The IPCC has shot itself in the foot

So argues Bjorn Lomborg…

The after-the-fact revelation that the reasons for invading Iraq were vastly exaggerated and in some cases completely fabricated produced an angry backlash that helped toss the Republicans out of power in the US in 2008 and may do the same to Britain’s Labour Party this year.

A similar shift in global public opinion is occurring with respect to climate change. The process picked up momentum late last year, after hackers leaked thousands of emails from a top British research facility showing that some of the world’s most influential climatologists had been trying to disguise flaws in their work, blocking scrutiny, and plotting together to enforce what amounts to a party line on climate change. More recently, the UN’s respected advisory group the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been deeply embarrassed by the revelation that some alarming predictions contained in an influential report that it released in 2007 have little or no scientific basis.

As you probably know, Lomborg is no sceptic. Regradless, whatever works to get Al Gore to shut his mouth, will do just nicely.


More evidence that public sentiment is shifting.

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