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Malcolm the Obstinate

Even though global warming ranks last on the list of most people’s priorities for society, and even though there a ten more recent good examples highlighting the farce that is the theory of man-made global warming, former dumped Australian Opposition leader, Malcolm Turnbull is still determined to vote in favour of this madness – even if it means voting against his own party.

The sooner Turnbull is out of politics, the better.

Does he realise, “[t]he surface [temperature] record is a mess“?

And has Malcolm or any of the other doom-mongers considered the influence of cloud cover? It’s far more than the influence of CO2, let alone the fraction of CO2 – about 5%-10% – that is man-made.

H/T for the pic.

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Avatar respects marines?

You have got to be kidding. James Cameron is deluded.

John Nolte, at Big Hollywood, has the details.


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Will Rupert make us pay?

And is he really sure he wants us to? Online newspaper,, tried it and in three months, only 35 people have signed up.

The web site redesign and relaunch cost the Dolans $4 million, according to Mr. Jimenez. With those 35 people, they’ve grossed about $9,000.

In that time, without question, web traffic has begun to plummet, and, certainly, advertising will follow as well.

For more on whether media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, will set up a pay wall for his online newspapers, try here, here, here, here, and here.

H/T Drudge.

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