I’ll just leave this here…

No. Not quite yet. Pre-wedding shoot. Those are real silk hanboks, however, and not rented or borrowed.

  1. Your bride-to-be is gorgeous. Best wishes.

    • Thank you, good sir. Now speaking of beautiful events, are you able to post that first post at Tizona?

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • April 20th, 2011

    A very handsome couple. Lady Bing is truly beautiful, BB. I’ll bet you two are getting excited as the big day nears.

    Awesome, and cultured. I’m excited for you!

    • Excited? Gawd. After all the organising shit? For two frickin’ weddings?

      And yeah, dude. You think I’m gonna marry dumb and ugly? 😉

      LBB… hot or what?

  2. Hi,
    Lovely photo’s, I agree with others here you make a lovely couple and Lady Bing is very beautiful. Can’t wait to see the Wedding photo’s. I wish you both all the best for the upcoming Wedding.

    • What?!?! More photos?!?! LOL.

      Thanks for your well wishes, mags. And just a wee request (no, I don’t have to go to the bathroom.. well, er, anyway…), keep posting those awesome vids you post. There haven’t been many opportunities to show them in class lately, but they’re the perfect remedy to a pretty distracted blogger who ATM doesn’t have the energy nor inclination to blog the serious stuff.

      How Bolta’s site maintained while he’s going through that ridiculous court case is an absolute credit.

    • Merilyn
    • April 20th, 2011

    What a very handsome couple you make, bing, you are very lucky to have met such a beautiful girl, hope your day goes well. Thank you for putting the photos in.

    • Thanks Merilyn. And it looks like I may be giving the restaurant in Australia a big plug, too, but I’ll wait til the fat lady sings on that one. That said, the owner has been so helpful so far, unbelievable.

      And yes, I am extremely lucky (but one makes one’s own, right?). I met lady bingbing at a party just after I’d returned home from Oz after having to be with family after what happened with Ash.

      I’m not overly Christian but the Lord does certainly work in mysterious ways.

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • April 20th, 2011

    Nice pics, … not a stand-in?


    • No. It’s not YOUR wedding photos.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • April 21st, 2011

    Here’s an idea for the big day!


    • Isn’t it a great vid? I first saw it on Magx2’s blog (in the blogroll). She has a knack for finding awesome vids.

        • Merilyn
        • April 22nd, 2011

        Now bing don’t get any ideas!!!!
        However I love that video, tried to send it from the newspaper to various people, but as yet don;t think anyone received it, told Paco and he has put it up too.

  3. Thanks for all your kind wishes, guys.

    • Carpe Jugulum
    • April 21st, 2011

    How enchanting, Lady Bing looks stunning, you look good too.

    Lady Jugs sent this – hanayome sugata no kanojo ha ichidan to utsukushi katta

    ‘She will look beautiful in her wedding dress’ i’m pretty sure i got most of the translation right.

    Either way the Jugulum family wishes you both well.

    Oh yeah…………y

      • Carpe Jugulum
      • April 21st, 2011

      Oh yeah…………you are still paying for the drinks in August (thats what i meant to type)

      • No worries. Soju is 3 bucks a bottle at restaurants… think of copious amounts of it as a cultural experience. Don’t tell LJ, but I will fuck you up. 😉

        • Carpe Jugulum
        • April 21st, 2011

        Bring it on tiny white man, i’ll supply the Kirin first press hops beer chasers.

        I’ll have you beer sneezing until you’re 50. :p

    • elsie (of brisbane)
    • April 21st, 2011

    What a beautiful photo….a perfect setting for two lovely people. I am sure you are going to have a very happy future together. All my best wishes for your wedding.

    • Thanks, elsie. Although the honeymoon isn’t in Brisbane, we have a stopover there. Toyota ain’t got nothing compared to oh what a feeling it is to fly over and then land at my hometown.

      Been a few times now.

      And you know what really gets me (apart from the whisky specials at the pre-customs duty free and the lack of a smoking lounge upon arrival)?

      It’s like one time when I was walking off the plane, through the tunnel thingy, and heard some airport personnel… AUSSIE ACCENTS!!!

        • elsie (of brisbane)
        • April 27th, 2011

        I know the feeling, bingbing.. Even tho’ I was not born in Oz, I’ve lived here most of my life, and just getting on a Qantas plane and hearing the crews’ accents. gives you that feeling of being on your way home!

    • mabba
    • April 21st, 2011

    So beautiful- even the bloke

    • Gotta love photoshop. 😉

      • J.M. Heinrichs
      • April 22nd, 2011

      … (be nice, it’s a wedding thing) …


      • LOL. I wasn’t mad.

    • missred
    • April 22nd, 2011

    congratulations! you do indeed make a lovely couple – she is absolutely gorgeous.

    • Thanks, missredi.

    • JeffS
    • April 22nd, 2011

    Congratulations to you and the future Mrs. bingbing!

    May you live as long as you love, and love as long as you live.

    • Well said. Cheers.

    • bruce
    • April 22nd, 2011

    Best wishes to you both!

    • Thanks, mate.

  4. Does this mean you won’t be drunkblogging so much? (Or has that already ceased?)

    She’s gorgeous…. how a reprobate like you caught her I’ll never know.

    Good luck! I’ll look for more gorgeous pix later.

    • I’ll answer each question/statement one at a time.

      No. No.Yes.Coz I’m awesome. Thanks. Cheers.

  5. Congrats, bing!

    • Thanks! {hugs}

    • Deborah Leigh
    • April 23rd, 2011

    Congratulations! May you have many happy years together!

    • Thank you. Intend to.

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