Rudd’s education devolution V

You couldn’t make this stuff up. Via my mole on the ground.

Eight months ago, his building company tried to explain to Rudd’s architects that a door in two types of buildings being built, according the plans specified, would have a steel cross-beam running through it, thus making it, er, not a door. Rudd’s architects told my mole’s company to just build it as they had specified (which if you can’t be bothered clicking and/or reading the link, was a few barely-detailed notes scribbled on some paper, half a page at best, when normally, specifications would run at least 10 pages long and be detailed down to the letter).

So now they’re having to compromise and “turn” these “doors” into windows.

A building without doors. Eek!

Nah. There’s another bigger door in each building.

So no biggie, right?

Wrong. Fire saftey regulations require a building to have at least two doors. So now the contractors will have to rip out a piece of wall, put in support beams, and chuck in another door. And all this could have been avoided if Rudd’s architects had simply listened eight months ago and changed the plans back then.

Remember, a builder has to build exactly what’s on the plan. There’s no guess work involved. In the private sector, if a builder doesn’t build exactly what was specified, the corporate client “would a**e f**k us with the plans, then cancel the contract, and bankrupt us for fun.”

Whack another $20,000 or so of taxpayer dollars onto the cost of each of Rudd’s buildings.

And yes, that’s a lot, but any building company charges a premium for any extras. That’s just how the industry works and has worked for years, and why clients get their specifications down to the letter before building starts. It’s called professionalism. And both parties are expected to adhere to it. We are, after all, in a first world nation.

    • Carpe Jugulum
    • March 2nd, 2010

    Is there anything Krudd & the ruddbots haven’t cocked up, school buildings we can’t use, insulation that burns down houses, my unborn greatgrandkids will still be paying this bill off in the years to come.

    The rudd government electrocuting working families since 2010.

    • Did you see the one about 150 grand being chucked at a school with only 2 kids?

      • Carpe Jugulum
      • March 2nd, 2010

      Yep saw that one, $150K for a Principal that happens to be a liarbor mate, i’m shocked……….i can’t back that up

    • The Wizard of WOZ
    • March 2nd, 2010

    “The rudd government electrocuting working families since 2010.”


    I’m so stealing that.

    • elsie
    • March 3rd, 2010

    Can’t you get this into the media someway? Or are they all so overawed by the wonders of Rudd that they disbelieve it? What a disgrace.

    • I emailed Bolt and Blair. Not a word. It’s a head-scratcher.

      • PS That’s five posts on this and counting…

        • ann
        • March 3rd, 2010

        Elsie and bingbing – Andrew Bolt in the Herald Sun has drawn attention to this excellent article.
        ‘How rush-rush-Rudd handed your honest dollars to crooks’
        ‘James Board explains just why rush-rush-Rudd’s Building the Education Revolution has already blown out by $1.5 billion – and will waste plenty more.’

    • They would look pretty stupid if they published something and it turned out to be totally false.

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • March 4th, 2010

      Darn it… just wrote an essay in reply and forgot to put a name etc and lost my comment! LOL

      Anyways… We’re on to it, Bolta’s on to it, the ABCC is on to it, the shadow minister and Abbott are on to it. KRudd is trying to make Health the new issue but it wont work. This is too much money over budget and means this is going to come back and bite Krudd and Gillard on the butt.

  1. Its an entertaining story however purely fictional. You dont build a building to a few scribbled notes, you need working drawings with a construction certificate approved by a certifier and council or land and environment court. One of the conditions is that the building is designed to the Building code of Australia codes, which regulates fire safety in schools, It is also the Builders responsibility to build to the Building code of Australia not “build exactly what was specified” as stated in the story, it is a condition of your license and as the companies winning the jobs have many years experience in the industry and are quite big makes the story even less believable, you simply cannot be a builder and build death traps than just blame it on the design, you would lose your license.

    But maybe I am making this up or maybe I am a moron, try for yourself, get some barely-detailed notes scribbled on some paper, half a page at best, take it to council and tell them you are going to build that on your property now and see how easy it is to get building approval.

    • I’ve seen the photos. And no, they weren’t literally scribbled but post #2 I think has the scope of works. There’s more info I have too, but that would reveal who my mole is and where he or she works. All in all, it seems to be legit.

      • LeftRightOut
      • March 4th, 2010

      Fernando, these BER projects did not go through council… not one has undergone any normal approval process as you or I would be required to do.

      • Carpe Jugulum
      • March 4th, 2010

      The “scribbled notes” as you put it were architectural notes on the initial structural drawing (tender drawings). I think you’ll find the drawings are certified by the engineer for structurals, as to certifications by councils & land and environment court, what on earth are you talking about.

      All buildings have to be built to the BCA, but the structure is put up according to the plans from the client, anything that is not up to speed is queried and submitted as an RFI. Where these aren’t responded to, it is built according to the plans, any failure for the building to meet fire codes or qualify for a certificate of occupancy rests with the client. Trust me you won’t lose your licence for this.

      When it comes to the companies building these, prior to the BER rollout all builders doing federal government work had to have AS 4801, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 to be able to tender for work. This was not the case with BER projects and unfortunately there are some builders out there not up to the task, quelle suprise.

      Fernando you obviously aren’t a builder, i am & have a CB-L licence, i’ve seen a few of these myself so trust me it looks legit.

      PS – yes you are a moron.

        • elsie
        • March 5th, 2010

        Ha! Ha! Fernando made me think of a song I liked when I was a little kid! I know the first initial is different in the title but thanks for that anyway

          • Carpe Jugulum
          • March 5th, 2010

          Good one Elsie

  2. To get building approval you dolt!!!
    Well it doesnt matter that your story is not true, as long as its entertaining.
    “I emailed Bolt and Blair. Not a word. It’s a head-scratcher.” that gets a big LOL from me. Wow you have a CB-L license I must give you the recognition you deserve…

    Fernando Noronha
    Human Resources
    Resolution Rigging

    PS. If your posts had any credibility what so ever, you would put your name to them, some people say your just cut because your crappy little company could not even get a chance to tender on these jobs. Not me, I think your a top bloke!

    • Bolt linked to the first installment of this series yesterday.

      • Just for clarity, Fernando, I, James Board, aka bingbing, am a blogger living in South Korea. I am not the mole in the building industry who came out with this info.

        You seem to be confusing me, carpe jugulum, and my mole in the building industry.

        If not, apologies, my mistake.

      • Carpe Jugulum
      • March 4th, 2010

      I hate to rain on your parade fernando but the company has 122 of these to build, mostly type L multipurpose halls, type G multipurpose halls, Type E, A, J, K admin style and regional Band 5 type C.

      FYI when i first saw bingbingss original post it resonated with me because it described quite accurately the round one tender process in Victoria and is different to the process in the northern states where packages were awarded by region to tier 1 builders. I am guessing that the mole is with a tier 1 builder.

      Also the company isn’t mine, it has six directors all with commercial unlimited licences, most of the PM’s, estimators & a few of the CA’s have commercial limited licences, we are what you would call a large tier 2 builder & we do work on the East coast, Singapore & Japan.

      I really can’t be bothered with a HR nuffy for a crane company, stick to what you know because construction isn’t it.

      I stand by my earlier estimation – you are a moron

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