And it broke here first!

From the front page of today’s Australian…

THE cost of projects under the federal government’s $16.2 billion school infrastructure program more than doubles from initial estimates by the time builders start work.

And back here on February 4th.


Didn’t have any time this morning to write anything much on this. Just that, yes, after the intitial February 4th post, there were four other posts – a campaign if you will – specifically on the fiasco Rudd’s BER was becoming. And well, after that initial post, Andrew Bolt and Tim Blair were emailed – no use such a story just being on an obscure blog.

Oddly perhaps, there was no response from either. After a while, I emailed Bolt again, and thankfully this time, he put a link up to the initial post (an update on his last post of the day on March 3rd – almost a month later). From there, as another post here records, it made the SMH, Daily Telegraph and the Australian – but not the front page. Yet finally, the MSM had picked up the scent.

Anyway, all this goes to show that the citizen journalist, from time to time, can make a difference. It goes to show that whistle-blowers (aka my mole) aren’t necessarily restricted by just having to go to one of the major newspapers which, it has been demonstrated, can be slow to act.

Sure, it’d be nice if Bolt credited me in his post today. Methinks there’s a good chance the initial scent was picked up by the MSM due to Bolt’s first link to this site a little while back considering there were no stories about this until just after that link.

Regardless, whether all that’s forgotten, it’s nice to know (and I know my mole agrees) that a blogger in Korea and a bloke/sheila he’s never met played a part in wiping the smirk off Rudd’s (and Gillard’s?) face today.

From both of us – Cheers!


And the stories keep coming…


Thanks, Benson.

    • Carpe Jugulum
    • March 18th, 2010

    There is more to this than what the politician have told us, this will (in time) make ceiling insulation shambles pale into insignificance (hopefully without the fatalities). Keep fighting the good fight.

    • benson
    • March 19th, 2010

    Here’s another article, if you haven’t seen it yet:

  1. Congratulations mate. Well done you!

    • elsie
    • March 19th, 2010

    Good one! Congratulations.

    • Carpe Jugulum
    • March 20th, 2010

    Told ya, i still think this will stil blow out past the $25B mark………and that is looking like a safe bet.

    Wel done Bing for being the first to bring up this scandal.

    • Dminor
    • March 22nd, 2010

    You’re not just a pretty face, bing. Well done.

  1. March 18th, 2010

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