Labor to form minority government

Well, it was close, but not close enough for Tony Abbott and the Coalition. With independents Tony Winsor and Rob Oakeshott backing Labor, despite being in largely conservative electorates, Julia Gillard will be able to for a minority ALP/Greens government with a slim 76/74 advantage.

The mining industry must be overjoyed, along with a majority of Australians.

Dennis Shanahan:

Gillard built public momentum and expectation that Labor would form government with her alliance with the Greens and public campaigning.

This was despite losing her majority at the election and being behind in the number of seats, the two-party preferred vote and the primary vote as well as the voters in the three rural independents’ seats supporting the Coalition over Labor.

Think about that boys. Enjoy your fun while it lasts. And was it Oakeshott’s conservative electorate that persuaded him or that offer of a ministry? You be the judge.

The silver lining to all this is of course that an Abbott government wouldn’t have had much clout anyway, and probably not much will get done before July next year when the Greens get that Senate control. Unfortunately, if Labor is still around come that time, Australia can expect some very nasty stuff. As you proably well know, the biggest doozys will be power plants shut down, mining driven offshore, massive tax increases, an un-rortable $43 billion dollar white elephant NBN and probably quite a number of other disasters, too.

I must say, the weather’s been nice in South Korea lately.

PS And as we all know, no one knew of this Labor/Greens coalition before the election. No, that handy bit of electioneering came afterwards. Quite the con job.


Paul Kelly:

As far as the parliament is concerned I think there is now a real risk of a weak government delivering poor policy or not too much policy…

This is so much WIN.

An ineffectual government that can’t do squat? Meanwhile, the Greens are exposed for who they truly are? This is awesome.

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