Why Yanks have their heads up their arses at the moment

It had been bugging me for a while that all the American blogs appear to, er, I’ll be polite, be quite drawn in on themselves. So being a journo major, rather than combing all the American blogs like some kind of scientist, I just rang an American mate.

OK. Here’s the deal. It’s all about health care. You know, that universal health care thingy Obama’s been crapping on about since before he got elected? Obamacare, if you will?

I asked my mate, “Why do you guys all have your heads up your asses at the moment?” I used “asses” rather than “arses” because he’s American. I asked, “Who’s this Coakley?”

And he said Coakley is this chick running for Ted Kennedy’s (Ted’s dead) old seat. It’s a Senate seat up in the state Boston is in – you know, the one that’s hard to spell… the one The Departed was made in.  She’s running against Brown – who incidentally mentioned it’s the people’s seat, not Ted Kennedy’s. Anyway, Democrat Coakley was dead certain to win until they had a debate on TV. Unfortunately, she opened her mouth* and now Republican Brown has a bloody good chance of winning.

*She said the US should pull out of Afghanistan since now there are no more terrorists there.

So why is this important?

Because if Brown wins – even though the Republicans didn’t even give him much hope and therefore pumped almost zero dosh into the campaign, Obamacare is dead. I quipped to my mate that this is effectively more important than the presidential election. He laughed and said, “Kinda, yeah”.

This is going down Tuesday. You see, the Senate needs 60 votes to pass it’s version of the healthcare bill. Coakley is number 60. Brown would make it 59… not enough.

See, what the Yanks do is first Congress passes their version of a bill. Then the Senate passes their own version. If both pass, they mesh it up and then Congress passes this meshed up version, which if all goes well, then Obama signs.

But if the Senate can’t pass a version, then it’s back to square one i.e. Obamacare is D.O.A. (as my mate fondly put it). To put it mildly, this is big.*

*And may one suggest, not just for America.

So anyway, that’s why the Yanks have their heads up their arses at the moment. Come Wednesday, one can only hope they’ll be more social, but not socialist.

P.S. Whilst the American Right is cautiously confident, they are allowing themselves some fun watching the Democrats implode.

    • Carpe Jugulum
    • January 15th, 2010

    I follow but don’t comment on a few American blogs and yes Health care reform is a very hot topic. The health system does need reform but what has been put forward really doesn’t address that, it adds further government intrusion and looks to remove an individuals freedom to choose. A better solution would have been tort reform to make the system less litigious and to be able to buy health cover across state borders (that had me gobsmacked).

    As for Martha Coakley, as a lawyer she is an evil piece of work that kept an innocent man in ‘jail’ to further her career, and with the support given from the *SEIU she reveals herself as a self absorbed democritter corruptocrat.

    * – closest i can compare SEIU with is the CFMEU in Aust, both are corrupt thugs with nothing but their own self interest at heart.

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