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Trump dumped

So we see over at Bolt’s Palace this morning that the Donald has pulled out of the US presidential Republican nomination.

Well, it’s doubtful anyone’s surprised. And yeeees, this certain blogger did like what Trump was offering, even whilst knowing most conservative bloggers (libertarian here) didn’t want a bar of him. A lot of it was that breath of fresh air factor he brought to the debate. And I still think no other Republican that has been offered up will be capable of beating Obama.

Happy to be proved wrong, but there you go.

And I still think a successful businessperson would be ideal for the US’ top job, especially considering the deficit and debt. So I guess that leaves me favouring Romney, however, lately, one’s ear hasn’t been kept that close to the political – let alone the US political – ground.

Who’s been looking good lately, folks, and why?

PS Thanks for all the email updates JM even though there wasn’t any time to use them.


Herman Cain?


Now about those college records…

Mock Trump all you want but he got it done.


Obama reckons he had to move on to more serious issues… like being interviewed by Oprah.


This could be interesting.


Very interesting.




Alex Jones’ take for what its worth…

Grab popcorn. Link.

Palin defends Trump…

…about you-know-what.


Still a couple of hours until the F1…

…and totally depressed about Mark’s qualifying (18th!).*

Wat do?,0,409413.story?track=rss

*Fix the damn KERS, Red Bull!!!!!


The Trump rebellion.


The 34:04 min mark is for House lovers.

The 1:16.25 mark is for the love of my life, Lady Bingbing. xoxoxoxoxoxox

Trump may win Florida yet

The other day it was reported that other Republican candidates, Huckabee and Romney had the edge in Florida over the Donald, but that may well change.

Donald Trump will headline the South Florida Tea Party’s Tax Day Rally on Saturday in Boca Raton. Trump will share the bill with Florida Congressman Allen West.

“Our members are ecstatic,” said Everett Wilkinson of South Florida Tea Party. He explained that they had polled members on who they would most like to hear speak, and Trump was the resounding first choice.

“They feel that Donald Trump understands what’s going on with their country and is standing up and actually doing something about it,” he explained.

And what’s the bet Trump isn’t one of these cretins?

H/T Canada’s finest, JM.

Trump to declare in May, not June?

According to Newsmax, yes.

Why Trump is on the money

The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis sums up five reasons why Donald Trump did so well in yesterday’s CNN poll.

He’s confident. He’s successful. The cool factor. He doesn’t sound like a politician. He isn’t a politician.

Agreed. His presence in the interviews so far and what he has to say has – er – trumped any other potential candidate, especially giggle-guts Pawlenty.

Thus, Jeffery T. Kuhner can go shove it if he thinks Trump’s popular merely because of the birther issue.

Meanwhile, Steven Crowder:

Can he win? Who knows. One thing’s for sure; if Barack Obama makes this into another election that places personality over substance, celebrity over accomplishments, I can see only one outcome…Mr. President, you’re fired.

Steven also notes in the link that Obama was elected on style, not substance. Agreed.


Thanks again, JM. Really. I kinda feel like Elton John. Not in a gay way (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but in the sense Elton gets all his lyrics sent to him by that bloke, and then “just” puts them to music. I finish all my classes for the day, am finally able to get to a computer, and there’s all the links you could possibly need, plus more, ready there waiting in the inbox.

Funny. So here we have an Australian bloke in South Korea and a Canadian bloke – who’ve never met – busy every day trying to persuade Americans who to vote for in their election.



In response to CNN/ Opinion Research Poll released Tuesday that had Trump and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee tied for first place, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour said voters simply knew Trump’s name.

“I wouldn’t read too much into that, in all candor,” Barbour told New Hampshire’s WKXL Radio on Tuesday. “For some voters, it may have just been that pure and simple: I’ve heard of Donald Trump, nobody else I’ve heard of I want to be for, so I’ll just park my vote for this little poll with Donald Trump.”

Trump expressed doubt that voters were simply picking whomever they knew.

“I think they know the other contenders,” Trump said, adding that former governors Mitt Romney of Massachusetts and Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota were fairly recognizable at this point. “I have the highest in terms of name recognition.”

Instead, he attributed his popularity in the polls to his message: The United States is in bad shape and someone needs to turn that around.


Out come the shouty liberals (I almost missed them… almost). TSG

Now that Trump is again threatening to run for president–and has, for the first time, gained some political traction thanks to his embrace of the “birther” movement–The Smoking Gun has examined how the 64-year-old developer has spent some of that massive fortune. Specifically, Trump’s philanthropy over the past 20 years, which has been channeled through the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

A TSG review of the group’s Internal Revenue Service returns dating back to 1990 reveals that Trump, the foundation’s president, may be the least charitable billionaire in the United States.

