The Korean F1 GP: to be or not to be?

Would you believe it but it’s still far from being a dead certainty that the F1 race in the south-western seaside city of Mokpo will go ahead. The circuit should have been completed, ready, good to go – that is, pass inspection – more than two months ago. In reality, the final layer of tarmac was laid last Tuesday and a final do-or-die inspection will occur on the 11th.

All this is cutting it awfully fine for a race that’s scheduled for 20 days time.

A lot of the problems seem to have stemmed from the fact that the province in which Mokpo lies lobbied and paid for the race. The federal government wasn’t so gung-ho for it and subsequently coughed up hardly any dough. It seems to be one of those cases where you can have something built fast, cheap and/or well, but not all three. Looks like Mokpo had to sacrifice the “fast”. And let’s hope it’s just the “fast”. Meanwhile, the provincial government is blaming the federal government like that’ll do any good now.

Ho hum, all this means the F1 circus could head straight to Brazil after this Sunday’s Japanese GP. Being in possession of two Korean GP tickets, one certainly hopes not. The silver lining, if there is one, is that a cancellation could make it easier for Australia’s Mark Webber, currently 11 points in the lead, to take the world championship (more of a tin lining if you ask me).

It will be very embarrassing for Korea if they stuff this one up, and Mokpo will lose a ton of cash.

Here’s to praying to the F1 gods that that bloody track is ready this time next week.

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