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IPCC vs Integrity

Well, they are yin and gin, apples and oranges, water and fire…

Get the picture?

Check it out for yourself.

Pachauri must quit and hand back his Nobel Peace prize. Al Gore, too.

What a sham. What a farce. What a con.

What a rip-off.

That these millionaire jet-setters are telling you and me to cut back???

This time it’s the IPCC’s claim that 40% of the Amazon will die off by Thursday. Again, it’s based on dodgy science, again by the WWF.


In fact, neither of the authors is even a scientist, and one is a green campaigner and journalist. Nor can North find any support in the WWF document for the IPCC’s claim that 40 per cent of the Amazonian forest is threatened.

How closely was the IPCC’s 2007 really checked? Why did it include such wild scare-claims, many based on unchecked statements by activist groups? How corrupted by politics and cash is the IPCC?

Man-made global warming. What a joke… yet an expensive one.


About that if anything turns up thingy. Lest we forget.

“People who want to undermine the science on climate change will be crawling over the report looking for another mistake like this and if they do find another one it will be curtains for Pachauri,” Pearce says. “The way he has handled this glacier issue means he’s now a sitting duck if anything else turns up.

Oi, Raj. Something else just turned up.

Chk, chk?

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Don’t drink with a hamster

‘Cause a hamster can, pound for pound, drink 50 times more than you.

The show, MANswers, has been on in the States for a while but it’s new on TV over here.

Entertaining, yet informative.

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Happy Australia Day – part II

So homesick today.

Mars Attacks will have to wait…

…Until we put the rabbit ears back on the telly.

Happy Australia Day!

Because it certainly ain’t Happy America Day.

It’s Snobama

It’s YOU!

Obama vs sixth graders

No contest.

Americans. I’m sorry. You are good people, but WTF?

Tim Blair has more.

Again, sorry.

A Texan feels the world’s pain…

Please. Someone tell the world this is photoshopped.


It simply has to be photoshopped. Surely, there’s just no way he’d do that.


No, it’s real. Gawd.


Hope floats.


Even leftist comedian, Jon Stewart, knows this is bad.

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