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The state of the States

Eleven pages of notes, but I really want to boil it down.
Running themes were increased executive power, and more government power in general… for the people.

It started off within the usual waffle but Obama got down to the nitty gritty pretty quickly.

A: Defends massive spending.

1. New jobs bill. Will veto anything he doesn’t like.
2. Tax the banks. Later asserts he “hated” the bailout, too. Thinly-veiled swipe at Bush.
3. Small business tax credits. OK.
4. Ease capital gains tax on small business.
5. Spend big on infrastructure.
6. Spend big on “clean” energy. Tax the hell out of companies sending labor offshore.

Goes back to jobs bill. Swipes at the Senate. Still smarting over Scott Brown? Yes. It comes up a fair bit.

On-going socialist/big government theme…

B: Wants a “new foundation”.

This is leading up to his Obamacare plug, which has already been demonstrated as being unconstitutional.

Invokes China and a “lost decade” and implies Bush is responsible for the housing crisis. Maybe he should watch this:


I do believe he is genuine however, means what he says, believes in it… and with a good heart… just maybe not a good head. Er, wait a minute. Watch that video again…

Next. He plays both sides here. On-going theme of more power for the Executive whilst wanting both sides to comply. Advocates nuke power and off-shore drilling. Right loves it. Advocates bio-fuels and cap n’ trade. Left loves it. Again asks now hostile Senate to comply. Mentions “overwhelming evidence” of climate change and predictably gets jeers. Mentions new export policies which a few blogger mates have been experiencing a lot of frustration over. All heart, no head. Another running theme. Or at least, that’s what you’re lead to feel.

Says he’ll aggressively enforce free trade. Good. But why lump South Korea in with Panama and Columbia?

That’s because the Koreans drive a really hard bargain. They have HUGE taxes on imported goods like TVs and cars, yet their exports drive their economy. Seriously, all you virtually find over here is LG, Samsung, Hyundai, and Kia… and the government makes sure of that with tariffs. Kudos to Obama for that one. By lumping Korea with Panama and Columbia, one can’t help feel he’s trying to trash the Hermit Kingdom… but not in a bad way. Just trying to restore some balance.

OK. Next. Education. Invokes hostile Senate again. Implores community roots. Interesting since later on he begs to stop the campaign cycle.

Here’s the killer. Student loans will be waived after 20 years, 10 years if you choose government employment.

So who will bother paying? Oops, forgot. The banks. They’ll be forced to. Now that’s incentive! Anyone else seeing a running theme here?

OH. Was that the killer? Actually no. That was just a police beat up using a telephone book.

Cop this. Even after the disaster that was the Democrat inspired “affordable housing” experiment – i.e. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who instigated the global financial crisis – Obama wants, wait for it… more affordable housing!


Next. Before you can catch your breath it’s Obama’s Big Kahuna. Health care. See this Big Government theme recurring now?

Somehow it’ll save money whilst taxing you. Naturally, he has to implore the Senate again since currently, not only has Obamacare failed, it’s also unconstitutional. He realises this and asks for any other ideas. Kudos but for sticking to the ideal.

Realises it won’t save money. Knows it’ll cost a fortune. Blames Bush and says “All of this was before I walked in the door.” Unsurprisingly is met with jeers. Refer to the first video.

Anyway, after all this, comes the guts. Freeze government spending… oh, but not this year, with Health care and all on the table… NEXT year! And regardless, not health care (medicare, medicaid), not welfare, and to appease to the right, not security (er, you know, the OTHER security), but, cop this: anything else he damn well pleases.

“Like any cash-strapped family, we will work within a budget to invest in what we need, and sacrifice what we don’t. And if I have to enforce this discipline by veto, I will.” Barack Obama.

Wow. Muted applause follows. Biden claps but looks serious. Pelosi doesn’t clap, but has a word in Biden’s ear, then stands up, er, cheering.

Oh yeah, and tax the rich (and don’t forget the banks)… yet somehow give tax credits to small business even though the cut-off figure is a mere $250,000… and keep up social security, freeze spending, and spend heaps.

I dunno. Not American. But there seems to be being a lot of money spent, a lot credited, a lot taxed from the “rich” and given to the poor. Bush is blamed for spending, yet Obama has spent far more in just one year and there just seems to be a big hole, spending freezes (that come next year after a big splurge on government health care, social security and infrastructure) regardless.

Sorry. But Big Government will get HUGE if the Big O gets his way.

See, in this last part, he gets really confusing… if you really know your modern history. Basically he claims more autocratic, governmental control will somehow stimulate business, even though historically, it never has. He seems to advocate that no personal responsibility is necessary and that a benevolent government can look after you.

Good in theory sure, but Obama, towards the end, really starts writing checks that his ass can’t cash. He blames lobbyists, even though he’s so intrinsically connected to them, LOL! And let’s not forget he blamed Wall Street from the start even though the US has the biggest “Wall Street” government ever. Failed Democrat Martha Coakley, the recent Democrat candidate who lost to Republican Scott Brown, partied with lobbyists!

He wants change? Really?

LOL, we all know real change will only occur when we get the Leftist scourge out of our media, out of our schools, out of our universities, and out of our politics.

