Avatar’s socialist mantra taken down

What is it with Leftist Hollywood elites, their friends, and all the hypocrisy that abounds? Using James Cameron’s Avatar as a hook, Ed Driscoll examines (well, summarises) this further…

A point worth noting is that arguably, as the fervour surrounding the War on Terror reached its peak, so did the fervour surrounding AGW. It’s known as Freudian displacement, and the Left are masters of it.

Read on.

  1. Of course Avatar is a rather complex set of metaphors. It’s anti-corporatist, but only in a marginal way—the corporate “creep” character actually gives the “hero” a last chance. Working class military types are stereotyped as dumb and robotic. But here again, all bets are hedged in order to draw a larger audience, some of whom no doubt will identify…so the hero is also a military man. It is rather double-faced. That’s probably the most coherent criticism that can be made about a film that obviously tries very hard (like most big-budget Hollywood fare) to please everyone.

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