More No Carbon Tax Rally photos

With a huge thanks to Magsx2 for sending these on; this tax – on carbon dioxide, not carbon – is still to be introduced, and there’s no use going quiet just because of some shrill MSM media.

And remember, folks, there’s an additional rally planned for Sydney, Hyde Park, 10:30 am on this Saturday, April 2nd.


Via Tim Andrews at Menzies House:

And this on a day where Carbon Tax Chief Salesman, palaeontologist Tim Flannery, admitted on radio [link here – bingbing] that, even if the entire world shut down all its carbon emmissions tomorrow, it would take a thousand years for the effects to be felt.

Caution: Extremists! warning. Violent fossils await!

And Via reader Sean of Deer Park who’s been interviewed by Chris Smith at MTR <i>and</i> via Tim Andrews:


PS Good luck today, Andrew.

    • Catching up
    • March 30th, 2011

    Where is the aerial photo?

    • Hi CU,
      I assume it’s Canberra, these photo’s were sent to me by a friend who said they were photo’s from the Canberra Rally.

  1. Hi,
    I’m predicting that the rally in Sydney will be huge, GetUp of course is doing a rally too, I had a look at their web site for the first time yesterday, my God they must have a heap of sponsors, they seem to be going all out for their own rally on Saturday. I never thought I would see the day when the average Aussie worker would be rallying for more tax, it beggars belief.

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