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Mark Webber’s car

A random F1 pic…

They forgot to put on the “avoid wall” sticker.


Let me think about it…

Holy shit, you are old, Paco!

No, it’s not a fedora. It’s a Mark Webber Red Bull F1 cap (fat lot of good it did). And don’t give me me any jinx crap! Mark didn’t even see it… but Alonso did.


Who in their right mind would defend Al Gore?

University of NSW professor, Tim Lambert, that’s who.

It all started with this column.

Lambert is at the bar of stupid and is proceeding to get blitzed.


Hey teacher! Leave them kids alone!

Why do US Democrats always resort to voter fraud?

Because they know the can’t win fair and square very often?

As was touched on a few days ago, it is now clear the Democrats are going to cheat again.

And when they cheat, they cheat big time!

Seriously, checking Republican but the “automated” machines spit out Democrat… four times in a row???

Restoring sanity? John Stewart might be funny after a few bongs, but he needs to quit drinking the Kool Aid.

Bombs mailed to the US

Wanna play a game? OK! Test game!

Were the bombs mailed from:

A: Australia

B: Switzerland

C: Yemen



ESL Arabica style!

Ban the Haka? No way!

Man, Stephen Jones needs a hug. One suggestion is that he actually go to a game and watch the Haka. It’s a spectacle that would be sorely missed.

I mean, really. Just how sphinterial can one get? Call the police!

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