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When Rudd doesn’t clone the US… er, kinda

Obama wants to tax banks. Rudd wants to give them tax breaks.

Yet, they have their similarities. Rudd wants an ETS. So does Obama.

Guess they’re just both doing what they can to recoup the ‘stimulus’ packages they both doshed out.


In case you missed all the links, Global Financial Crisis instigators, and Democrat love children, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, just like the unions, are exempt from any new taxes.


More, in case you missed it (like I did).


From the link. Oh dear.

Bank of America also has repaid its aid, freeing itself from the condition lenders hate most about the bailouts: Treasury oversight of executive pay. Even so, it sought the Treasury’s advice on a pay package before hiring a new chief executive.

The bank was considering paying between $US35 million and $US40m to hire Robert Kelly, CEO of Bank of New York Mellon, much of it to buy out his unvested shares and options. The Bank of America board wanted to know how that would go over in Washington. Treasury paymaster Kenneth Feinberg told the bank that if it were still under his purview, he would reject the package. Around the same time, Mr Obama publicly bashed “fat cat” bankers.

With those two signals, the talks with Mr Kelly fizzled, according to officials involved with the decision. The bank instead promoted an insider, Brian Moynihan, who had been working to repair the bank’s reputation in Washington.

It thus chose a more politic man to lead it, post-crisis, than departing CEO Kenneth Lewis, who in a March meeting with the US President had said he wouldn’t “suck up” to federal economic aides, according to people familiar with the exchange. Mr Moynihan, by contrast, told Obama aides in October that Bank of America wanted to work with the White House to achieve US policy goals in areas like small-business lending and foreclosure prevention. As for his pay, Mr Moynihan asked that it be determined later.


Is anyone a real fan of overpaid bankers? But even worse is a government controlling them. Then again, some would argue it’s the other way round.

Either way, all this is too close for comfort.


Stillness felt

On Tuesday, a by-election will decide whether America takes up socialism and submits to government control, or whether it is still made up of the same stuff it was founded on.

Not so obnoxious

Via Obnoxio the Clown

“There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible to live without breaking laws.”
-– Ayn Rand

Obama’s care

First this:

And now this:

Just exactly who is this man?

H/T Theo

James, Anne? Na, there has to be something else…

Not content with contemplating suicide, people have now resorted to naming their kids after Avatar characters.

So would the middle name be Pocahontas?

Rudd launches book

It’s out today. And yes, US and other non-Australian readers, in between racking up a $300 billion dollar debt and abusing flight attendants, the Australian PM has managed to find the time to write a children’s book.

And since everyone seems to be putting politics aside today (waiting for tomorrow?), let’s hope any kid who reads it, enjoys it.

Wait! Did I say everyone???

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