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Hello again

Well, we’re back. A bit tired after a 24hr transit all told. Not quite ready to talk politics just yet, but did catch up on The Bolt Report. Not a bad first effort.

Sorting out my apartment right now… taking a break. Fitting two people into a one person Korean apartment is proving fun… especially after said 24 hour transit.

No worries. Lady bingbing has Friends on VOD and I have duty-free Wild Turkey 101 Proof. Steaks are defrosting, we’ll tidy it up a bit soon… the bulk of it’s done.

A quick summation: Bin Laden is dead, Gillard is in a political cul-de-sac, and Trump is probably doing fine, haven’t checked.

I must say, if you’re ever in the North Queensland, Cairns/ Palm Cove area of Australia, may I highly recommend Peppers Beach Club and Resort, Kani’s Restuarant on the Esplanade, and there’s even a vintage 1928 Model A Ford you can hire out at superb rates. The Peppers staff are just fantastic, let alone the resort itself, Paul at Kani’s is a magician, and that vintage Ford – thanks Tim – is unmissable.

I’m zonked, but here’s a teaser…

The ocean view at Peppers, Williams Esp., Palm Cove…

Facing east. The sunsets are great but breakast at dawn downstairs at the restaurant was phenomenal!

Peppers, Palm Cove.

Kani’s on the Esplanade.

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