Nice try, treasurer. Expats beware: Govt. wants to “acquire” your Superannuation

I’ve been an expat for around five years now.

MORE than $13 billion in inactive or lost superannuation accounts is about to be taken by the Government unless the owners claim them.

Laws introduced last year by the Federal Government mean that, from this month, funds in inactive super accounts can be transferred into consolidated revenue. It is estimated that the government will fill its coffers with about $10 billion from these accounts in the next five years.

Essentially, a desperate Wayne Swan is trying to steal my Aussie superannuation which is a considerable amount.

Here’s the trick: Is my account “active”? i.e. Have there been employee or personal contributions over the last five years? If not, Swan swipes my stash.

Well, Swannie, here’s to squashing your swipe.*

Nice try, Duck.

BTW, Wayne, the idea of superannuation is that money I, an Australian citizen, have earned and put in Super is protected.

You utter dog!

*Account fixed… but only just in time.

  1. Hi,
    Thank You for the information. I will be ringing my Super tomorrow, as I no longer work, but I cannot get my Super yet. I think it’s about time Aussies started taking to the streets, this is getting way out of control.

    • Richard Ryan
    • October 22nd, 2010

    YES COMRADES! We have two wars to fight which are costing billions of taxpayers dollars to real Australians who work here on this continent—it’s only fair the war cheer squad pay for the war—-I taken my super out before the Wall Street crash, when asked my reason for doing so, I told the mob of “economic terrorists” to get fucked, and felt really good about telling them so.

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