Tim Blair has published an excellent wrap-up of the latest and greatest of the albeit cooling climate change debate. Of particular recent interest is the now-pulled (yet resurrected) 10:10 commercial comically depicting teachers blowing students to bits in front of their classmates.

Similar scenes follow. Activists have moved from earlier warnings that you’ll be killed by climate change to a new threat that you’ll be killed by activists. The latest message is simple: if you aren’t a warmist, you deserve to become a warm mist.

Read the lot. Blair is in fine form. As is the rest of the sane blogosphere. Blair reader, Curious, has posted a handy link to 22 groups and companies who have sponsored the envirocidal 10:10 operations. H/T to Richard Sharpe who first posted the link over at Watts Up With That on that one, too.

And don’t miss the latest and greatest version of Splattergate.


Am rather partial to Iain Hall’s take on all of this.

Well I have been thinking about this vid a fair bit over the last few days and I think that Richard Curtis is actually a sceptic who has set out to subvert the alarmist message by pointing out the essential fascism of the green movement and what he has done is to make a film about what the most dedicated would really like to do, namely kill all of us who question their religious orthodoxy. That he managed to do this on an alarmist website is a victory for scepticism about AGW.

James Delingpole, however, isn’t. I’m willing to take a bet each way and argue whilst it may not have been Curtis’ intention, inadvertently, it was a good result for the sceptics.


Jo Nova goes climate Jihadist.

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