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Avatar: would it kill you to see it?

Perhaps so.

Truth be told, those 3D glasses had to be taken off a few times.


Japan Airlines

This really deserves a much bigger post, but I’m bushed. That said, it was impossible to just leave it. It had been on the radar for bit, and at least needed a mention. Sorry, only one link.

JAL is filing for bankruptcy, slashing a third of its workforce, and getting a new guy – a 78 year old monk- in charge.

Don’t laugh about the monk. He’s actually quite an established entrepreneur amongst being a monk. Still, sounds weird but, right?

Ahem. This, not that, is what bugs me: How can the national airline of the world’s second or maybe third (too tired to check… it’s moot), be in such a position?

Personally, I’ve flown JAL a number of times and it really did always surprise me that a country of such perfectionism, earthquake-proof buildings, cleanliness and most of all such a harmonious relationship between tradition and technology – the latest technology – has such a bland airline.

Because it’s so connected to the government? But so is Singapore Air. Perhaps Singapore Air is the exception, not the rule.

Moving along, I remember one time catching a JAL 747, replete with Aussie Aboriginal paint job and all – and being so exited beforehand… only to find out it was possibly the oldest 747 in service, with seats Kate Richie could barely fit into, and a crappy 1980s TV that glowed green and purple.

What on Earth happened? How could one of the most advanced countries on Earth have such a substandard carrier of which it is little wonder that it is now (and has been for a while) in the doldrums?

Mack Daddy vs a sex kitten


It’s a CAT SD24.1-A Big Arse Machine On Wheels vs a Mack truck at the Granny Smith gold mine in Western Australia.

Thanks, WOZ.

Discovery Channel may be good, but reporters on the ground are better.

Climategate continues

If you haven’t heard about this already, it goes basically as follows: a journalist chats to a barely-known scientist on the phone one time. The barely-known scientist speculates – with no actual research whatsoever – glaciers will be gone by 2035. The journalist prints the article in a prominent science magazine. The WWF picks up on the article. The IPCC, in AR4 (aka the guide governments are using to justify taxing the living daylights out of us), references the WWF, says we’re doomed, and so pay up, suckas.

But now they’ve been busted. And so much for peer-review.

And finally the media is catching on.

By the way, it turns out some glaciers are retreating, some are growing, and some are static.

Jo Nova, Lubos Motl, and Anthony Watts have the brain-hurty details of this story.


Kevin Rudd ponders that maybe his climate change tax-the-crap-out-of-us policy might be the reason why his poll numbers are headed south.

Ya think so, Kev?

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