Obama’s war: InstaWar!

It’s a bit of a head-scratcher, really. Not that Ghaddafi (or however you want to spell it) is a saint, but it seems odd to be siding with his opponents when they have admitted links to al Qaeda.

Weren’t we supposed to be fighting against terrorism?

The oil was flowing out of Libya just fine (as it was in Iraq), so it can’t be about that.

So just what is it about? Obama needed a war of his own?

Slate reckons he’s contradicting himself – a plausible conclusion since Obama’s schtick has been all about the US looking after number one and not interfering so much.

And then there’s the running joke out there: “I authorized this war that is not a war, which is narrowly focused but broad in scope, so we could lead. As helpers.”

No, that’s not an actual quote from Obama’s speech, but if you read it through, that’s what it basically boils down to.

Or seems to boil down to (just what does it boil down to?). A handy wordcloud notes Obama went heavy on the “people” line.

But what people? The Libyans who can’t afford to eat? Al Qaeda’s recruits whom the “people” he’s supporting have links to?

Obama (real quote): “This voice is just one of many in a region where a new generation is refusing to be denied their rights and opportunities any longer.”

OK, mate. But you’re not sounding all that convincing right now.

Anyway, good luck with it… if you can figure out what it is you’re actually doing.

H/T Insty and spot.

PS Where’s Michael Ware?


Rush reckons it is about oil – Europe’s this time (like Europe needs Libya’s oil if the proverbial were ever to hit the fan).


Are Righties now gonna protest “No War for Oil”?

I read a lot of media, and I didn’t hear squat about any oil flow problem out of Libya before this new war started.

Let’s face it. This war – well at least the need for multilateral international involvement in it – has essentially come out of nowhere. Is this InstaWar?

More from spot @ Tizona.



    • Popcorn
    • March 29th, 2011

    Libya awarded oil contracts of some kind to Russia, China and Brazil rather than the Europeans.

    • If that’s the case, then why not just tell it straight?

      Plus… Russia needs oil???

      And keeping that line, is this Obama apologising to Europe after their interests in Iraq were meddled with?

      • I think he meant Iraq – Libya is heavily invested in by Europe.

        • Either way, we’re not being told any kind of decent reason why.

          Is there even a reason other than Obama wants to look “presidential”?

          No way I’m buying any kind of war-for-oil pretext ATM when we have all the oil we need.

          That said, nor am I buying any “freedom for the people” crap, either.

          It really just seems to be a war so that he – Obama – can have a war; no pretext, just InstaWar.

    • BTW, popcorn indeed!

  1. Well, I can answer the “Where’s Michael Ware” question … in Brisbane, putting together a movie about his experiences in Iraq. Will be posting more details on my site as they become available.

    • Good to see Michael is doing well. I understand it was an arguably successful yet difficult time for him in Iraq. Despite our apparent political differences, he’s an Old Boy of the same school, so it’s good to hear of any updates.

      The point I’m making is that CNN’s and much of the MSM’s coverage during the Iraq war – which has turned out to be a reasonable success – was very dramatic, dare one say negative.

      By contrast, CNN’s coverage of Obama’s War is very matter-of-fact.

      Why the change of tone?

      PS Feel free to drop by again with any movie updates.

    • Merilyn
    • March 30th, 2011

    Hi bing hope you are feeling better, sorry to read on Tim Blair’s blog yesterday that you were feeling off colour.
    You are right by the way, the difference in reporting by CNN is quite startling.

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • March 30th, 2011

    Amongst other things, the map used by Mr Limbaugh to show “European Oil” as being the driver of this war, includes the names of two US oil companies, who in turn represent notably large chunks of apparent Libyan oil territory. Probably both are expected to be major contributors to Mr Obama’s next campaign.


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