Taliban wants peace

Would it be too cynical to call BS on this one?

THE supreme leader of the Taliban, Mullah Mohammed Omar, has indicated he and his followers may be willing to hold peace talks with Western politicians.

They’re ready to lay down their arms, experiment with freedom? Was bing being too harsh?

They said he was prepared to engage in “sincere and honest” talks.

Progress at last?

At a meeting held at night deep inside Taliban-controlled territory, the Taliban leaders said that their military campaign had only three objectives: the return of sharia (Islamic law), the expulsion of foreigners and the restoration of security.

Oh, is that all? We should have peace by lunch.

    • The Wizard of WOZ
    • April 19th, 2010

    Expulsion of foreigners? How many of the mujahideen are Afghans?

    Or am I taking them too literally?

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