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Happy New Year!

May it be the Year of the Libertarian, with many more milleniumZ to come!

An oldie but a goodie. Get’s me UP, hope it gets YOU2

I swear to God the future of the human race lies in Libertarianism.

Another oldie for those motherfuckers who don’t like electronic crap. Looked at honeymoon packages today with lady bing. It’s a bit sad but finally she got the reality check I’ve been gently pushing…

It’s gonna take allotta money!!! LOL

Happy New Year, folks.

Peace and Love.


NYE Prelims

Gonna have to play Sean’s 66 min mix later, but for starters…

How to mix

This is how to do it. The world’s best DJ, IMHO.

2011. May it be the year for the Libertarian!

Had enough of Conservative politics? Burned out by Bush? Thought Obama was the answer? A lurch to the Left? And, well, look how that turned out?

Try Libertarian, folks. Ron Paul has the US Fed in his sights, and finally those draconian Aussie road rules might get a beating, too!

Christmas=Islam attacks?

Met a Muslim bloke on Christmas Eve. Great guy.

So why this?

Muslims attack Christians on Christmas Eve.

No Western media outrage. But what’s really ironic is that, of course, Jesus is revered in Islam, too.

Sounds like a bunch of thugs using Islam as a cover.

But then, closer to home…

THE father of a young girl shot by a crazed gunman who knocked on the door says he has no idea why his family was targeted.

Mouhamad Alkadmani
opened the door to the man at his Chester Hill home about 10.30pm last night.

The man, who asked for Zach or a similar sounding name, was hiding around the corner and out of view, and Mr Alkadmani said he must have the wrong address and closed the door.

The man began firing through the closed wooden door, with bullets ricocheting off walls, one hitting his 11-year-old daughter Mariam.

His 16-year-old son Karem saw his sister bleeding and crawled on the ground toward her.

“He keeps shooting, shooting, shooting until he finished the magazine and that’s it,” Mr Alkadmani said.

Thanks for bringing a bunch more crime to Oz. Yep, no way you’re dealing drugs to our teenagers, you cunt.*

Like fuck you have no idea why it happened. If only you’d accept and adopt what is a pretty good way of life instead of bringing your old world shit here.

And now you’re hitting our girls? No mention of “Mohammed” in this article but we all know who did it.

Real reform in Islam must happen from within.

*My server is in Texas, SO FUCK YOU.

4th test, day 3


Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow. Spare a thought for all us expats over here away from family, even if there are many wonderful networks; friends whom I consider family.

And Aussies, before you complain about the heat tomorrow, just keep in mind it’s currently -4 degrees C here and will drop to -9 tonight with a balmy top of 0 expected tomorrow.

Again, Merry Christmas!

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