Trump vs Obama: just show the birth certificate

And even the View’s audience gave him an applause.

Faily or unfairly, it is still an issue, so why not just show the original and put all this to rest?

H/T Insty.


Treacher’s take (essentially Hillary would have dug it up if there was anything to it, and don’t lump birthers in the same category as truthers).

  1. My take on this issue is that Obamas birth certificate says he is white.
    And that is the BIG issue.

  2. Stupid Pride. That is why he does not show it. He refuses to be “bullied” and he thinks this is just a bullying tactic. Those who think he is so smart are the only ones stupider than he is.

    • Red, Whit and Blue
    • March 26th, 2011

    A birth certificate doesn’t show race. I’m an American and mine doesn’t say what my race is. So race isn’t the issue here. I think it is location. His own aunt said he was born in Kenya. His family can’t even agree which hospital he was born in. There are questions and those questions should be raised, but it has been two years. So the only remedy to this situation is to vote him out of office, which I’m pretty sure will happen.

    • The child’s race is not listed, but the parents races are.

  3. I’m with Treacher.

    Keep in mind, the original “Birthers” WERE Hillary Clinton supporters, way back during the primaries. If even they couldn’t get any traction, then it’s pretty much a waste of effort for anyone still to be hung up on it.

    Good for a LOL or two, but. 😛

  4. But by the by, “Red White” * Winston… my birth certificate (North Carolina, 60s-vintage) does indeed have boxes for mother’s race and father’s race. I don’t know if it’s still the case, though, but at least in NC in the case of a mixed-race baby (mother and father of different races) I believe it was pretty much up to the registrar to decide which one to assign to the baby. There were no “mixed-race” boxes to tick – it was pretty much (pardon the pun) a black & white world back then. If the mother was white, and the baby looked as though he could possibly “pass”, they probably would have thought they were doing everyone a favour by declaring him “white” rather than “black”.

    • That was pretty much what I was thinking, spot.
      There’s an old saying in medicine If you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras.
      So the simplest thing would be the birth certificate says he’s white. And that would REALLY screw up the narrative.

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