So what? What liberals will never understand is that a person has a right to use his or her money however he or she sees fit. It’s Trump’s money, he can do whatever the frig he likes with it. Liberals: always wanting to take your hard-earned money because they think they know better what to do with it.

So how’s that deficit (and debt ceiling) going, America? And closer to home, how’s that balanced budget going, Wayne and Juliar?

What a pathetic smear attempt. Poor effort, Ted Turner. And quite frankly, one expects better from The Smoking Gun.

Meanwhile, The One is trying to solve Arab-Israeli peace. Have fun with that one.

Donald Trump vs blowing yourself up in a supermarket

Compared to what hehehe (please don’t remind me of carbon tax Gillard) Pawlenty is saying (fuuuuuu!), or what the teleprompter is saying… or anyone else for that matter… well?

Trump levels with Huckabee

According to a CNN-commissioned Opinion Research Poll, Donald Trump is now level with Mike Huckabee as the preferred GOP candidate for the 2012 US presidential election. Notably, every other GOP candidate has either remained steady, gone up only 1%, or had their numbers go down.

In contrast, Trump’s support has almost doubled, going from 10% to 19%, in the space of one month.

Does that lend itself to the idea of a Trump/Huckabee 2012 GOP ticket? Perhaps.

Trump isn’t a shoe-in yet by any means, however. According to a USA Today poll, in Florida – and we all know about Florida – Romney and Huckabee would beat Obama whereas the Donald would not.


A Trump/Huckabee GOP ticket? (updated)

Of course, we can only speculate at the moment, but it’s a possibility…


“This was last Friday, Thursday or Friday, I can’t recall–we had a terrific meeting up in his office and it was something I thoroughly enjoyed. We had never met, he had been very kind and gracious and even said that of all the people being talked about as candidates I was the one guy he could support and I thought wow, that’s interesting.”

“Never say never. I don’t know whether Donald Trump would ever want to been seen on the same stage with me I don’t know, but I found him very engaging and a very smart guy and I think people will dismiss him at their own peril.”

He’s been in talks with the RNC chairman, too.

Who knows? The Donald has stated he’s Christian, still essentially mandatory for anyone wanting to be POTUS.

He explained his conversion a few years back from pro-choice to pro-life, and we all know being pro-life is essentially mandatory to run on the GOP ticket.

And sure, this CNBC survey isn’t scientific, but 52% of respondents think he’d make a good CEO of America, so to speak.

As for the “birther” thing? Well, he’s been in more meetings, so we’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully it can all be resolved one way or another before too long.

Will Donald Trump be POTUS? It’s too early to tell, but it’s hardly as if he has “zero chance”, lol.

(With a massive thanks to JM Heinrichs for all the links!)


Trump makes Hot Air’s Allahpundit’s “Quotes of the Day” segment (vids included).

Don Surber:

“I must admit he would make an entertaining president.”

To me, that sounds like the Don#2 – who previously was a little more cautious of the Don #1is warming…

Pretending they’re not sh*tting their pants…


THE White House has dismissed Donald Trump as a “sideshow” and said there was no way the billionaire businessman would be “hired” by the American people as president in 2012.

Mr Trump, renowned for his New York bluster, is considering a tilt at the White House and according to some polls is running second among prospective Republican candidates, behind former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

As part of his flirtation with a presidential bid, Mr Trump has controversially brought up the non-issue of President Obama’s birthplace.

Again, could journalists trying to pretend they’re objective just quit using adjectives (it’s not rocket science)? And, a Certificate of Live Birth is NOT the same as a birth certificate, especially a long-form birth cirtificate.

Like huh? Why can’t the man just show it – like everyone else had to – and put the issue to bed?

Trump gaining traction

Jonathan Strong over at the Daily Caller takes a look on how Trump might with the GOP primaries. Florida, baby!

Meanwhile, in the same article, an “expert” thinks the confidence in Trump may really just be no confidence in the others.

“This isn’t a pro-Trump vote as much as a convenient anti-everybody-else protest. Some surveys have shown Trump with disproportionate backing among Tea Party Republicans, too. He’s the kind of ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore’ candidate that might appeal to Tea Partiers—at least at first,” said Dr. Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics.

Nope. Just look at the majority of comments here to realise a lot of people like the Don for who he is, what he’s saying, what he stands for, and how he plays the Game.

Trump and Pawlenty are rising – although not there yet – Gingrich is slipping.

And here’s another “expert”.

