The most common English words

Three hundred words comprise 60-65% per cent of all written English.

Listing these words is relevant to my interests. Firstly because it’s a shameless hitcount grab. Secondly, I can print this post out at work tomorrow for my kids (you know, being an ESL teacher and all). I’ve done it before but not at my current job location… and they have tests soon.

  1. What? I don’t see the most common word used by me when sitting in front of a computer or while driving down the road.

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • November 30th, 2010

    “battle” and “tank” are both missing …


    • Carpe Jugulum
    • November 30th, 2010

    Oh, c’mon Bing, where the hell are the most important words……….beer & chips or V8 & Ute????? I’ve got nothing else. 🙂

  2. On this one, I think Vulture was closer to the mark.

    But hey, it’s for the kids soooooo…….

    • anon
    • November 30th, 2010

    I thought porn would have rated in the top ten

    • LOL, it’s the most common words, not the most common google search queries!

    • luis dominguez
    • September 15th, 2012

    what about usa

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