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If I were a greenie…

I’d be feeling like a right sucker about now. I’d be spewing up chunks of tofu and mung beans into my eco-friendly shopping bag. I’d key the side of my Prius. I’d stop cleaning the bird shit off my solar panels. Why? Because my hero has just splurged nearly nine million dollars of gaia-raping cash on a seaside mansion, that’s why.

And check out the comments from that link. It get’s even better.

I do think global warming exists and is manmade, however I think it is a result of NUCLEAR exposure, not carbon.

LULZ! They’re not called ecotards for nothing.

In related news, the woman who backed down from the “Draw Mohammed” campaign has clawed back a little kudos. She’s launched “Everybody Draw Al Gore Day”. Lame in comparrison, but kinda funny.


Obama vs MSM: relationship not so cosy – apparently

Given the favourable press coverage Obama has received from the get go, this is a little difficult to believe. That said, it’s a pretty comprehensive report. From Politico…

— Day-to-day interaction with Obama is almost nonexistent, and he talks to the press corps far less often than Bill Clinton or even George W. Bush did. Clinton took questions nearly every weekday, on average. Obama barely does it once a week.

— The ferocity of pushback is intense. A routine press query can draw a string of vitriolic e-mails. A negative story can draw a profane high-decibel phone call or worse. Some reporters feel like they’ve been frozen out after crossing the White House.

Remind you of anyone?

Busted Humor

Good site. The following picture is entitled, “Crappy Job.” TGIF.

A whole stack of stuff is there, so check it out.

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