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Japanese whaling in the southern oceans

A protest vessel was rammed yesterday by a Japanese vessel. Or was it the other way round?

Anyway, I don’t support the eco argument on this when a country is trying to carry out a tradition… which would lead one to think that they wanna make it sustainable. Sure, from personal experience, the meat stinks something bad, so much so I could never bring myself to taste it. Then again, some folks eat all kids of shit (sorry Mr Dungbeetle).

I’m too tired now to look intoit, but I think everyone is missing the point… and yes, I’m a dumbass.

Is Japan whaling in Australian or international waters?

If in Australian waters, are they compensating us, and just who are they compensating, and by how much?

If not in Australian waters, then why is Greg Hunt, who’s supposed to be Garrett’s nemesis, calling them Australian whales? Greg, if you’re going for the money angle, just say it.

A non-military observational ship?! Gillard phoning her lawyer buddies?!

Back to those dumbass questions which nobody seems to be even addressing.



Nothing will happen. It’s a legal minefield.

It’d be easier for expats to tell their Korean or Japanese friends that whale meat just smells gross. Tim still has point, though. Acting like some kind of eco militia, like the sea shepards do (whatever “sea shepard” means”) is not the answer. In fact, it’s a big part of the problem. You too, Al. I’m freezing. How’s your heated pool going?


A legal minefield ain’t all that bad. We stay interested. Everyone makes a buck. No major conflict. Probably even a few whales are saved, even whilst genetic engineers and everyone else just does their thing, too.


Here’s the vid in the hope it can be translated.

Anyway, it’ll all go legal. To an amateur, it looks like the batboat is speeding up right before impact, but even the Japanese reckon it was reversing. Regardless, I don’t think the Japanese ship was scouring the Southern Ocean hunting conservationists. The protesters got too close, and I cannot endorse guerrilla style protests.

Also, Gillard may huff and puff – just enough – but probably not too much since we just signed our biggest trade deal ever… with Japan.


With thanks to Carpe Jugulum in comments, here’s basically what the Japanese cameraman said.

Right now the Ady came out and is bothering our ship. The Ady came out and hit our ship. They came out and tried to stop us and hit our ship!


Michael Yon detained


If you don’t know about Michael Yon, check out his excellent journalism here.

And, well, that seems to be the TSA under the Obama administration. No surprise it happened in liberal Seattle.

Of course, the conservative journalist was released, as there was zilch to hold him on, but somehow, it seemed pertinent for the transport authorities to ask details of his income, much of which comes from donations to fund his independent journalism.

All of which is out of their jurisdiction anyways.

Guess I’d be going grey if I was Obama, too, with all the socialist crap going on there at the moment that he’s helping facilitate. No wonder most of the big US blogs have had to turn completely inwards to deal with all this.

Obama goes grey

You know, I’m not actually going to attack him on this one. Whether Left or Right, being the POTUS has gotta be a tough job. Probably why Bush and Clinton defended each other when the opposite was expected.

Maybe OB needs to keep more regular hours…

Not that I agree with this obvious lefty link about how Bush rose early (therefore bad) and Obama doesn’t (therefore good), but I’d be a hypocrite to denounce it completely even if the idiot invokes Godwin’s law as part of his argument before he concludes by encouraging you to rock up to work late. I dunno, maybe I just don’t get Leftist humour.

So from now on, with a brand new president in office, indulge your vices and roll in to work late. It’s for your own good.

Maybe I don’t get how rocking up to my job after school finishes might damage my career as an ESL teacher.

Yes, this post is at after 8am, but not because I woke up early. On vacation. Sue me. Off to the shops for a soju top-up. Maybe that lucky bastard has scored the rare, coveted, just-blog-shit-whenever-you-want-and-get-paid-by-some-media-mogul job. And to be honest, my best blogging comes after work has finished, often later in the night after pondering over a few drinks (and unfortunately, a few too many sometimes).

Dagnamit, if only I could nab that job… and also get the soju-to-cigarette buying combo ratio right one day!

Until then, it’ll have to be waking up early most weeks of the year, and essentially disagreeing with Ravi’s post whilst envying his job, and lamenting that Graham Readfearn somehow has one.

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