On the radar: Wyatt Roy

A whole lotta puff at the moment. But Queensland’s newest LNP candidate may end up being effective.

A good sign is that Anna Bligh, his nemesis, has moved quickly to praise him.

Classic politics, of course, and obviously Bligh is scared. As she should be.

I’m gonna say it straight out. And this is to you oldies out there. For this bloke to get to 19 and not be corrupted by the politics of the day, especially the politics the under-30s crowd has to endure everywhere we go, is testament enough.

I truly believe the older generations, and it’s not their fault, but I truly believe the older generations simply don’t know the amount of leftist bullshit us younger generations have been subjected to.

And for this 19 year old to come out as a righty? Kudos.

Yet sure. The bloke has to come up with some policies. But so far I have full confidence Wyatt will deliver… if he gets the support he has, so far, warranted. Call it a hunch.

N.B. It cannot be stressed enough how hard it is to cut through the Leftsist bullshit and still come out OK these days.

    • elsie
    • March 19th, 2010

    All good wishes to Wyatt! I don’t see how the ALP can throw stones. They endorsed a 20-year-old uni student to stand against Tucky in 2007:


    • The Wizard of WOZ
    • March 19th, 2010

    I think they did that because they know the only way to get rid of Wilson is to shoot him.

    He’s an old fashioned red neck who speaks his mind and has no time for BS. Thats why we love him and he keeps getting re-elected. The laborites cant understand why, so they’ll try any half brained scheme they can.

    • Who’s Wilson?


      Have you heard of Bob Catter?

  1. Sorry to say it but Sullivans private polling data has him in a solid position. A few photos with the PM, some extra spending, and he will be returned. Roy boy doesn’t stand a chance.

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