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The Gore Effect…

… Has gone global. He’s achieved more than he bargained for at Copenhagen.

Florida’s copping it. Posh Vermont is copping it. Mao and Putin, too. Not even the queen is being spared. Iowahawk and even cute llama’s have fallen to the wrath of Gore.

Al Gore has done what was once only a dream.


Any links to Cher’s Turn Back Time are forbidden. Don’t even think about it.


Dagnamit! He’s onto me!

Seoul residents slogged through the heaviest snowfall in modern Korean history after a winter storm dumped more than 11 inches (28 centimeters) Monday, forcing airports to cancel flights and paralyzing traffic in South Korea’s bustling capital.

Luckily, bing has an escape route.

H/T Drudge.



That’s how they say it in Korea. Relax. It just means “hello”.

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