Alene Composta, we all feel your pain

If only those evil right-wing hate mongers would just leave her and everyone else alone and truly let the world slide into progessivism.

Derek Sapphire tells it how it is.

Fellow travellers, if you peruse the rancid right-wing reaches of the blogosphere as I do from time to time, then surely you will have heard about a blogger called Alene Composta. Now, there is a meme going round that she is some kind of cyber-sock puppet created by a hateful conservative with the explicit intention of shaming the ABC.

As regular readers of this blog know, similarly vile and false rumours have been spread about myself. I have even been named by an appalling AmerKKKan commenter on a blog post as having something to do with Ms Composta’s “fabrication”. So I am now an interested party and have a few things to say on the matter.

  1. Who knew Alene had such passionate friends and supporters?

    Oh, Alene. We do love you.

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