US bloggers heaving over healthcare

At the moment, the rest of the world pretty much doesn’t exist. Paco takes the subtle approach by describing Obamacare as a “socialist nightmare”. Note that he doesn’t use the C word – communist.

The catlicks aren’t happy, either.

McCain’s sidekick, Smitty, is also kicking in the boot… literally. He’ll be in DC today (Tuesday) live blogging, snapping pics and all that jazz. Slackass.

Christopher Chantrill over at American Thinker notes that when it suited the Dems, rule changes were bad. Now with Obamacare in intensive care, rule changes are naturally good.

Carrie Budoff Brown over at Politico is all over Obamacare, too, yet on a more analytical bent. Ezra Klein also talks strategy.

Gateway Pundit exposes Nancy Pelosi’s odd logic that Obamacare should be debated properly after the bill is passed. Leftists seem to love doing that. Take the Iraq war for example. They’re still harping on about it despite a second successful democratic election.

Then Iowahawk takes the serious factor to a whole new level.

And finally, only Carol over at No Sheeples Here has decided (at time of posting) to blow the whole thing off, plug the Dukes, and organise a competition amongst the boys.

Anyway, kudos to them (and many others no doubt). And an open question since they’re all pretty up on the whole shebang: What will Obamacare do for this woman?

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