“Trump and the press have a symbiotic relationship, not unlike bees and flowers,” said William Grueskin, dean of academic affairs for the Columbia Journalism School. “At least in the natural world, you get honey out of it. Out of this campaign coverage, all you get are a lot of empty media moments about someone who is unlikely to run, more unlikely to be nominated, and utterly unlikely to win.”

Now, I don’t know for sure, but an academic at a journalism school? You tell me that isn’t hard Left. Oh, how the NYT frets.

In case you missed it, Trump also has his own investigators in Hawaii digging up what they can.

“I have people that actually have been studying it and they cannot believe what they’re finding,” Trump told NBC’s “Today” show on Thursday.

It could well amount to nothing, but just why did Obama spend $2million sealing up all his records – birth cert., academic records, you name it – why? Every other candidate and/or president has to release theirs. A Certification of Live Birth is not a long-form birth certificate.

So, he’ll announce in June whether he’ll run. My bet is he will, especially considering he’ll be driving the Pace Car at the Indy 500 right before that.

And just in case for whatever reason you’ve been living under a rock, here’s yesterday’s interview again.

O’Reilly interview.

Morgan interview.


Bloke knows what he’s doing.


Hearing Trump’s latest interviews remind me of reading a certain columnist for the first time. ‘Twas like a breath of fresh air.

With a huge thanks to Sir JM Heinrichs for all the email links.

Trump for president? Are you kidding, bingbing?

Why not? The bloke runs a $2.7 billion dollar empire. He’s been through the good times, the tough times, and the good times again. He knows what it’s like to be on top, be in the proverbial, and get back again.

He has energy, just watch any recent interview.

But bingers?!?!?! That’s all hot air!

No, it’s not. Every time I catch the train to Seoul, right in the heart of Seoul, there’s prime residential real estate, standing proud with the Trump name on it.*

All over the world, this bloke has turned “hot air” into jobs, concrete, steel and glass… buildings.

Solid stuff. Literally.

*And yes, I know, not every building that has his name on it is 100% “his”. But let’s face it, he played a hand in every one of them.

Does he own outright every one of them? Of course not. It’s the art of the deal.

Like it or not, he gets things done.

And anyway, what is this argument about Trump not knowing how to get stuff done, despite being one of America’s most successful, prominent and popular businessmen?

What about Obama? A one-term senator and community organiser? Organising into what? A community? What kind of community?

The United States government won’t, but has a chance, of literally shutting down Friday.

Like it or not,the US government, any decent government, is literally a business and we are the shareholders.

Trump may well be businesses’ equivalent of a radio shock jock, but is what he’s saying really so shocking?

Hey, I’d love more business leaders to extend their philanthropic tendencies, and go into politics.

Take Bill Gates.

Take Steve Jobs.

As great as they are, there’s plenty of criticism for them, also. Windows is just fantastic, especially Vista. iPhone’s are great value for money compared to the competition.

Hey, why not facebook founder, Zuckerburg? No criticism of facebook, right? A guy who can’t monetize his idea except with lame apps and questionable privacy rules… and sheer popularity which Top Men are still trying to figure out a way to “Get”.

America has a choice between a real – and yes, flawed – business leader who actually turns ideas into bricks and mortar (as the old saying goes… nowadays, it’s way more advanced) – and… precisely what?

America’s eqivalent of the real Julia?

Trump TEA Party favourite

And overall, Republican voters’ #2 choice (tied) regardless.




Trump’s gonna win this.


He’s even getting a good run on MSNBC!

Pajamas Media cautiously promotes Trump.

Guys, all of you, BACK.TRUMP!

It’s the only way.

He has the business skills, leadership skills, negotiating skills, not to mention the energy. He has dealt with world leaders, politicians, business leaders, unions, workers, even the TV-viewing public.

It’s a no-brainer.

Trump surges

Only Mitt Romney seems to be in his way.

Donald Trump’s suddenly surging presidential chances got another boost Tuesday with the release of a poll that measured the business magnate as the second-most-popular choice for Republican primary voters in the crucial early voting state of New Hampshire.

Trump picked up the support of 21 percent of state primary voters, behind only 27 percent for Mitt Romney, the former governor of neighboring Massachusetts, according to the survey from Democratic-leaning firm Public Policy Polling (PPP).

“He has more support than even we thought,” PPP assistant director Dustin Ingalls said in an interview.

Don’t discount him too soon, Don Surber.

A bloke who successfully runs a multi-billion dollar empire would be a handy man for the US’ top job considering all the debt they’re in. And remember, he’s a businessman first, a B-grade celebrity second… a distant second.


Not just one poll, either.


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