Let the leftist voice die? No. But they are like termites in every facet of our society, and thus, being their champion, there’s no way Obama can actually fix anything.

Still, on a more positive note, he ends on security. He’s committed to it… and to better care for US veterans. The brass looked impressed. But he still can’t let go of that noble ideal of deadlines. A lawyer? Yes. Someone who knows journalism? Probably. Both love deadlines.

But deadlines in war? The brass didn’t look impressed.

However, despite the harsh review, Obama gets a pass.

PS Not one review was looked at before posting this. LOL, it’ll be interesting to see where this amateur blogger’s review fits in.

PPS No. Not a linkfest this time. Try google.


Not enough of a legal eagle to realise at first Obama publically insulted and humiliated the Supreme Court without really getting his facts straight.


Ann Coulter reminds us just how much in bed with Wall Street Obama and, historically, Democrats are.

With Mexico unable to pay the $25 billion it owed the big financial houses, Clinton’s White House decided the banks shouldn’t be on the hook for their own bad bets.

Clinton’s Treasury Secretary, Robert Rubin, former chairman of Goldman, demanded that the U.S. bail out Mexico to save his friends at Goldman. He said a failure to bail out Mexico would affect “everyone,” by which I take it he meant “everyone in my building.”

Larry Summers, currently Obama’s National Economic Council director, warned that a failure to rescue Mexico would lead to another Great Depression. (Ironically, Summers’ current position in the Obama administration is “Great Depression czar.”)

Republicans in Congress said “no” to Clinton’s Welfare-for-Wall-Street plan.

It’s not as if this hadn’t happened before: In 1981, Reagan allowed Mexico to default on tens of billions of dollars in debt — Mexico claimed the money was “in my other pair of pants” — leaving Wall Street to deal with its own bad bets.

As Larry Summers expected, this led like night into day to the Great Depression we experienced during the Reagan years … Wait, that never happened.


Monckton in Australia vs Rudd in Never Never Land

Via reader, Ken, at Andrew Bolt’s mega-blog:

When I arrived at the hotel about 5.20 there were about 200-300 people outside the hotel. Staff had locked the doors. I was able to get in because my ticket had been left with the concierge.

Another 100 or so people were lined up to buy tickets outside the Grand Ballroom. Inside, the room was full (800 seat capacity) and another 200-300 were standing at the back.

AB also links to a great video interview with Lord Monckton by Sydney’s lefty paper (Tim Blair’s enemy), the Sydney Morning Herald, and it’s pretty obvious where the objective journo stands, LOL!

Now, this post is more of a round-up for any non-Australian readers, but Monckton has even challenged the PM, the Honorable Kevin Rudd, and noted that an Emissions Trading Scheme is bad news for Aussie jobs. And yes, it would be in the coal capital of Australia and the world, Newcastle. But, of course, coal produces most of our electricity and prices are, at least in Australia, set to double, then treble soon if Rudd gets his way with his mad climate taxes scheme (of which he hasn’t so far). Follow the logic, and an Australian ETS could have huge implications not just for Australia but for the rest of the world, too.

Meanwhile, Monckton will be up in Noosa on Saturday – an area reeling from the devastating effects of climate change –  and their local rag ran a Q&A with him.

What we now face, not only in Australia but worldwide, is a conspiracy of the governors against the governed, of the rich against the poor, of the powerful against the powerless, of the strong against the weak, of the big guy against the little guy.
I decline to join that conspiracy, which is using the climate as a Trojan Horse to breach the citadel of our constitutional rights and freedoms, and even to introduce an unelected world government.

Hear, hear! And Kevin? Never, never…

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Mile High Club membership now available for plebians

Finally. It’s called Cuddle Class. Heh.

Oh, c’mon! It’s not as bad as hotel staffers warming your bed up for you… personally.

Yeah. Sure. I’m the only one who had dirty thoughts.

Is Obamacare unconstitutional?

OK, this is a few months old, but I missed it, and my favourite blogs missed it (I think). Maybe you missed it, too.

This is from a retired US constitutional lawyer, Michael Connolly.

However, as scary as all of that is, it just scratches the surface. In fact, I have concluded that this legislation really has no intention of providing affordable health care choices. Instead it is a convenient cover for the most massive transfer of power to the Executive Branch of government that has ever occurred, or even been contemplated. If this law or a similar one is adopted, major portions of the Constitution of the United States will effectively have been destroyed.

The WSJ didn’t miss it, though.

Thank goodness Scott Brown won in Massachusetts, thus effectively killing Obamacare… or at least putting it on the back-burner.

Why do I care? Because the US has a tad more global influence than, say, Poland.

H/T An American buddy on email. Checked at snopes.

Perhaps Obama got “one term president” right, but a “really good one”? Perhaps not.

Anyway, a “really good” president usually gets two terms. A “mediocre” president usually doesn’t. So this crap he’s saying about being happy about being a “really good” one term POTUS vs a “mediocre” two term president is just complete – yet eloquently spoken – crap.

Hey, that might work in an ESL job, or as an amateur blogger… but as leader of the free world???

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President X?

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