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Sustainable immigration

Recently, a reader sent a link to a British Nationalist Party youtube video.

Immediate reaction probably may be that the BNP is a far-Right racist party, Islamophobic , anti-immigration et. al.

Wanna make this post as brief as possible.

I see parallels in radical and fundamantalist Islam. It’s like the old SNL Point:Counter Point.

But rather than write a Ph.D whilst half pissed and quite tired anyway, let’s try and cut to the chase.


Essentially it’s good. Just look at America and Australia. And it’s kinda funny watching the BNP get all up in arms about that. Oh, the irony.

But they do have a point, as poorly made as it is.

Take Korea, the Hermit Kingdom. Never the imperialist yet never the beacon of immigration, yet they’ve finally opened up to the outside world. Not that it’s all-accomodating to foreigners yet they’ve been pretty good.

Two points here: skilled migration. And 2: they don’t take shit from foreigners.

As a foreigner here, that at times has sucked, and it especially does for the newbies, but you either get used used to it (and prosper) or you fuck off home.

Countries like Korea, Japan and to a lesser extent, China, have the right mix.

The idea that I or anyone could come to Korea and get welfare is a fucking joke. The idea that Korea is supposed to bend over backwards for me (which they arguably do anyways for me, a skilled migrant) is a joke also.

Mass immigration in our countries was OK for a period, but when it comes to Islam in particular, yet a whole lotta other bunch of welfare wannabes too, drips and drabs is the only way to go… at best.

Take the Singapore model, which has a 15% Islamic population but Singapore doesn’t take shit. And what’s their refugee and asylum seeker (and there is a difference) intake?

Sure, that video IS confronting. No, it’s not the end of days, but at best, it’s not picture perfect, and it deserves some genuine discussion…. Discussion devoid of the the typical Leftist “YOu RaaaaaaaaCist” infantile nonsense.


A few choice words are now printed in white.


Wake up, pussy!

About to retire but I smelled the puppy.

Eek, something sounds icky about that. And I grew up with a black cat.

Yet, in another sense, the editor got it spot on!


Oil in Israel

This might shake it up a bit…

All big oil and gas fields have geopolitical significance, but we haven’t seen a big oil find in recent years that could matter more than the Leviathan field in the Mediterranean Sea off of Israel. In recent days Houston-based Noble Energy and its Israeli partner Delek (controlled by Israeli billionaire Yitzhak Tshuva) announced that Leviathan could hold upwards of 4.3 billion barrels of oil.

This is hugely important for Israel, which doesn’t exactly see eye-to-eye with its oil-rich Arab neighbors. Israel is almost completely reliant on imported oil, producing less than 4,000 barrels per day of its 250,000 bpd demand. If Leviathan pans out, it could have enough oil to satisfy Israel for more than two decades.

Let’s see how Iran reacts to this. Perhaps not so well.

Inpex, the Japanese state-backed energy group, is poised to relinquish its remaining share of Iran’s Azadegan oilfield as tightening economic sanctions threaten companies that do business with Tehran.

Cue the fun!

But surely there’s more? Why, yes there is.

Japan tightened sanctions against Iran on September 3 as part of a US-led effort to curtail Tehran’s suspected nuclear weapons programme. It banned new investment in energy development, restricted financial dealings and froze assets of people and institutions linked to Iranian “nuclear activities”.

Add it up. Iran nukes. Israel nikes, er, sorry, nukes. Iran oil. Now Israel oil.

Fun fun fun!… not… kinda…

And poor little Kim Jong-il or his last-chance son will need a better mention than on this blog to try and remain relevant.

They sank an SK warship last time. What next?

Subway emergency intercom found to be faulty

What if there was a real emergency? This could well be not just specific to Taipai. Full story below.

Cee Lo cyberfied

Tim Blair readers and about a billion other people out there are most likely well are aware of Cee Lo Green’s massive single entitled “F*ck You”. In fact, the original film clip is arguably better than the official one. Both are NSFW, incidentally.

Anyway, it hasn’t taken long and the cyber geeks have gotten on to it… and this one is SFW unless your boss is reading your screen. Enjoy…


Democrat dirt machine digs on

Picture this: A woman hires a house-keeper. The house-keeper provides the relevant documents to show that she is legally allowed to work in the country. Later, 9 years later, she reveals that she is in fact an undocumented illegal worker.

Sadly, the boss is compelled to fire her.

The illegal worker then sues her boss.

Huh? How can an illegal worker sue her boss when all her boss did was follow the law?

Easy. When the boss is Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Meg Whitman, and the race is neck and neck with Democrat Jerry Brown.

Oh, and the lawyer working pro bono for the illegal worker? Heavy ties to the Democrat party and a supporter of Jerry Brown.

Wind farms cracking up?

No, not laughing at you because they’ve swindled billions from the gullible and not-so-gullible tax payer, but literally the concrete foundations they rest on.

So far, it’s not 100% confirmed but have a read:

I am at an energy conference in Europe.

Yesterday I talked to two friends of mine who are involved in civil engineering in the UK. They both told me that concrete foundations for onshore wind turbine towers in the UK are starting to crack. Apparently it is being hushed up as much as possible. (There is only a small possibility that this is an unfounded rumour. But, as always, the possibility exists.)

The lawyers are deep into it with accusations of negligence and the like flying in all directions. Apparently the defence has been that they were built according to the current code. But there seems to be no doubt that the code is inadequate. But does the engineer have an obligation to design something that will meet the requirements of that particular site or blindly follow a code? And then there is the fact that they are part of a fixed price turnkey package so everybody has always tried to cut foundations and everything else to the absolute minimum.

Anyway, if this problem is widespread it will be the biggest blow to windpower in the UK so far.

Read on.

It’d be interesting to find out how they’re doing in Australia. Will all wind farms turn out like these wind farm graveyards?

One can only hope.

Further reading on renewable energy nonsense.

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