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Whoopie’s fail

No, not whoopee cushions. Sure they usually fail, but who still doesn’t want to catch someone else out for the first time again?

No, this is about Whoopie Goldberg.

Take this:

Yet Whoopie, a major Leftist, still continues to bury her head in the sand. Not even Ostriches bury their heads in the sand.

An accurate point was made (but by the left’s pariah, Bill O’Reilly); the 9/11 perpetrators were Muslims and thus building the Ground Zero mosque is inappropriate. Mosque fine. Location no. Yet Whoopie – it’s not rape-rape – Goldberg, a woman who chooses to defend a man who drugged, raped and sodomised a 13 year old girl… rather than realise the fact that yes, the terrorists who did 9/11, were, yes, Muslim, instead decides to shoot the messenger.

“That’s such b*llshit!”

To her credit, however, is that she did come back on stage after obvious point was made obvious; that being that Islamic terrorists do not represent Islam as a whole…. right???

That said, can we all be rational and take a squiz at the relationship between Islamic terrorism and Islam? We may get some stuff wrong at first, but this issue really needs a good hard look at. And, yes, with all the inevitable truths, mistakes, and everything in between that will no doubt emerge.

Whoopie Goldberg continues to be famous, yet has this kind of fantastical idea of how the world should be. It is completely devoid of anything realistic.

Her movie, “Sisterhood”, was great but it’s a movie. Going into an established convent and shaking it all up, gettin’ ’em all to break out and sing and dance and wave their hands about… In Whoopie’s mind, it appears that that is real life to her.

Reality check, Whoopie. Islamic extremists want you dead.

In comparison, I just wish you’d shut up and settle down… at least until you gain some mental maturity.


The drug economy

In the post below, the US economy has had a brief squiz at, namely because of new budget data out today.

Sure, it’s all a bit vague. Who really knows -who could possibly know – exactly how much money is out there in the world?

But speaking of money, a recent article of interest was some pictures inside a recently-busted Mexican druglord’s mansion. There was money stuffed everywhere. There was even a pic of $18 mil in cash. It was a huge pile of dough.

Just how big is the drug economy?

Well, that’s impossible to accurately ascertain… even God would have to go AFK and use that finger to scratch his head.

Regardless, here are some basic estimates.

A far cry from the US economy, or even the Australian one ($1 trillion), the overall drug market value back in 2003 was estimated at $322 Billion.

In recent years, the US has spent a whisker under $70 billion fighting it.

The whole shebang.

It’s funny when you think about how much you earn – perhaps more than others – then think about those who make more than you, then companies, countries, drug economies, debt, deficits, surpluses etc. etc… the whole shebang.

It reminds me of something… (and do watch that vid… it’s got the best soundtrack out of all of them, and the best graphics, too)

It reminds me of something else, too; the fundamental flaw in Keynesian economics… that there’s only so much money out there.

A $1 trillion+ budget deficit… again: wow!

Guys, that’s a lot of money... that you don’t have.

The Obama administration is set to report Friday that the federal budget deficit exceeded $1 trillion for the second straight year, providing critics of government spending with fresh ammunition ahead of the midterm congressional elections.

And they’re all Ben Franklins aka $100 bills.

More perspective from the source.

Still, arguably, the total value of the US is $110 trillion*. But your total debt seems to be about $13-odd billion^. Still, a bit over 10% isn’t too bad.

No use ramping it up, though, is there? Tsk, tsk, Obama.

*If anyone has a better link, could they please share it?

^ As off 2009. That’d be $14-odd trillion now, right?

Grown men singing Lady Gaga

This is a hoot (and they’re bloody good)!

Confession time: I am a fan… of both.

Who are they? They’re the University of Oregon acapella men’s choir known as On the Rocks. And there’s more of them here.

The video has been viral for a while now (hey, it’s hard to catch everything!).

H/T Magx2

Alan Jones on farmers and the Murray Darling fiasco

It’s well worth a listen. Jones sums it up brilliantly.

Listen here.

If only it had been permanent…

How do people watch that show on a regular basis?

Full version here…

Remember, that’s the same Whoopi Goldberg who stated that drugging, raping and sodomising a 13 year old girl wasn’t “rape-rape”.

More Labor waste

Remember the free-insulation scheme? We’re talking 6000 short-term jobs at $330,000 each. Andrew Bolt has the details.

The BER, NBN, free-insulation… just how much money this government can waste is stupendous.

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