The real news makes its mark

It’s OK. The grandson is going to keep it going.

Bill Samuels Jr., president of bourbon distiller Maker’s Mark, announced Wednesday that he intends to retire in April, ending 35 years at the helm of the company known for its bottles with red wax and its distillery in Loretto

That’s Loretto, Kentucky, folks; not Loretto Nebraska nor Loretto Tennessee.

As a side note, Stan McChrystal went to West Point Loretto Tennessee but Ob Man didn’t appreciate Stan PWNing him.

Yeah, well. Jack Daniel’s isn’t real Bourbon, either.*

While Maker’s Mark is owned by Beam Global Spirits & Wine, the company will stay in the family, so to speak, as Samuels’ son, Rob, will take the reins after his father’s retirement.

In an ever-changing world, continuity where it counts is paramount.

No, Wild Turkey Rare Breed it is not, but crude Scotch it is not, either.

The new teacher at the school is from Kentucky and is vegetarian. Good bloke, but go figure.

*Why so many Loretto’s, guys???? Explaining the difference between Bourbon, how any Kentucky whiskey is called that nowadays, and Tennessee whiskey (even if it tastes kind of the same) is hard enough as it is!

  1. It is merely a source of pride. Tennessee is known for its “sipping Whiskey”, while “Kentucky Bourbon” is world renowned. Like all whiskeys, they have distinct flavors, but the difference between “whiskeys” and “bourbons” is whether you drink them with your pinkie extended or not.

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • January 14th, 2011

    Bourbon/”Tennessee sipping whisky” is basically Irish whiskey without the proper aging time.


    • Jameson and Jim Beam taste pretty different but. Then there’s that Canadian Club concoction, itself a poor imitation of real Bourbon.

    • Winston Smith
    • January 14th, 2011

    The US makes this Scotch stuff as well?
    I remember my delight when I found out they made red wine in other colours too!

    • dickie
    • January 15th, 2011

    AH YES! When the American was asked if he would like red or white wine, he replied it did not make any difference—– as he was colour blind—-not funny, well I have a dry sense of humour, I like a dry red myself.

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