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Rest in Peace, old friend

The Sony Walkman has died. It was 31.

The very first walkman, the Sony TPS-L2


Paul the octopus has died, too.


Obama: then and now

Remember when Obama famously said there was not “a Liberal America and a Conservative America”, only “the United States of America”? How times have changed. Now the mantra is for the Dems to punish their enemies.

Remember when he called for bipartisan government? Well, sure, Obama reckons the Right can come along for the ride, but now they have to “sit in back”.

So there you go: change!

Oh, and BTW, the desperate Dems are continuing their age-old practice of literally paying people to vote. But no worries, the Democrat propaganda machine MSNBC is covering for them.

With three trillion added to US debt in just two short years, the Democrats deserve to be sucker punched (figuratively speaking). So there’s no sympathy here for them as the Republicans are set to win the right to redraw the district maps.


Obama’s approval rating is at it’s lowest ever – 37%.


Speaking of dirty Dem voting techniques, there’s more. Harry Reid’s name is coming up on ballots as already checked, and other machines are checking Democrat when the voter checked Republican.

The machine technicians are all members of the SEIU.

And yet again, many in the US military – predominately Republican voters – aren’t getting their ballots in time.

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