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Good onya, Jim

Jim Treacher becomes a money-hungry, blood-thirsty, unhyphenated machine.

H/T (so we can all remember his real name…)


And could you clean the windscreen, please?

Carpe Jugulum needs to take better care of his mother-in-law…

A Japanese woman who drove home with the body of an 80-year-old pedestrian lodged in her windscreen has been arrested on charges of causing a deadly traffic accident and fleeing the scene, police said today.

The 23-year-old driver was believed to have struck the elderly woman in the early hours yesterday north of Tokyo before driving four miles (seven kilometers) home with the victim’s body wedged in the shattered windscreen.

It’s tough sometimes, I know

Especially when a mate is about to board a plane to Australia… for the very first time.

Australia, not the plane. But she’s a Yank. Go easy.

Give it a week and two more mates are trekking. No matter how much one explains the fly thing out in the bush… apparently, they still can’t wait for the Klimax.

But bing is here to help.

Hey Lefties!

You know how George W Bush is a creep? Cheney more so? But surely that’s no reason not to dance, right?

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