst most Muslims aren’t terrorists, most terrorists are Muslim. That means that it’s perfectly warranted and reasonable for us to have a good, hard look at Islam to try and figure out why this is. And perhaps if many more – and let’s face it, almost none do – regular Muslims spoke out against terrorism, then perhaps the religion as a whole wouldn’t be so, er, critiqued.

Just sayin’…

Who else won’t miss them?

Occaisionally, it’s beneficial to add a feel-good story to the usual blog repertoire. And this one certainly fit’s the bill.

THE NATO coalition assault on Taliban insurgency chiefs has led to low-level fighters taking on the US and Afghanistan is now at a watershed as the war enters its 10th year today.

The best Taliban commanders are dead or captured. Their men are harried and subject to constant attack and betrayal. They are under-equipped, overwhelmed and demoralised. In a word, the Taliban are losing.

In Britain and the US there may be doubt and confusion over the future of the Afghan war, but in southern Afghanistan the description of the Taliban insurgency by senior figures at the forefront of the fighting is bold and unequivocal.

The troop surge is working, they say. The Taliban is at breaking point and an Iraq-style watershed, when momentum is shifting in a favour of the NATO coalition, may be nigh. It amounts to a ray of hope for NATO aims as the war begins its 10th year today.

“The Taliban are getting an absolute arse-kicking.”

It’s not really all that surprising, though. The surge worked in Iraq and that nation is well on the way to freedom and prosperity, and it looks like it’s working in Afghanistan.

Good and good riddance.


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