Why renewable energy sources won’t work – and why we’re in trouble already

Tony from Oz at PA Pundits puts out some sobering info…

The problem is that renewable power just cannot supply the power that is needed absolutely for 24 hours of every day, and that in turn leads to another problem of an even more serious nature. Those renewable plants are being constructed instead of plants that can supply those levels of power. Because of that, plants that actually can supply the required power have fallen into disfavour so much, that they are not being constructed at all, and in fact, not even being considered. When the realistion that renewables cannot supply that power, perhaps decades will be lost, and have already been lost, and then further time will be needed for those plants that can do the job to be constructed, hence there is a looming crisis with respect to the supply of electrical power.

And as for wind?

At the bottom left of the page at that link is the total for Wind power. When culled out from the overall renewable power total, this shows that Wind only supplies 1.8% of the overall total power delivered to all sectors of consumption in the U.S.

The post goes on to explain that wind operates at a mere 22.5% of capacity on average. Not good enough for our constant power needs.

Solar is even worse.

Solar, well that’s not really worth looking at, because in fact the total power delivered from Solar sources over the last year has in fact gone down, and a simple calculation shows that all the solar power plants in the U.S. supply only 0.02% of the total power, and read that carefully, 0.02%, the same amount of power being delivered from one large coal fired plant every 18 days.

Read the entire post. For the more mathematically minded, there are some nifty calculations there.

  1. James.
    Thanks for the link.

    • You’re welcome. Thanks for the post.

      • Say, where are you blogging from. I live here in Coomera at the Northern end of the Gold Coast in Queensland, and the blog where I’m the Editor is in Pennsylvania.

        • South Korea, mate, but I’m originally from the north side of Brisbane… and at 31, methinks I’m one of the younger Righties at Bolt’s or indeed in the blogosphere itself.

    • Vince Schultz
    • March 10th, 2010

    Very good, now to find someone that will let me tell them this..

    From Maclean, NSW Guys.

    • That’s a tough one. Korea is full of Lefty ESL teachers – go figure. I’ve learned not to bring politics up when out and about except with a few select people. It’s more trouble than it’s worth usually. Hooray for blogs!

  2. Good post. Unfortunately, decisions are often made according to the emotional currency rather than according to rational thought. “Green” has been sold as a holy word, so now the point is to wrap a pitch in holy words rather than facts. I like to point out that snot is green, too, just to be annoying.

    • And the thing Greenies don’t seem to understand is that no one’s against wind or solar power per se, just that they’d have to be a whole lot more efficient and cost-effective before so-called “sceptics” would embrace the idea.

      Sometimes it’s like talking to a three year old.

    • Scitt
    • September 29th, 2010

    This piece sums it up nicely:


    • Great link. Cheers!

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