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Is climate change real?

Here’s a good report for those who aren’t sure, yet who are maybe curious…

That was part one. Many thanks to Watts Up With That.


Time to celebrate!

And this is how Grimmy over at Blair’s Lair chose to do so…

Coakley? Brown?

Meanwhile, as we wait for the result of the Senate race in Massachusetts, to see whether Obamacare will live or die, good ol’ Barney Frank, a Democrat naturally, wants to change the rules.

Of course he does. Weasel.


It’s Brown! Republican Scott Brown is Massachusetts’ new senator. And that means socialized health care, aka Obamacare, is all but dead…

…unless, it’s this Frank is alluding to. It used to be a two thirds majority needed, then it went down to 60/40 and now it seems the Dems want just a simple majority of 51/49 to be implemented for the big decisions.

Regardless, a state that has been blue (very blue!) for 40 years is now red. Obama and the Democrats have been sent a clear message.

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Politico has a couple of good news pieces/background here and here.

If you still crave more, try the Matt Drudge link in the blogroll, or, if you’re wondering who to blame, go here.


You know, you gotta wonder but, did Brown win or did Coakley lose? Let’s not forget that Massachusetts is a big Catholic state. So why would Coakley say Catholics shouldn’t work in emergency rooms, or critisize Brown for arguing that Catholic nuns shouldn’t have to perform abortions? Or that Curt Schilling, the Boston Red Sox pitcher who ended Boston’s 80-odd year drought to win the World Series, was referred to as a Yankees fan(???). Or that, even after dropping 10 points (she was 30 ahead at one stage) she took a week’s vacation right in the middle of the campaign (hare and the tortoise, anyone?).

Oh yeah, and that as D.A., she kept an innocent man in jail just to further her political career.

Wow, just wow. And thanks to my American buddy on the phone.


Tim Blair has some good links, too.


Credit (kind of) where credit’s due for poor old Barney.

Going forward, I hope there will be a serious effort to change the Senate rule which means that 59 votes are not enough to pass major legislation, but those are the rules by which the health care bill was considered, and it would be wrong to change them in the middle of the process.

And in more good news, from the above link, Frank has ruled out any weasley reconcilliation process that would allow the Dems to pass the bill on only 51 votes. Good… if not a pleasant surprise.

H/T The Corner.

And also from The Corner, Jay Nordlinger…

I will say merely that Massachusetts today showed that America is not quite ready for social democracy — not yet. Sweden will not arrive tomorrow. Maybe the next day. But not tomorrow, and that is heartening.


Although linked to by a miffed Dem supporter, here’s a site pointing out where supporters of Scott Brown and the Republicans can take their business.


H/T thefrollickingmole over at Tizona’s.


Rasmussen Reports has the breakdown of who voted what. Sheesh. Coakley barely even had the Union workers on side!

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